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My wife and I sing together; it’s part of how we met. She has such a sweet innocent voice and the ability to hang a harmony on anything I sing. It is one of the greatest joys in our marriage to worship together this way.

We had been invited to sing at a small country church by my former youth minister, who had become its pastor. They were having an anniversary celebration, and we were honored to be a part. It was several hours away from our home, so they offered to put us up in their home Saturday and Sunday nights. We appreciated their hospitality.

We had performed during the Sunday morning service and had plans to sing a couple more numbers for the Sunday evening service. They decided to take the afternoon to go visit their son who was in the hospital in the nearest big city—about an hour away. We knew they would be gone for at least three hours so we settled in for a Sunday afternoon nap together.

It happened to be my birthday. In my family, birthdays aren’t a big deal. Typically there are a cake and a few gifts, but a big party is out of the question. Because of that, I was not expecting much from my wife, and we had not let anyone else know it was a special day. My wife had other things in mind.

As we were snuggling, she began to caress. She was making it obvious that she had a birthday gift for me. I was ready to unwrap the gift! We shed our clothes in a hurry. My hands were all over her young smooth body. Her breasts have always been my favorite focal point. There was a lot of sighing, moaning, rocking, and grinding as we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s bodies.

My wife slid down the bed and began to kiss and lick my hardened manhood. Our marriage was young at that point. Blowjobs were a very new thing for us. I certainly enjoyed them, and she was learning to enjoy the pleasure it gave me. It excited me greatly to see (and feel) her giving that attention where I wanted it most.

Before I knew it, she had taken my head into her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming. It brought me not only intense physical pleasure, but it also brought an indescribable emotional sensation of acceptance. I was in heaven! She worked her perfect mouth up and down the end of my shaft stopping occasionally to run her tongue around the pronounced ridge of my head. It didn’t take long before I felt an orgasm building deep inside. I knew this meant the end of the blowjob since she never let me cum in her mouth. I tried my hardest to hold back the volcano.

I could tell I was losing control, so I told her she should stop because I was about to cum. The corners of her mouth tightened slightly into a smile as I heard a somewhat muffled “uh-huh.” Some part of me knew what that meant, but I couldn’t trust what I thought she was saying. I told her again that she’d better stop. She kept going. I was already extremely close, but the realization that she was going to keep going was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I exploded! It felt like a firehose had been turned on. I could feel it expanding me from the inside at the base, rushing up the length of me and into her hot soft mouth. She kept the motion going as I writhed and yelled in pleasure. I could see the pearl-colored cum leaking out between her lips and my shaft. The sight, the pleasure, the acceptance all combined together to intensify and extend my orgasm. I’m sure she got more of a mouthful than she bargained for.

By the time our hosts returned, we had composed ourselves. They were glad to see that we were so refreshed from our “nap.” That evening, as we worshipped together on that church stage, I couldn’t help thinking about her mouth. Such beautiful praise. Such beautiful pleasure.

My Lips Shall Praise Thee. Thus will I bless Thee.

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14 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    What a sweet story. A loving couple with a common interest. I wish I had the talent your wife had. To go from naive, innocent (I had that part down) to being an expert at sucking cock makes me jealous. I was, you want me to put that in my mouth? More of it? Now what? Then the gag reflex. Then all that cum? Where do I spit this yuk? I was not ready.
    Heck I’m still not ready. But if there is one thing I wish I was an expert at, it would be as a cocksucker. Nothing seems to please men more than taking as much of their cock in your mouth as possible and keep doing it until he makes a deposit. If I was good at that I would be so confident sexually.

    • Keystone Jill says:

      It didn’t happen overnight, I can assure you. It took a patient generous lover to lead me to want to give in this way. Being able to trust him and his commitment to me as my lifelong love is why I could entertain such intimacy. His pleasure is what motivates me. There are many times I wish that I were more adventurous, but he loved me when I was modest, nervous and timid the same way he loves me now. Which will lead to more adventures together!

    • SecondMarge says:

      The love is so obvious in your words. You clearly have a special commitment to each other. I tried to be the person that could please him and continue to become more adventurous and open to new pleasures. It sounds like you do all you can to pleasure each other. It was so kind of you to write encouraging words to me.

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    This! THIS! This is what I wish all married couples could experience, the love and freedom within marriage to focus on each other's pleasure for a while and be what the other needs. Isn't this a picture of the dedication and intimacy our Heavenly Husband wishes to have with His Bride? "Being able to trust him and his commitment to me as my lifelong love" and "His pleasure is what motivates me." Amen!

  3. Southernheat says:

    My husband and I loved this story! It’s so sweet and your obvious love for each other and your Savior. Having the singing in common is such a blessing and reminded us of ourselves. We met in choir at college and spent many years as worship and choir directors. We’ve lead that worship chorus many times ! Thanks for sharing with us we hope you share many more.

  4. California Coastal says:

    My mother had several talks with me about sex in my younger years. One was about giving and receiving oral. She explained, and I have to agree very much, that oral for each other is the most intimate sexual act we can give. She has always been quite direct.
    I feel bad for women who don't enjoy pleasuring their husband orally. I can only pray that they find the intense satisfaction that many of us have. When I suck hubby's cock, I want to go all the way and consume all of him. I love his beautiful organ in my mouth, and I will also orgasm when he cums. I can only anticipate pure joy when he ejaculates in my mouth and I can taste his great gift to me.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      I agree. It is the most intimate thing. I feel so much acceptance from her.

      I love that your mother was secure enough to talk with you about it.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      Thank you. We love making the stories (obviously), but I do enjoy writing them. Hopefully more to cum.

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