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I wrote a comment on the story by jasonrose.  He told of the first time his wife used a vibrator.  I will include much of my comment here, but I am adding lots more details.

I know that some Christians look down on sex toys. But they have really improved our lovemaking sessions, especially as age and medical conditions have come along.

Vibrators are particularly wonderful! I know some women can orgasm from intercourse alone, but that is rare for my wife (and lots of other women too).  A good vibrator can make a big difference.  For us, vibrators helped us to keep enjoying sex in spite of medical conditions.

I got Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at an early age. We had only been married a few years, but  RA can hit at any time.  It is actually the #1 crippler of young adults. I am—thanks to God—still mobile, but my hands were affected early on. When we were first married, I could stimulate my wife’s ladyparts for hours. (She has fibromyalgia, so she needed a long time to get close to orgasm.)  I would then slip inside her, and the enthusiastic intercourse would bring her and me to usually simultaneous orgasms. It took about an hour for her to be ready, but it was very nice. Often we had three or more orgasms each in one lovemaking session.  The second and third orgasms took less time.   It often meant that we didn’t get enough sleep, but what a trade-off!

But the RA started to get in the way. My fingers just couldn’t do it that long anymore. So, with some trepidation, I bought my lovely sexy wife a vibrator.  I was grateful that she gave it a try. It worked great!

Not all vibrators are created equally. She likes them with a strong buzz. We’ve had bullet vibes and 8-inch-long ones. We have gone through many batteries and finally got rechargeable vibrators. We have had lots of sexual pleasure and marital joy as we have worn out several vibrators over the years.  Often we use two at once, one larger one inside her love tunnel and a smaller one outside on her clitoris.

For me, a vibrator feels weird.  I don’t like the feel of it anywhere… except when my wife uses it as my erection is inside her vagina.  Then the sensations are magnified for me, and quite honestly, I stay harder.  I have a bad heart, so the meds I’m on can cause problems.  Used in this way, the vibrator helps me too!  Holding the vibrators in my fingers or hands to tease and stimulate my wife has never bothered me.

I think that no one needs to be hesitant to get a vibrator. We never travel without at least two. Once the TSA (airport security) opened my wife’s carry on bag and pulled out a 4-inch vibrator and asked me what it was.   I had to explain it to him, and he looked at my wife and grinned.  She was embarrassed, and we both were annoyed.  You probably don’t want to travel with a rechargeable vibrator, because they can accidentally get turned on by the bag being jostled.  We bring AA battery-powered vibes when we travel.  That way, we can remove the batteries when in transit.

For us, a typical lovemaking session starts with us kissing then taking turns on each other’s nipples.  Yes, guys, it can feel great to a man too.  My wife is very skilled at it, as well.  Next, we may stroke each other’s gender-specific parts.  I will add some coconut oil and flavored aloe to my wife’s ladyplace.  That includes up inside her.

I’ll get the vibrator and hold it to her clitoris. Then she’ll take it and keep it there while I go to town more on her beautiful breasts and nipples.  We discovered a new thing last year that we call tip on nip.  I will masturbate while rubbing the tip of my hard penis on her nipple.  Sometimes (along with the vibe on her clit), this will trigger her first orgasm of the session.   Of course, if she doesn’t come from lips on nip or tip on nip, we go into our X position.

We incorporate the vibe as part of our foreplay and intercourse.  She loves to have my mouth and hands stimulating her nipples. She’ll get close to orgasm while I love on her nipples and she holds the vibe on her clit.  Then we do a perpendicular “X” position, and she can use her vibe while we have intercourse.  I lie on my right side, and she lies on her back.  I enter her, and she can hold the vibrator to her clitoris as I thrust. We both have a free hand to touch each other’s nipples too.  Well, I have two free hands, and she has one.

Our “X” position has her left leg over my left leg and her right leg resting on my right leg.   This position works great for us and has become our “go-to “position.  Sometimes we have simultaneous orgasms in this position.  When this happens, she will often have two orgasms, one right after another.  These “double orgasms” as we call them, happen for her only when I am inside her, and the vibe is on her clit.  Her first orgasm will trigger mine.

Sometimes, after several minutes of sexual intercourse,  I cum but she doesn’t.  If so, I’ll slip out of her and slide up beside her on the bed to love on her left and/or sometimes her right nipple. She’ll keep the vibe on her clitoris, and the nipple stimulation with the vibratory action on her clit will nearly always bring her to climax!  Interestingly enough, I often feel inspired with knowing precisely what to do to help bring my beautiful wife to orgasm.  Personally, I think this is evidence that, yes, we can get divine help when making love to our spouse in our married covenant-based relationship.

After round one, we will cuddle, talk, and I will stroke her lovely full breasts until she decides if she wants a round two.  Round two happens 2/3 of the time and usually, but not always,  goes much faster for her.  If she is satisfied and does not want a round two, then my kind wife will help me reach a second orgasm.

Like jasonrose, I love watching my beautiful bride come!  I think all good husbands enjoy that.  A kind husband will care about his wife’s pleasure first.   Quite honestly, that is why I bought my wife her first vibrator—and why I give her a new one from time to time on her birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, etc.   My wife has also come with me to purchase a new vibrator when one of our favorite ones showed signs of wearing out.  Yes, we have quite a collection.

As older married lovers (we are both retired), we feel like vibrators have enhanced our lovemaking and made it possible and even likely that we both will enjoy our sexual love to the full extent that God intends for us to have.  I do not think the Lord disapproves of married couples finding ways to keep their passion alive and well in their marriage.



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17 replies
  1. King Arthur says:

    Nice Story. Thanks for sharing. We use vibrators too. My wife likes the Magic Wand (corded) and a battery operated, smooth, dildo in her vagina for when I'm not hard enough.

    They have been very good for us. We love 'em.

  2. SinglePringle says:

    I'm not married but I actually bought myself a small bullet vibrator last year (I'm still to scared to get anything bigger than that). It's great if I need to get myself off really quickly or I'm feeling a little lazy but I still want to masturbate. Although I still do prefer my hands most of the time. I hope my future husband is open to using sex toys from time to time. Your wife is very lucky.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Bighuged says:

      Cool that a vibrator is beneficial to you! Maybe I should look into a toy for myself for the time being too while I wait until marriage lol. And may I ask? Why do you prefer your hands if a vibrator is supposed to give you more pleasure?

    • SinglePringle says:

      I tend to prefer my hands as it's easier to ride out the wave of my orgasm with a hand rather than when I use a vibrator. Sometimes, I find the vibrator too intense (but I do only have the one and there are so many others to try).

      For me personally, the vibrator doesn't give me more pleasure per se but a different kind of pleasure/orgasm. Hands feel more natural to me. But again, I do want to try out different sex toys as they really are fun.

      Yes, definitely look into getting one. Variety is key after all 😉

    • Bighuged says:

      Interesting! I can understand what you mean about different. There’s been a few times that I’ve been able to cum and shoot my load just from taking the shower head and running the stream up and down the underside of my cock. That’s a fun cum but I don’t do it often.

      Do you use the vibrator only on your clit? Or do you move it around your lips and tease it around your pussy hole?

  3. jasonrose says:

    LovingMan, thanks for following up your comment on my story with yours. Sharing the ways you and your wife have learned to please each other is great advice to all married couples looking to maintain and grow their marital bond and the heat of their physical love through the years. Making one’s wife orgasm and getting to enjoy the sights, sounds and physical spasms are especially rewarding to husbands. It is my favorite part of sex and using toys to help that process can be a great part of the love life of a married Christian couple. God bless and may you and your wife continue to play with toys.

  4. LovingMan says:

    Jasonrose, there is something about sharing that orgasmic pleasure together that rocks our world. I don’t think God disapproves of sharing this kind of information because it really can help bless the lives of others.

    Satin King, I was touched by your response. I’m glad my post was a blessing to you.

    King Arthur, isn’t it awesome how the right sex toys can enhance your marriage as you both grow older?

    SinglePringle, I think my wife and I are probably lucky and blessed. Her willingness to use a vibrator really helped our sexual relationship. We have been blessed with open minds about this, even though we are both from very conservative Christian homes.

  5. Georgia says:

    Great post! I’m using my wand as I type this. I learned to love the vibe as a teen! I first learned to masturbate when I discovered how good the pressure felt while I had my legs wrapped around whatever pillow or large stuffed animal as I was holding at night. Eventually, I started kneeling on my bed to hump said pillows/stuffed animals. In particular, I remember this one large stuffed bear that had a hard, yet soft nose about the size of a quarter. I discovered how delicious it felt to rub (what I didn’t know then was) my clit against it. I would mount his face and go to town! Anyway, one day, someone bought me this neck pillow that was supposed to massage your neck. That little guy became my new humping buddy, and thus began my love for vibrators! Lol. That thing saw much more pussy action than time it spent around my neck.

    • PacMan says:

      Georgia!! You sound like an awesome gal. I love it when folks feel free to share such private details, that they would never tell 99% of the people in their life. That’s why I love this site. My wife is an amazing masturbator… and I love watching her ride her vibrator! The thought of seeing her hump a teddy bear or neck pillow has even given me a 🍆🍆🍆!!!

    • Georgia says:

      PacMan, yes I feel the same way! And my husband loves to watch me masturbate. We do it together all the time! It’s really invigorating to rub my pussy and bum on something soft, but now that we’re married, that bear has been replaced with his leg! We discovered this by accident one day when I was climbing off his dick and straddled his tree trunk of a thigh in the process… he said, “Wait! Keep that pussy on my leg. I love feel that warm, wet cunt on me.” Since then, he’s requesting this many times. I love watching how turned on he gets when I’m rub my pussy back and forth on his thigh to get myself off while he’s stroking his dick! So yummy.

  6. SecondMarge says:

    My orgasms are quick and intense with a vibrator. Can be difficult to make it last long enough so I prefer my fingers, sometimes a dildo.

    I understand the argument that using a toy for sex is not christian.

    • hornyGG says:

      Second Marge and SinglePringle,
      I prefer my hand as well. For years I have used my fingers/hand to masturbate. Then Ben purchased my first vibrator ( Mr. Jolly). Since then I have purchased several more toys that I enjoy from time to time. My favorite toy right now is my 8" non vibrating cock shaped dildo ( I named Frank).
      Anyway like I said, my most favorite is my hand. I love skin to skin contact and like you both stated, can ride out my orgasms better. Stay horny!
      ❤ GG

    • SecondMarge says:

      GG for my birthday a female friend gave me a very realistic looking toy. The insertable length was over 8 and it was very thick. So big I thought it was a gag gift. But after a few months the curiosity got the best of me and with plenty of lube I was able to work it all in while rubbing my clit with my other hand. I didn’t use it often but it always was a special pleasure. Then at my next birthday she told me it was from a company that makes them from castings you can take yourself. She said it was cheaper to order three of her husband. She only needed one so gave me one as a gift. Needless to say I stopped using it after knowing the origin. But every now and then I think about it and it kind of turns me on.

  7. YumYum says:

    I knew what vibrators were & what they were for, but I had never used one till I met my husband to be. We had dated for a while & were comfortable enough with one another sexually that he surprised me with wand vibrator – the kind with the large head with low & high speeds. My soon to be husband turned me on to heights of pleasure I had never experienced. He cared enough about me to offer me these kinds of pleasures. I have small bullets, some that are above & beyond and some in between. I have some that use batteries & some rechargeable. And the electric wands I consider the most awesome. My husband lays them out for me to choose & use. I always get off using them. Good vibrations for me.

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