The New Zion: Marital sex as an act of worship.

Zion is a place that is often mentioned in the Bible. It is “a hill in southeastern Jerusalem also called ‘the city of David.'” Often described in majestic terms, Zion was a celebrated feature of Jerusalem (Ps. 48:2, 12-13; 50:2; 102:14). Zion and “Daughter Zion” are commonly used to reference Jerusalem and the whole people of Israel (2 Kings 19:21; Ps. 9:14; 78:68; Isa. 1:8; 10:32; 16:1; Mic. 1:13; 4:8).” (Olive Tree Places of the Bible 2012)

Zion plays a prominent role in both poetic and prophetic writing in scripture. Zion is called God’s “holy mountain” (Ps. 2:6) and is depicted as the throne of both God’s appointed King (Ps. 2:6; 110:2) and of God himself (Ps. 9:11; Isa. 8:18; 24:23; Joel 3:17; Mic. 4:7).

Zion, as God’s holy mountain, is the place where the Temple stood, and symbolized the dwelling place of God. I have discussed in previous posts here how the female reproductive anatomy is symbolic of the Temple. The labia represent the gates through which one enters the temple with its Holy Place, and where sacrifices of praise/orgasm and living seed are offered. 

I want to expand on that a bit, as we consider the female body as a type of Mount Zion and the vaginal “temple” located on it. Zion was not only the place where the priest offered grain (a.k.a. living seed), but also the place where the King mounted the throne with his royal scepter as a symbol of his anointed position in his hand. A man in the New Covenant also has such a scepter in the form of his penis. While it is holy and righteous to bring forth living seed as a sacrifice of praise, it is even more so a holy thing to use his scepter to offer seed inside or on the outside of Zion, where God’s Spirit dwells. 

I believe a man can worship in the temple of his wife’s vagina, on the Temple Mount of her body (Zion), or in the throne room of her mouth. The palace was where the King proclaimed the law. In the same way, his seed (“the seed is the word” – Jesus) can be taken into her mouth to symbolize having the Word always on one’s lips and in one’s mouth. It is no wonder to me that the most common thing said when sexual ecstasy is impending is “Oh, God!”

The Bible speaks of the beauty of Zion, and how wonderful it is to look upon it. The female body is the pinnacle of God’s creative acts, and it is truly an act of worship that gives glory to our Creator when we look upon and admire it. We show our love for what God has done by praising Him while responding to the truly spiritual sensation of arousal that our bodies are designed by God to have when we see the naked female body as a whole, or parts of it in particular.

Even the breasts are spiritual. When Israel was about to enter the promised land, they were told by God that it was a land flowing with milk and honey. What a wonderful word picture of the female breasts (flowing with milk) and her reproductive area (flowing with sweet honey) that was revealed in that phrase! Breasts also symbolize the “milk of the Word” by which we are spiritually nourished. We should be spiritually refreshed by looking upon breasts and thank the Lord for the blessing that they are. In ancient times, there was only one Zion. There was one place where the Spirit dwelled. Now, every believer is a temple of the Spirit, so every woman can be a beautiful Zion!

Glory to God for the wonders of His creation!

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  1. HappyHubby says:

    Interesting thoughts but I would humbly suggest you are over spiritualizing it. We tend to find what we want in scripture when we do this and rather than pulling the meaning out of scripture (exogesis) we read meaning into scripture (isogesis).

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