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A Bad Morning

“Good morning, love. That black suit ‘suits’ you today!” Opal says as she turns to get Kostas’ morning coffee.

“It’s blue.” Kostas snaps.

“Oh, it’s must be the lighting, black and blue are really close…”

“Yes, but they aren’t synonyms. Thanks.” Kostas replies, retrieving his cup of coffee.

“Okay, love, whatever you say.”

“We are not talking about my opinion but truth,” Kostas states from the living room as Opal butters a pan for breakfast.

“I don’t understand. Why are you so hostile and irritable this morning?” Opal replies, dropping eggs and bacon in the buttered pan.

“I am neither, but-” Kostas says, coming into the kitchen. The sudden ringing of his cell phone cuts him off.

“Who is that?” Opal asks.

After a few minutes, Kostas ends his call and sits there silently, reading and replying to emails on his iPad. Opal finishes cooking breakfast and then places his plate in front of him.


A Better Evening

It has been the longest of days! It is the last week of classes, and Kostas’ college students are acting as if they deserve an A just for enrolling in the course. His parents are worrying him about giving their neighbor’s son a job at his accounting firm. Speaking of the firm, one of his clients has been on his absolute last nerve about a $7 discrepancy in their accounting books. He has already promised to review the records personally once the semester ends. He is grateful for his two jobs and his parents, but they have all been wearing him out lately.

Plus, he remembers that he and Opal didn’t leave off on the best of terms this morning. He was taking out all of his frustrations on the only innocent person in his life. He wondered how much a man could take and then immediately considered Jesus. Yes, the troubles Kostas faces seem minute by comparison. Punching the code in the garage door, he feels prepared to do anything and everything to right his wrongs with his wife.

Walking through the door, he receives the most pleasant shock of his life as his wife greets him clad in a blue lingerie set that he bought but has never seen her wear before. He can’t help but notice that she’s painted her toenails a matching hue and how perfectly her gray silk rob slinks over her shoulders. She looks stunning, his mind and body both agree! Neither of them speaks as they make eyes at each other, synching their breaths.

“Strip. Eyes on me,” Opal says, breaking the silence and walking towards her husband as he obeys. He whips off his tie before unbuttoning his shirt.

“Oh, how I love to have this sculpted chest pressed up against me,” Opal breathes out, rubbing her hands and lips over his nipples and abs before backing away.

“Continue,” She commands as Kostas sheds his shirt and then unfastens his pants, allowing them and his underwear to fall to the floor, all while maintaining intense eye contact with his bride.

“And this big guy I love to have pressed up inside me,” Opal whispers as she kisses Kostas’ now fully alert friend. Kostas moans. Halting her advances, Opal stands up and leads him to their bedroom.

“On the bed, crisscross applesauce, Cinnabon,” Opal sweetly says, adding a wink.

A chuckling Kostas acquiesces while his nympho wife disappears into their closet. When she returns moments later, Kostas observes their favorite massage oil and candles in her arms. He watches as she places them around the room and lights them with a lighter from the nightstand. By goodness, this fine woman of his both mesmerizes and leaves him completely undone.

Shedding her silk robe and showing off all that God blessed her with, Opal crawls onto the bed and into Kostas’ lap, facing him with her feet behind him on the headboard. Kissing, the two lovers frantically grab and grope each other bodies before Opal pulls away to retrieve the massage oil. The lavender chamomile scent quickly diffuses through the air. Placing her hands-on Kostas’ upper shoulders, she spreads the oil and begins to knead the muscular tissue.

“I know that this morning, I was just the collateral damage of all the stress you’ve been under,” Opal says, kissing Kostas chin.

“I-” Kostas begins, but Opal places a finger on his lips.

“No talking in the spa.”

A smoldering, sultry grin tilts his lips as Opal continues, “But this morning when you left, I wasn’t thinking that. In fact, I was still fuming.” She trails kisses down the right side of his neck.

“Then a lady in front of me at the store today was struggling to pay for her groceries. She said her husband claimed that he had paid his share this month.” Her mouth moved to the left side of his neck.

“I paid for her food, and I couldn’t help but get in my car and praise God for you.” Opal’s lips grazed his cheeks, lips, and nose. “What a catch you are.” She gradually descends along his chest and upper abdomen, praising him between kisses. “Hardworking…strong…” His arms and hands feel her lips next, and she pays special attention to his fingers, adding, “Sensitive and compassionate.”

Now her lips return to his chest, kissing over his heart—“Armored in God,”—and down his firm stomach. “The selfless gentle giant…”

His muscular thighs receive the gentle brush of her lips as she speaks her appreciation of him. “Humble…” and she kisses his knees. “And beautiful. What a wonderful man of God you are.” Opal’s mouth brushes Kostas’ ankle before moving to his heel, gracing the sole of each foot with kisses up to the ball and tickling it while blessing each toe. Working her way back to Kostas’ lap, Opal says, “So you have two options: we can finish out this massage and then make love, or we can make love and then finish the massage.”

“Mmm, you are giving me the choice?”

“I am, but that choice can be revoked.”

“Finish the massage. This time, do my back, and I want to tell you all the things I love about you.”

“Roll over then, big guy.”

“He only pushes forward, in and out. You should know that by now,” Kostas jokes before rolling onto his stomach.

“Oh, I am well acquainted,” Opal teases back, now straddling his back and rubbing lavender massage oil between her hands.

As she kneads his neck, he begins his praise of her. “You are so beautiful.” At his shoulders, he says, “My prayer partner,” then as her hands drop to his arms, “and my cuddle bear.”  Her hands work his upper back then lower, as he goes on. “My best friend. My book buddy.” Her strong fingers dig into his butt cheeks, and he groans. “My selfless lover.” From the backs of his thighs to his calves, he adds, “My pizza-eating pal,” then, “My inspiration.” As she massages his ankles, he murmurs, “My gift from God,” and then, as she anoints and caresses his feet, adds, “a model of Jesus’ love.”

“Mr. Nicolaou, your massage has ended. I love you so, so much.” Opal drops one more kiss in the center of his back.

Rolling over to face his beautiful wife, he communicates silently with intense eyes, pulling Opal in for a deep kiss. Breaking away gently, Opal climbs off the bed and gets busy taking off what few garments remain on her body. Following his example, Opal falls silent and shimmies out of her pretty blue lingerie.

Back on the bed and straddling Kostas’ thighs, Opal lowers herself, stilling for a few seconds. Kostas slips in effortlessly because all the kissing and touching of his body has left her an ample supply of wet essence. As she and Kostas stare into each other’s eyes, their breaths and heartbeats sync once again. When Opal moves, Kostas reciprocates as if he is an intrinsic extension of Opal! Neither of them speaks, but their bodies talk and subsequently break out into a song of moans, slapping noises, and groans.

Taking one of his hands from Opal’s butt, Kostas pulls her closer so that his mouth can pleasure her beautiful breasts, which seems to catalyze something in her. She breaks into ardent grinding. Opal loves this new sensation, climbing closer and closer to climax until she realizes that she doesn’t want to leave Kostas behind.

He feels immediately cheated as Opal stops moving and dismounts. That is until his member is once again sheathed in a similar but different warmth. Kostas enjoys the servant nature of his wife; as she lends her mouth and her hands to his member, he can’t help but moan in ecstasy!

After a few minutes of pleasuring him, Opal works Kostas right up to the brink of ecstasy before mounting her lady place back on his member and returning her lips to his.

“God, I thank You for this amazing gift,” Kostas thinks as this wife of his continues to knock him off his feet.

“Oppy, wait. Let me return the favor,” Kostas says, and he and Opal switch places. He has become such an expert in the art of pleasing her, knowing just the right spot, the right pressure, and the right technique. She readily leans back and opens her legs for him. Opal begins tugging at her nipples and kneading her breast as Kostas increases the intensity, and soon she cries out. After coming down from her climax, the two heated lovers switch places again, this time for Opal to finish what she started before their delicious detours.

Kissing with desperation up top and thrusting with passion down below, it doesn’t take long for both of them to quickly surpass the bridge of climax. Breaking their mouths mere centimeters apart to breathe and cry out their releases, they cum together. After a few more grinds, Opal collapses onto Kostas, and he rolls her onto her side. The two lay there, breathless, waiting for their bodies to restore homeostasis. Pulling Opal close for a hug, Kostas kisses her on her forehead and then gets up to blow out the candles before returning to join the love of his life in post-coital bliss.


An Even Better Encore?

“You’re awake,” Kostas whispers as Opal opens her eyes. The euphoric couple have now woken from their sex-induced nap and lie facing each other.

“Mmm…yeah, you put a number on me!” Opal says.

“If I remember right, you were doing all the work!”

“I don’t recall that, Mr. Nicolaou!”

“I can’t tell you how much I needed to be affirmed by you today. It meant the world.”

You mean the world to me! You’re everything that I need but am not. I love you. All of you, even cranky and moody you.”

“Me too, words cannot express how I feel about you, and I sincerely apologize for lashing out at you. Now, I wouldn’t mind having more rough days if they all ended like today. I love how shook up the norm for us, by taking charge!” Kostas exclaims while raising his eyebrows.

Laughing Opal responds with, “Oh goodness, I don’t know what rose up in me. I planned to meet you at the door with lingerie and improvise from there! And I could never stay mad at you; we’re imperfect people, darling.”

“Note for the future: DON’T plan anything. Especially if it’s going to unfold like earlier! Oppy, I put that second to our honeymoon!”

“Ha, that’s impressive! Our honeymoon was beyond words,” Opal says as the two lay there in their marital bed, naked and unashamed, cuddling and caressing each other.

“It was, and I owe you.”

“I accept good gifts and great sex year-round!”

“I will have to keep that in mind, and I love to see these two girlies splay out.”

“They only do that for you. Do you ever feel livelier after sex?”

“Like you have a sudden burst of energy and a new outlook on life?”

“Yeah, like I could do anything. I now see why love can conquer all.”

“Darling, me too.”

“You are doing a lot of agreeing with me tonight,” Opal says with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re a wise woman; I’m trying to learn all I can!” Kostas says as Opal’s stomach begins making noises.

“Man, I forgot about dinner! What do you want?”

“You’re loving is enough for me!”

“Oh, really, Mr. Tapeworm?”

“No, not really, but it sounded good, though. Anything light and savorish.”

“Savorish? That’s a new one. I don’t think I’ve heard that term before!”

“Nicolaou Dictionaries, Platinum Edition,” Kostas says as he and Opal burst into laughter.

“I’ll call in dinner, my treat!” Kostas offers, turning to his nightstand and grabbing the phone.

“Wait, what did you think of my blue lingerie set?”

“Babe, it was black,” Kostas says with a grin.

“Are you trying to incite another argument?” Opal teases.

“Yes, I want to duplicate this black and blue rendezvous of ours!”

“I’m down for that, but I need dinner first.”

“Dear, what do you want from the Black & Bleu restaurant?”

Thanks for reading! Although I am a long-time reader of MH, this is my first submission to Marriage Heat. MH (including all of you) have played a huge role in me developing a balanced and healthy view of my sexuality, as I navigate my twenties as a single Christian female. I understand that marriage is not perfect and that successful marriages require mercy to be freely exchanged between both husband and wife. And I hope this fictional story conveys that.

My username has a special meaning: Mi is Spanish for “my,” and SWRAPP is an acronym for all the things that I am praying and believing God for in my future husband. I use ‘Mi SWRAPP’ as a nickname for him because it reminds me that I am waiting for someone special, God’s Best, and that the wait is/will be worth it! Odd as it seems, I look forward to the challenges that marriage will bring because, like faith, love is perfected through trials. Mi SWRAPP, even amid discord, when the day comes, I will still choose you.

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6 replies
  1. Cuddles says:


    Gonna read this again right now. I truly didn't want it to end! Your talented and skilled writing drew me in and tugged me along while I was floating on a cloud. You know it, that cloud in which your story is the anchor.

    So torn ATM! What should I do? More laundry? Write more in this comment? Or bask in your story all over again?

    No contest lol, but this I must say. I too have been nurtured by the Holy Spirit using MH and community so I can relate MiSWRAPP.

    Thank you for all the enjoyment 🤗🤗🤗

    Cuddles xxxx

    • MiSWRAPP says:


      Thank you for reading my story and taking the time to comment! I write stories to make use of the sexual and romantic energy that I have and I often reread them as well. And yes, I know the cloud that you are referring to, it’s the one that makes the wait sweeter because we are not just waiting aimlessly but for the spouse that God handpicked for us 😉 . I’m glad that you enjoyed it and have too, found an inviting community in MH!


  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh! This is so inspiring! Don't we all have those times where we are treated in an unfair way? I confess that my response is usually less loving than Opal's, but I wish it wasn't. I think her response was much more conducive to reconciliation. And I loved how Kostas evaluated himself in the light of his Savior. The make-up sex depicted here is loving and sexy and so amazingly well written. Great work! Please keep writing!

  3. MiSWRAPP says:


    I could not have said it better! Although I am single now, I see how forgiveness plays an important role in my relationships with my family and friends. When they miss the mark, I have to meet them with mercy because I do not always get it right either. I aspire to respond like Opal too, when the time comes, but I know that writing about married life and being married are two different things 🙂 . Thanks for the kind words and yes, I will keep writing!

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