Mirror, Mirror

When you have an infant that sleeps in your room, you have to make some adaptations. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are powerful motivators. Well, one warm Texas afternoon, we had finally gotten our son to sleep in a bassinet that attached to the side of our bed. We were both tired but also had some pent up sexual energy since we had been too worn out lately. We wanted to make love but didn’t want to use the bed for fear of waking the baby.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. My wife suggested that we move to the floor and have some afternoon delight. We quickly, though quietly, disrobed and lay down on a sheet near the foot of the bed. As a new mom, she was still nervous about leaving the baby alone. We started making out with my mouth firmly on her areolas. Then when they were good and wet, I slightly opened my mouth and inhaled cool air across them. She loved the sensation and let out an involuntary light moan.

Soon I was lying down as she climbed aboard for an afternoon cock ride. She started moving slowly up and down on my hardened shaft while restraining the urge to make unnecessary noise. We usually begin with my tongue in her pussy, but she knew that would destroy her ability to be quiet.

As she started her slow ride, I glanced to the side and looked behind her. To my excitement, in the mirrored door of our closet, I could see her riding me as if I were a third party behind her. It was so amazing to watch that I got her attention and motioned for her to turn her head. “Look,” I whispered.

She smiled when she saw it, and we both watched, increasingly aroused by the sight. It was like being a voyeur of ourselves having sex! As she grew more fascinated by it, I suddenly started thrusting upward from beneath her. She absolutely loved it, and it didn’t take long before we climaxed and collapsed in each other’s arms.  We talked about it later and wondered if that was why some couples film themselves having sex and watch it later. From then on, we took every opportunity to have our sex in some alignment with a mirror so we could witness the entire event. It really took our arousal to the next level!

Do you use mirrors to see yourselves or record your sex for later viewing enjoyment? It would be interesting to know! It’s not porn if you are watching yourselves!

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Mirrors can be such a erotic delight. Ben and I have made love in front of a mirror many times. I usually ride him reverse cowgirl style so we can both enjoy the erotic image.

    We also enjoy masturbating in front of a mirror which is quite erotic and fun. Anyway great story! Thanks for sharing and stay horny!

    ❤❤❤ GG

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Try reverse cowgirl with him holding a camera aimed at the action. Use a vertical, not horizontal, shot in this position. We actually did this last night. So hot to watch it together afterward.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I have heard of people having mirrors on the ceiling. Having an infant in the room isn’t so bad but at some age they might wonder what you are doing. Maybe fear you are hurting each other. Might be difficult to explain to an 8 year old.

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      Yeah at about 3 months old they go to the nursery and the baby monitor is used.

  3. Tulsa says:

    We use mirrors often! We have a couple, actually made for mounting on a door or wall, that I framed. Lean them hear or there, so my wife can see all the things she can't normally see.
    She also like to use a hand held mirror now & then, to get a good view of what I'm licking! 😉

    We have also taken many pictures, and made some vids as well.

  4. JuicyForMyMan says:

    We have a waterbed with mirrors on the canopy and headboard. With a mirror also placed strategically at the foot of the bed, we have had some interesting views.

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    We’ve never really used mirrors but we do record ourselves a good bit and coincidentally I just submitted a story about our latest sex tape, which we shot last night. I think mirrors would be great, especially with max lighting, but to me recording with a 4K camera with great lighting and maximum kinkiness is the ultimate.

  6. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    We have a mirror on the wall at the head of our bed. Just the other day, I was laying on my back on the bed with my wife kneeling beside me. I had one hand working her pussy and the other playing with one of her nipples. She had one hand stroking my cock and her other hand on her other nipple. I looked up at her and saw she was looking intently into the mirror. She then described to me how hot it was that she could see in the mirror all four of our hands working. She tried watching as long as she could until her eyes shut and her head threw back in a massive body shaking orgasm. Mirrors are a lot of fun!

  7. 1blessedman says:

    Our entire closet is covered with mirrored doors. About 12 feet of mirrors. Personal videos are awesome. I also am drawn to audio of love-making. Especially when there is much vocal discourse with the guttural sensual sounds.

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