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Finding Her Sweet Spot

My wife and I are very intimate with each other, and we love what we do to each other when we have sex. But it wasn’t easy at first to figure out what worked to turn my wife on.

This is my third marriage. When it came to my first two wives, we did some foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse. I was able to make them cum several times each time we had sex. It was pretty easy for me to get them off. But it wasn’t that easy for my current and forever wife.

When my wife and I had our first sexual experience, she stripped down completely naked, and I gave her oral sex. But she had to finish off masturbating to cum. And it was like that for several months. I would work her up doing oral sex and sometimes fingering her, and then she would finish herself off.

But one night, I decided to try something different. I put my middle finger inside of her and reached up to her g-spot. At the same time, I licked her clit up and down. She had a VERY different reaction than she did before. Before I knew it, she started screaming, “I’m going to cum!! I’m going to cum!! I’m cumming!!!!”

As she was cumming, she soaked my face with her pussy juices while I continued to lick her clit and finger her. Her pussy spasmed and twitched around my finger, and it felt absolutely amazing!

It was a couple of times later that, after I made her cum in this way, I entered her pussy while she was still on her orgasmic wave. That time, I made her cum again after pumping her for a few minutes. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock for about 15 seconds. That always sends me over the edge and I cum inside of her.

So even though it took a while to find out what worked for me to pleasure my wife, it was so worth it. And even if it takes you and your spouse a while to figure things out, it will happen.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    It is so true that you have to learn how to please each other. Sex is partially instinct but to be good at it you have to listen and learn and practice with your spouse. Viva the practice sessions!

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