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Hello, again, all you amazing Marriage Heat people! I am looking for some help. I just discovered MH back in February of this year. Shortly after that, I came across a story about a wife changing her attitude towards being sexy for her husband, becoming a Marriage Heat Wife if you will. I have searched […]

How to Squirt?

Hello all you amazing MH couples and singles. I’ve been reading your stories and advice articles for about a month now and thoroughly enjoying every single word. I just introduced my wife of 25 years to MH yesterday, and what a night we had last night! We are both excited about how our sex life […]

Sincere Thanks!

I discovered MarriageHeat a little over a month ago, and I thank God for it. I am incredibly inspired by all of the stories and advice from all of the contributors. I love that it is all God-centered and Bible-based. It is amazing to read about real married couples, both their struggles and their celebrations. […]