Sex Makes Life Better (L)

This story contains strong language. (L)
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Hello MH!, We haven’t posted a story for 4 years, but often read your fantastic stories for ideas and inspiration.  You can see our last post here. With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring us to stay home, with no sports and no alone time, I (husband) have been on the site more, looking for an escape from the crazy reality we are living.

We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary much differently than any other, thanks to the stay at home orders.  Rather than a romantic getaway, we fancied take out and ate in the car.  Afterward, I’d hoped we could take a walk in the park for some frisky fun, but the weather wasn’t yet warm enough. So, I asked if I could help clean up the stuff in the bedroom so we could have a fun night together. (The “stuff” was from the cedar chest.  I had offered to paint it since we had ample time for projects. The things she stored there now perched on the floor and bed.) However, she said, “No, I will do that. But YES, I need you. I have missed our alone time!”  We returned home and got things cleaned up, put the girls to bed, and went off to our room to focus on each other.

She had her tight jeans on that showed off her fantastic legs, which I LOVE. As we entered, she pulled them down a bit to show the fancy string panties that framed her fabulous ass.   I admired the view and my rod began to grow.  We embraced and kissed, then I spun her around. My wife grabbed the rail on the footboard, bent over, and shook her assets.  I helped remove those tight jeans and exposed that ass framed by the fancy panties. I rubbed up against it so she could feel the results of her looking so good and sharing her body.  I stroked her soft smooth skin and slid her legs a bit wider, then I slid my hand up to her WET lips!  She moaned with pleasure.

I took her to the side of the bed and asked her to get on all fours so I could lick her lips from behind, (since she’d mentioned how she’d thought about how we had done that in a recent rendezvous and craved it again).  It wasn’t long before she was thrusting up, down, and around, fucking my tongue.  I then rolled her over, handing her our VēDO Bam bullet vibe * for her clit, and went back down to enjoy those growing lips.

She couldn’t climax but asked for her blue glass dildo. She slid it in and pumped it in and out, pounding herself hard.  I asked if she enjoyed Mr. Blues’ ribs, but my wife didn’t say anything. She just grabbed my dick and began stroking it. I asked if she enjoyed two “dicks” at once. Again, she didn’t answer (and never will), but her immediate orgasm was answer enough.

She said, “Now it’s your turn!” Then she instructed me to go to the edge of the bed. She positioned herself and said, “Slide your dick in. I want to feel your big dick inside me! Oh my, it’s so thick! Oh, shit, I’m cumming! Yes, yes, please fuck me hard!”

I was so excited, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I held back. She started thrusting hard, raising her hips up and down, again and again. Soon I met her thrusts; grabbing her legs, I put them around my neck and slid it in deep.  Then I pulled back, lowered her feet to my chest, and pounded harder. Next, I rolled her on her side. That made her too tight for me to hold back, so I pumped hard a few times and released my load of cum into her loving pussy. We slept well and had another great lovemaking and fuck session again in the morning.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife to share my life with, and so thankful to MarriageHeat, who helped her understand and embrace hot, holy sexuality.  Together now, we both need, want, and enjoy the pleasures of sex; it makes life better!  Keep fantasizing, exploring, and enjoying SEX to escape the craziness of COVID-19.

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  1. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    Very nice! I'm glad you decided to write again after so long. I love to hear longer marriages still going strong, and that the couple's still enjoy each other's hotness (her legs and ass in the jeans). Keep it up!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story EroticUT. And YES, married sex DOES make life better! It’s cool that MH has helped your wife embrace her sexuality. I loved your term “loving pussy.” And my wife and I are similar, in that I’ll sometimes ask the sexy questions during a hot and heavy love making session. And she rarely answers the questions with words… like your wife, she answers with her beautiful body.
    Keep sharing with us. Your writing is so real!

  3. 1blessedman says:

    My wife has a blue glass dildo. We both enjoy it. Sometimes I hold her hard plastic bullet vibe against the glass dildo while inserted in her. She loves it!

    • EroticUT says:

      Good tip, 1blessedman. We will have to give that a try. I wish MH had a sex tips area to share these tips rather then within the stories comments. I'd rather have my face in a pussy then searching online.

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