Hello, again, all you amazing Marriage Heat people!

I am looking for some help. I just discovered MH back in February of this year. Shortly after that, I came across a story about a wife changing her attitude towards being sexy for her husband, becoming a Marriage Heat Wife if you will. I have searched and searched but cannot find this particular story again. I’m hoping one of you can tell which one I’m looking for, or perhaps the author will recognize some of the details that I remember from it.

One of the things I distinctly remember is the author saying, ‘I’m going to get over my hangup about swallowing his cum. If he wants me to swallow it, I’m just going to swallow it!’

She also wrote, ‘When your man walks into the bathroom, just follow him in there and give him a hand. Hold his cock while he pees.’ That one is totally HOT!

Those weren’t the exact words, but are pretty close. I know there were many more examples of how this wife was going to change to become a super hot Marriage Heat wife for her husband.

I have searched and searched. I’ve found several other stories about wives making attitude changes for their husbands, but I just cannot find the exact one I’m looking for. It’s almost like it disappeared. I’m truly hoping one of you out there can help me. My wife and I are beginning to explore some new, exciting things in our sex life, and this article had some great ideas. Thank you to whoever wrote it, and God Bless you all!

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    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      That’s a phenomenal post and it’s so on point. I remember when my wife shaved her pussy bare and surprised me—was wild! I hadn’t even asked her. Now, having said that, not sure how I’d feel about her holding my cock while I pee. Everything else is great.

  1. 1blessedman says:

    We have tried the wife holding Mr. Happy while I pee. That never works our since he gets too excited about the whole affair, and then we have a no-pee-moment. We have a saying, "We will try anything once….and then try it again just to make sure whether we like it or not!".

  2. Sweetpee says:

    I love holding my man's cock while he pees! Yes, it took practice on his part to be able to pee with a hardon, but he can do it now. It takes patience, and I don't stroke him–just hold him. (Well, I don't "just" hold him–I've been known to spray it around, LOL). We have a lot of golden shower fun. (And since pee is sterile, it's very safe …)

    [From MH: Pee isn't sterile. Bacteria exist in urine normally, both in the bladder itself and in the rest of urinary tract. Like in the gut, in a healthy person, these are not typically pathogenic organisms but part of the natural biome. So it might be more acurate to say that, in healthy individuals, pee is relatively safe to play with. ]

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