A Sweet Sunday Sundae (L)

This story contains strong language (L).
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A Sweet Sunday Sundae
   by Carol

It’s been a hectic Sunday: Sunday school and church in the morning, lunch at my husband’s parents’ house at noon, and a busy afternoon of family activities. My husband knows that we haven’t connected as man and wife for far too long. He tells me to run a hot tub and sit in it while he puts the kids down for bed. I look at him in surprise and see that tell-tale look in his eyes that lets me know that he is planning something special.

I feel a little tickle of anticipation in my tummy—and slightly lower, between my legs as well. Twenty minutes later, he comes to me as I luxuriate in the tub. He climbs in with me, and for a few minutes, we make small talk as we soap each other up. Soaping turns to kissing, and soon the small talk is done. He reaches over the edge of the tub and produces a black eye-mask which he places over my head, blindfolding me.

I ask, “What is going on?”

“You’ll find out,” he says mysteriously, pulling me into his arms, and kissing me lightly and then more passionately. Our tongues intertwine and slip into each other’s mouths.

I had shaved my private places just the day before, knowing that he adores it when my pussy is smooth and completely bald. I just love turning him on, and somehow when his penis grows hard and warm (like it is now), it feels like more than just sex. It is a confirmation of our love, of all the secret things we share and do together.

He helps me out of the tub, steadying me as I totter blindfolded and helpless on the wet tile floor. He towels me off, and then the room fills with fragrance as he smooths lilac lotion all over my body, making me feel all tingly and excited. After the warmth of the bath, the cool air makes my nipples erect. He sucks on them, gently and then harder, and they really pucker, pleasurably taut. I start to murmur something about how I could get used to this treatment, when he shushes me, a soft finger touching my lips. I obey like a good girl, as he leads me from the bathroom to stand by our bed.

He comes up behind me, gently caressing my skin. After slowly running his hands over my breasts, he rolls my nipples gently between his fingers. One hand trails down my tummy to gently part my pussy lips, a single finger softly running up and down the growing wetness. I feel his penis, stiff and hot, against the crease between my bottom and thighs.

He gently kisses my shoulders and my neck, making me feel cherished and turned on at the same time. I sigh as his kisses turn hotter, gently nibbling and tonguing my neck. I push back against his erection and feel it pressing against the cheeks of my ass, and my pussy begins to moisten in response. My heart beats faster and my breath grows ragged. My knees feel weak as his tongue slides up to my ear.

He whispers, “Tonight you are going to cum over and over until you beg me to put my hard cock inside you.”

I am practically ready to beg now. My pussy tightens in response to his words, and I gasp as he gently pushes a finger up into my warm wetness.

Next, he gently lays me on the bed and slowly pushes my legs apart. I feel him reach over to the nightstand, and warm sprinkles drop onto my thigh as he removes a bottle of something from a bowl of hot water. A bottle lid flips open, and then a sweet warmth drizzles onto each of my nipples, followed by the warmth of his breath and finally the hot, wet heat of his mouth. Slowly and sensuously, he licks it off, fluttering his tongue on my sensitive nipples and then sucking my breasts deeply the way he knows I like.

My breath catches as he slowly works down my body, squeezing warm liquid onto my skin and then languidly licking it off.  His hands never still, sliding over the rest of my body softly, lightly raising goosebumps of pleasure on my skin. I feel his mouth leave a trail of kisses over my tummy, lower and lower, as I sigh with anticipation.

At last he reaches reach my bare sensitive mound.  I feel his fingers part my lips, and then the warm liquid floods them. I push my hips upward to meet his soft tongue and lips as he sucks me deeply and lavishly. He licks it all off of me in long, luxurious licks mixed with deep tonguing and sucking. Gently, he gently pushes one finger into my pussy and then another, stroking me from the inside as he continues to suck and lick my clit. He slowly builds in intensity, and I am lost in the pleasure of it, arching my back, pushing up into his willing mouth.

He knows me so well. He knows that my climax comes in little peaks of pleasure, small fluttering orgasms that build in magnitude until they finally peak in one final explosion of pleasure that leaves me gasping and shaking. Sometimes I love for him to finish me orally, but sometimes I want to feel his penis in me. As the little ripples of pleasure peak and build, I begin to lose my inhibitions and start to beg him.

“Please, baby, put your cock in me! Please, please put your hard cock in my pussy. please FUCK ME!”

I am delirious with need as my pleasure builds. I don’t care if the kids hear me! I don’t care that I don’t usually use words like “fuck” in my daily speech. I know that he loves it when I lose control like this, and I love it too. In those moments I am desperate to feel his stiffness filling me, pumping me—no, fucking me to climax!

He quickly moves between my legs as I spread them wider for him, surrendering my wet femininity to his hard masculinity.  His turgid penis pumps into me, filling me with pleasure and want. I urge him on, begging him not to stop as I slowly build higher and higher, wetness running from my pussy as he thrusts.

Sensing that I am getting closer, he increases his speed, pounding me now in a dance of love that is almost violent in its urgency. He knows I am at the very brink when I moan out loud and begin to say the word, “Fuck.”  I know, it seems so crude when spoken as a swear word. It is so harsh and dirty when used flippantly. It is a word I have never used in public. But now, in the sacred space of my bedroom with my husband who is a gift from God, it is a word that expresses my passion, and I say it openly, over and over as I orgasm. I feel him begin to cum as well, and that drives my pleasure to its final peak. I cry out in urgent ecstasy, “Fuck…Fuck…Baby, fuck me….Fuck me!” I say it joyously and breathlessly, moving my head from side to side, arching my torso, my legs shaking and trembling. I cling to him, crushing him to me as my pleasure rolls and rolls and then slowly subsides.

At last I am still, panting with the exertion. I feel his warm cum in me, slowly oozing out as he thrusts slowly and then stops. I am overwhelmed with a sense of affection for him, laced with a lazy satisfaction that makes me sigh over and over.

We tell each other of our love, and we kiss and sigh, sated and comfortable.

Finally, he pulls my blindfold off and I look around at the room, golden with candlelight. There on the night table, beside the bowl of warm water, is a bottle of chocolate syrup for ice cream sundaes. So that is what it was!

He says,  “You make a wonderful ice cream sundae.”

I lick my lips suggestively and answer, “Hmmm… next time, you’ll be the sundae!”

He just smiles a very big smile.


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  1. PacMan says:

    I love how you let loose and enjoy “FUCK!” Making love is really the only time it enters our vocabulary…. and even that was only the last 2 years! 🤣

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