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My wife and I fell in love young and naive.  We both have learned and grown over time with our sexual adventure. This story took place when we were just starting to really get adventurous, and it stretched outside the boundaries of what would have been a regular part of our lovemaking.

I came home from work on what seemed like a typical day.  I had been at the office for way too long and just wanted to get home and relax.  As I walk into the house, I saw my wife preparing a cucumber to go in the salad for dinner.  I gave her a big kiss, and she held me tight against her.

“Are you ready for dinner?”  she asked.

“Just let me get changed.”

I went into the bedroom and sat on the bed and, as I started to change, saw a note sticking out from under the pillow.  I pulled it out and noticed the handwriting on it: “Read after dinner!”  We had created a habit of writing sexy notes to each other and leaving them under the others’ pillow, so I was excited about it.  I got changed and went to dinner.

“I found your surprise under my pillow,”  I told her.

“Well, you will enjoy your little surprise; go on and eat your salad,”  she said coyly.

We were eating healthy, so I had a large salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and croutons.  Salad is always a little disappointing for a meal.  If I had known then what the note contained, I would have enjoyed it so much more!

I did the dishes and moved on to the note.  It was folded in thirds, and written on both sides of the paper.  My heart was beating excitedly.

The more I read, the more aroused I got.

“My love,

I love you and miss you when you are gone.  I wanted to tease you and play with you a little bit, so I thought I would tell you about my afternoon.  I was preparing my lunch when I grabbed the cucumber and started washing it.  As I did, my hand was running up and down it, and I got turned on.  It felt so thick and big, reminding me of your penis.  I wondered what it would feel like inside me, so I decided to play a little.

I went to the bedroom with the cucumber, took off all of my clothes, and propped up the pillows before sitting there with my knees up and legs spread.

Next, I got some coconut oil and rubbed it around on my breasts.  It felt so good to rub my large boobs, squeezing and massaging them.  I loved the way my skin felt as I rubbed it, and I could feel my nipples harden.

I closed my eyes and touched my body, running my hands from my chest, down my sides, on my stomach, and to my thighs.  I imagined you touching me, your hands rubbing my body, and I wanted your attention between my legs.

I got some more oil on my fingers and started to rub it on my lips. (Guess which ones?)  I pulled my labia apart, leaving my hole gaping open and longing to be filled.  Rubbing the oil on my clitoris felt so good. Mmmm.  I slid a slick finger inside myself and mixed the oil around with my own juices until I felt like I was ready.

Then I reached over and grabbed the cucumber and pressed it against my pussy.  I couldn’t believe how exciting it was and gasped, not expecting it to be so cold.  It was big and hard. I rubbed it around my labia, spreading the oil from my body to the long vegetable in my hand.  Oh, so slowly, I pushed on it, and it moved inside me.  It filled me and stretched me.  I squeezed my Kegels on it, Oh! It was so hard and thick.

I pulled it out, which left me longing to be filled, stretched, and pleased.  I got into a rhythm, in and out, in and out.  My breathing quickened, and I reached down to rub my clit with my other hand.  I could feel the pleasure growing.

As I was about to reach the top, I squeezed as tight as I could.  It reminded me of riding you, and I cried out as I pulled the cucumber out of my pussy and squeezed my legs together.  I could feel wave after wave of pleasure roll over my body as I curled up naked in bed.

After calming down, I picked up the cucumber, now covered in my juices, and decided that this would make a great dinner for you.  I hope you enjoyed your salad because that was the cucumber that you just ate.”

The last line of the note said,  “Now you get to decide if this story is true, or if I am just teasing you.”

I had never read anything this erotic before.  She walked into the room at this point and asked, “Enjoying the note?”  Glancing at my crotch, she had her answer.

I could not believe that my very conservative and reserved wife would write this, much less do this.  I hoped with every fiber of my being that she really had.  Why would she play these mind games with me by adding the last line?

“Whether you really did this or not, please pretend that you did because this is the hottest thing I can imagine you doing,”  I pleaded.

“I’ll never tell.  You have to figure it out,”  was all the response I got.

“Why couldn’t I have read this before dinner?” I complained.

“I didn’t think you would want to eat it if you knew,”  was the shy response.

“Are you kidding?  I would have enjoyed it more,”  I said.

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11 replies
  1. Bjlove says:

    I absolutely enjoyed this one. A cucumber can do wonders as it becomes very slippery when oiled. I tried it many times. Still do and sometimes when finished, I dip it in condensed milk which mixes with the olive oil. Then I insert it in my mouth. It makes me feel good as it’s like having a sweet load in your mouth blended with vaginal juices.

  2. ILoveMarriage says:

    Wow, this is so hot!!! I was hard for hours after reading this.

    I love drinking from my wife's garden, and have eaten a cucumber that has been in her. But a salad, haven't done that. Hope she will go for it. Thanks for the idea.

    CrazyHappyLoved: Maybe not so low-cal when you consider the dressing 😆

  3. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Cool story, thanks for sharing.

    "“I didn’t think you would want to eat it if you knew,” was the shy response."
    My guess is she did use the cuke, otherwise she wouldn't have been shy about it. Fun times!

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