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I discovered MarriageHeat a little over a month ago, and I thank God for it. I am incredibly inspired by all of the stories and advice from all of the contributors. I love that it is all God-centered and Bible-based. It is amazing to read about real married couples, both their struggles and their celebrations. It is even more amazing to read how absolutely hot and horny and beautiful sex can be for married couples who deeply love and respect each other.

This past New Year’s Eve, my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. We have a rock-solid marriage and a really good sex life together, but over the years we have fallen into a pretty predictable routine: cuddle, make out, handjob/blowjob, pussy eating, sex, clean up, hop on social media on our phones. Don’t get me wrong. I love sex with my wife, and we always have really good orgasms together. But when I discovered MH, I got really excited at the prospect of dramatically improving our sex life. Reading these stories of real Christian couples and getting an intimate look into their sexual experiences got me hoping that my wife and I could really grow our relationship in that area.

So I read, and read, and read some more. Now, my wife and I have always been a little inhibited when it comes to expressing ourselves sexually. Very conservative. We have never talked much about sex. We’ve never talked much during sex. And we usually don’t talk much after sex. So I was wondering how I was going to introduce her to MarriageHeat. I’ve written her sexy letters in the past, so I thought I’d go that route.

So, over a period of several days, I typed up a sort of questionnaire and outline of areas I’d love to see our sex life grow. (I know, real romantic, right?) When I felt like I had said everything I wanted to say in it, I emailed it to her yesterday. I sat worrying and wondering how she would receive it.

She finally replied, “So I finally saw that you sent me an email. Made for an interesting read. Will have to get to a little more in-depth when I’m not at work. I liked it.” I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I was sort of afraid she would think she married some kind of perverted freak 25 years ago. I mentioned masturbating, squirting, spontaneity, various locations, toys, anal play, and more.

Well, last night was the beginning of what I hope to be an incredible journey in growing our sex life together. She asked me to show her the MH site. After reading a couple of the stories together, we were both so hot and turned on we just had to have each other. She asked me to trim her pussy, in which I eagerly obliged her. I shave my pubic area, but she says it makes it too itchy for her so she’d rather not shave. (Any tips about dealing with that for her?)

As I was trimming her, I was able to really look closely at her pussy. What a beautiful work of art. She was dripping wet! I finished and put the trimmer away, then got back to work massaging her pussy all around, long and slowly. I never even touched her clit directly. Instead, I squeezed her pussy lips together and pulled them up and down and rubbed her firmly but gently all around. After about 20 minutes, she had a wonderful orgasm. By that point, I had to shove my throbbing cock into her. We fucked slow at first, then hard and fast. I loved the look of pure ecstasy on her face.

I thank God for giving me such an amazing woman to spend my life with. She is an incredible mother to our two boys, the rock of our little family. And I am so very thankful she is open to exploring this new sexual awakening with me. I stressed to her that we don’t have to try everything in my email all at once. And I assured her that I would never pressure her to do anything that she is dead set against. It’s not a race. We’ll take baby steps together and see where it all leads. God Bless you all!

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  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    I don’t want to advertise products on here, but personally I use a Philips body groomer. It does a great job and is pain free, even when trimming close on the scrotum. If it is painless there, it will be painless anywhere!
    P.S. aren’t you glad you didn’t accidentally send it to the wrong email address? Nightmare scenario!

    • Larson412 says:

      For sure! I have learned the hard way to always double check an email's destination. Thanks for the tip on the shaver.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Might be interesting to have an ongoing list of things we all think should be tried. If you are willing to share all or part of your list it would be a good way to start.

    • Larson412 says:

      SecondMarge, great idea. I've copied and pasted the entire email below.

      Questions for discussion:

      So like I mentioned in my email last week, I’ve been thinking about our sex life. Actually, I think about sex with you A LOT! And I want to reiterate, if nothing changes going forward, I’ll be a happy husband. I love making love to you!

      I’ll start by saying I’ve been reading some great stuff on I love that it is Christian and God centered. The site administrators and the story submitters, most of whom are married couples ranging from their 20’s through their 70’s, often cite passages from the Bible that talk about sexuality in a Christian marriage. I’ve read several of the fictional stories, as well as several of the advice ‘stories’. Much of their discussion revolves around how churches and religion have shunned sex and put such a black cloud over sex and sexual activities for so long. However, they argue, with evidence straight from the Bible, that sex was created by God for us to give each other pleasure. When a man and wife engage in sexual activity, nothing is dirty or immoral. We are made to please each other and enjoy all aspects of sex. And we should give thanks to God for that pleasure. I hope that we can begin to talk about our sex life a lot more openly and easily and freely.

      What makes you hot? What makes you horny? What gets you in the mood?
      What is something I do that really works for you?
      What is something I do that I should either do differently or not do?
      Is there anything that you’d like me to do that you’ve been hesitant to ask me to do?

      What makes me hot? What makes me horny? What gets me in the mood?
      What is something you do that really works for me?
      What is something you do that you should either do differently or not do?
      Is there anything that I’d like you to do that I’ve been hesitant to ask you to do?

      You probably should wait to read the rest until you are done with work today. It might be a little distracting. You need to be in the right mindset when you read it. You won’t be able to concentrate on work much after you read it.

      Ok, here goes. I’m going to be totally naked and transparent here. I pray you don’t think I’m perverted or weird or a freak. Yes, I might be a little on the kinky side, but I only want these things with you, and nobody else, for the rest of my life, or at least as long as we’re able. Following are some of the things I hope to explore and experiment with you to keep growing our sex life:
      I learned how to masturbate when I was 12. After that, I did it A LOT! Back then I did it every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day. Throughout HS and college I did it probably once nearly every day. And since we’ve been married I’ve continued to do it usually once or twice a week. It helps me sleep. It relieves stress. I would LOVE for us to masturbate with/for each other. I would love to watch you masturbate for me. (I get hard just thinking about watching you) I’ve read there are multiple health benefits from doing it, including increasing sex drive. I’ve often thought about pulling out when we’re having sex and cumming right on your pussy or on your boobs or on your butt if I’m behind you. Several of the submissions on mention husbands licking their wives’ pussies after they’ve cum in them. The wives ALL say that it gives them the most amazing orgasms they ever have. Worth a try I’d say?
      I would love to see if I can get you to squirt. I remember one night, 15 years ago or so, when I thought you were on the verge of squirting. I had my finger inside of you gently rubbing your G-spot. Very suddenly you got extremely wet, and you squeezed my finger so hard it almost made my finger pop out. We still have the instructional dvd for learning how. I hope we can watch that again and give it a try!
      I would love it if we could break out our toys on a regular basis and use them. I have actually brought a couple of them with me when I travel in the summer. I hope we can even get a few more to add to our collection.
      It seems like we have fallen into a pretty predictable routine in our lovemaking- we cuddle and caress each other for a while, we kiss, you play with my cock and get me hard, you suck on my cock for a while, I lick your pussy for a while, I make you cum, we have great sex, clean up, and get on our phones. I would love it if we could just add some variety to our routine. I guess I’ve been hesitant to try or suggest anything not really knowing how you might receive it. I need to work on that communication piece.

      Anal Play-
      I know you’ve pretty much told me several times that you are NOT into anal. And I am fine with that and will respect that. I just want to ask why? Is it because you had a bad experience with it? I’ve read several stories on from women who felt exactly the same as you about it, it was never going to happen, until they tried with their forever husbands. They started slow with just some light caressing, fingering and rubbing, and gently worked up to more. Now they swear by it and wish they would have tried it years ago.
      As for me, I would love to have you do more to me in that area. In fact, I’ve used a couple of our different toys on myself. Not just the little glass plug we initially bought for me, but also one of the other ones we’ve used on you. And it felt amazing. I often will get myself all soapy in the shower and slide a finger or two in. I’d love to have you lube up and rub my ass. I’d love for you to slide in a finger or two and slowly fuck me while you jerk me off with your other hand.
      I know this one is difficult to accomplish right now with the boys being at home. I am hopeful that in the future we can venture out of the bedroom a bit.
      I know this one may also be difficult for us at this point in our lives with the boys living at home. But I would love it if we could occasionally on the spur of the moment get naked and enjoy each other. It doesn’t always have to be full sex, maybe a quick handjob for me and I lick your pussy until you come. Or we masturbate for each other and get ourselves off. Not planned. I am hopeful that will happen when we become empty nesters.
      I am a guy, and guys are very visual creatures. We like to see what’s happening. I would love to get a tall mirror or two, either on the closet doors or on a wall, and be able to watch us as we make love. I absolutely love it when I can watch you give me a handjob or blowjob. I try to watch my cock slide in and out of you sometimes when we have sex, but my stupid belly gets in the way. (That’s one reason I want to lose lots more weight.) Truth be told, I’d love to make some home videos of us having sex so I can watch them when I’m away from home. Obviously they would have to be kept extremely top secret.

      Maybe we can start reading some of the stories/discussion posts together instead of being on FB when we go to bed.

      So, there you have it. That’s a lot to digest huh? I want you to know that I will never demand that you do/try anything you absolutely are dead set against. I have complete and total respect for you. Having said that, I am definitely hoping you’ll at least consider some/most/all of the things above. And I am totally open to any suggestions you might have for us to try. This isn’t just about me. This is about US. About fully experiencing God’s gift of sex with each other. I’m yours forever and I can be patient. And I don’t care one bit that our bodies have changed since we were in our 20’s. Yes, I think we both could stand to get a little more physically healthy. I know we’d have more energy and we wouldn’t be so stiff and sore so much.

      Well, what are you thinking? That you married a freaky, kinky pervert? Maybe you did. I only want to experience these things with you though. I want to experience sexual pleasure to the fullest with you. And no one knows how long we’ll be able to do it. What do you say?


    • SecondMarge says:

      What a fantastic email. I praise you for your willingness to open yourself up about this issue. I think we should all try to help others by showing this kind of thinking isn’t perverted. It is very healthy for marriages. Anything goes in the marriage bed. Be considerate and welcome to try things and compromise. I hope others will add to your thoughts.

      Thank you

  3. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Welcome to MH! Glad you both are with us and enjoying it. Very bold way of introducing your wife to MH. We are relatively new here as well, and I too was uncertain how my wife would respond, but we have been thoroughly blessed by this community. You can read about our MH beginning in my story “We Found Our People.” Looking forward to hearing more from y’all.

    • Larson412 says:

      I’ve read that one! Love it. It’s at the top of a very long list of stories I’m going to have my wife read. Looking forward to adding many stories here! And reading more from all the amazing folks here like yourselves. God Bless!

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