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It was the day after Christmas. We had not managed much alone time on Christmas Day, so I was starting to feel a bit frisky. My husband came home from work, and we sat on the couch, catching up on his day. Then we spent some time with our daughter before she left for a sleepover with a girlfriend.

My husband had to take a phone call before we could leave to go out for dinner. While he was on the phone, I went to our room to change. I put on a low cut dress that was rather short in the front with a bit longer hem in the back. Then I took off my panties, put on some black heels, and spritzed on some perfume; I was ready to go!

We flirted and held hands as we drove to dinner. We always enjoy spending time together. After dinner, we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights. He slid his hand under my dress to find that I had left my panties at home. Oh my! I was getting wet with anticipation.

We pulled over to look at the lights on one house, and he leaned in to kiss me. He put his hand down the top of my dress, fondling my breast. Then we drove through a few more streets, enjoying the unique displays. By this time, I wanted to get him home for some real festivities!

When we pulled in the garage, he parked the car and gave me one last kiss before we entered the house to be greeted by our excited dog. We let the dog out and continued to kiss and rub against each other. I was getting so wet; I needed my man! While he let the dog back in, I went to our room and took off all my clothes. I grabbed a blanket as I walked out and said, “I have an idea.”

My husband quickly undressed and then followed me as I went up the stairs. The house was dark; the only glow came from the Christmas tree in the living room, the small tree on the entry table, and the garland draped around the banister of the staircase—very dim and romantic lighting. I got to the top and laid the soft thick blanket down on the top two steps and a few feet on the second-floor landing. Then I lay down on my back.

He knelt two steps below me and dove face-first into my wanting pussy. I was able to put one foot up on the wrought-iron spindle of the railing and the other on the opposite wall. This had my legs wide open and straight up in the air, giving him excellent access! “Oh my God, this is wonderful,” I said.

He continued to tease me with his tongue, licking softly from the back to the front. In this position, he could reach every little detail of my wet pussy. I was begging for him to thrust his tongue deep into my wetness, but he continued to tease me lightly.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I put my hands behind his head and pulled him into me. That’s all the invitation he needed to thrust his tongue deep into my pussy, and as he did, I gasped, “Yes! Oh, yes! Give it to me!”

It didn’t take long for me to have my first orgasm. I moaned and screamed as I drenched his face with my wetness. I wanted him so badly.

“Baby, fuck me now! I gotta have that dick; give it to me.”

He entered me missionary style and started to thrust hard and long. We were panting like two newlyweds in heat! Then he slowed down and pulled out, rubbing just the tip all around my wetness as I writhed and begged to have the fullness of his cock back inside me. Finally, he entered my pussy but only with the head of his cock so I could feel the rim pushing in and out in short, fast strokes.

“Oh! Dang, baby, stop teasing me and fuck me like I need to be fucked! Give it to me good! Give me all of that big cock!”

And with that, he thrust hard and was pounding me harder and harder until I screamed, “I’m cummminnnngg!” He hit my g-spot so hard that I  gushed all over his balls as I squeezed his ass, pulling him deeper and deeper.  He pumped a few more times until my contractions had stopped.

I said, “Where do you want to cum? I want to watch you cum for me, baby.”

He pulled out and began stroking hard and fast, and I propped myself up on my elbows so I could enjoy the view. I was getting so turned on again watching him and talking dirty to him. “Cum for me. Cum on me, baby! I need your cum!”

That’s all it took to push him over the edge. He let out a primal grunt as he shot his warm cum all over my tummy and my mound.

I began to rub the cum all over my tummy and licked some off of my finger. Then, as he watched, I started to stroke my pussy. It felt so good, especially knowing he was enjoying the view. I was getting very close to orgasm when he moved my hand and thrust his finger deep into my G-spot.

“Oh, fuck! Oh! Ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh, mmmmmmm.” I orgasmed again, and he continued to finger me for several more orgasms until I was totally spent. Then he joined me at the top of the stairs and lay beside me with his head on my chest. We basked it in the afterglow of the love we had made.

I looked at him and said, “Why haven’t we fooled around here before?”

He said, “Well, it won’t be the last time!”

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8 replies
    • PatientPassion says:

      I thought it had ended a little prematurely! It was definitely worth waiting to read the rest of it though!

  1. hornyGG says:

    Another HOT one Southernheat. Loved it!
    I loved where your husband stroked off onto your body. I love when Ben releases his cum onto my body. As you know from my stories, the sight of him stroking off really excites me.
    God bless you my friend and stay horny!
    ❤ GG

  2. Cuddles says:

    Sorry, I missed commenting on this one as well!

    Hot as! Good writing. You paint great visuals with your words. Thank you for writing for us, Southernheat. Well done as usual!

    Cuddles xxxx

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