Spa Treatment at Home ~ Ignite Story

We had everything planned. It was going to be perfect: ten days out west, seeing some of the most beautiful scenery God created and enjoying some wild-west history too.  It would be another anniversary trip for us, which had become a bit of a tradition.  Every year, we would take a trip alone together to escape and reconnect.  Sometimes it was a four-day trip to Chicago or Minneapolis, other times a longer trip with multiple stops.  This time, we were again heading west to South Dakota and Colorado, specifically Estes Park, where we took our honeymoon, and it would be our longest too.

In preparation for the trip, I’d been buying special supplies to take with us.  On our most recent trip, we had given each other massages in our hotel room to relax and set the mood for some great sex (another story for another time).  We tried again after we’d come home, but we both found it awkward trying to reach while the “massagee” lay on the bed, and we had to be careful not to get the oil everywhere.  I did some research and found that portable massage tables are not very expensive, so I ordered one.  A little more looking, and I found that you can buy warmers for massage oil, but a less expensive option is a baby bottle warmer.  Not as pretty, but works just as well.  I even purchased a spa robe and a set of spa scrubs to set the mood even more.  Everything was going to be perfect, and then…


City after city, state after state, places started locking down.  The resort that we had planned to go to closed until further notice and travel was not recommended.  In fact, my work required anyone leaving the state to self-quarantine for two weeks once they returned.  All of our plans were shot—we couldn’t go anywhere.

The days turned to weeks and then months.  No, no, no, not the time between our lovemaking. Quite the opposite, in fact, and it was really good, a perk to not being able to go anywhere.  But there was still this desire deep within me.  I had this plan to pamper my wife and then enjoy making love to her in a fairly elaborate setup, and I still wanted to do so.  When I thought about how I was going to touch her and tease her, I would start to get hard.  I had to figure out a way to still make it happen—or as close as I could, considering we were basically trapped at home with two kids.  I wasn’t going to be able to turn our living room into a spa, but maybe I could make enough room to set up in our bedroom.

There were only a couple of work days left in the week.  I didn’t want to force my wife to do anything she did want to, and I also wanted this to be something special.  So I decided to invite her.  I sat down at the computer and drafted up an invitation.  I found a very formal fancy background to put behind the text and printed it off.


You are invited…

This Saturday Night, I am inviting you to participate with me in a sensual, erotic, and sexual evening.  I know Covid-19 has derailed our plan to vacation in Colorado, and while there are signs of things improving, I don’t know how safe it will be once we are allowed to travel again.  With the chances of a second wave, once people begin to interact again, I don’t want to risk our health or even our lives.

I had planned to break out the massage table while we were on our vacation, so instead, I am proposing that we christen it on Saturday.  

I would like to start our alone time very early in the evening, not wait until 8, 9, or 10 PM to be uninterrupted.  My events planned would include;

  • a relaxing bath for you
  • a warm oil massage
  • a romantic movie
  • Kissing
  • Touching
  • And more

I ask that you accept my invitation and help me with at least one item.  I would like you to help find the movie to watch, whether on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or something I’ll have to get elsewhere. I want it to be something you will find enjoyable.  

If you accept my invitation, let me know soon so I can prepare.  


I folded the paper, taped it shut, printed her name on one side, and placed it on the pillows that were on her side of the bed where she would see it.  Then, I waited.

It wasn’t long before she had to go into our room for something.  When she came back out, she walked over to me, bent down, and kissed me softly. “I accept,” she whispered in my ear.  I got up and began to set things in motion.

I started to make a list of what I needed to do and things I needed to gather—and it kept growing and growing.  I quickly determined it was going to take some time for me to get the room set up, and I wanted it to be a surprise when my wife came in, so a second note was in order.


It is time to begin….  

You begin with a relaxing shower or bath;  the option is yours. Take this bathrobe and head into the bathroom.  Take your time and relax.  Please note, the only thing you can take with you to the bathroom is this robe.  You must stay in the bathroom until your massage reservation.  Your Private Masseuse will be waiting for you in your bedroom.  All of your senses will be triggered during your spa treatment. I’m sure you will experience a very happy ending.


Your Massage is scheduled for ______:______ AM/PM

We Look Forward to Seeing you then.

Your Masseuse for today will be; ___________________


I creased the paper, then folded the spa robe so that one of the pockets was on top and slid the note into it.  With that, I went back to gathering my things.  I probably looked like a hyper squirrel running around the house.  I was putting some things in our bedroom and others in the guestroom next to it.  By 3:20 in the afternoon, I was ready to start.  I took the note back out of the robe pocket and wrote 4:15 on the reservation and James on the bottom line (my legal name, though I go by Jay). I put the note back in the pocket and took it to my wife in the other room.  I held the robe in my hands like a present and didn’t say a word.  She smirked at me as she stood up, took the note, and read it.  Then she took the robe with a smile and headed for the bathroom.

As soon as the bathroom door closed, I rushed to set things up.  First was the bottle warmer and oil; I wanted to make sure it was warm in time.  Next was lighting. I moved our LED candles to the side of the room where I planned to set up the massage table.

Then I needed to make room for the table itself.  The laundry basket and another small set of drawers she keeps some of her things in I moved into the guest room. I retrieved the massage table from the guest room closet and set it up.  I got two white hand towels and laid them on the bed.

After placing a Bluetooth speaker on the bedside table just in front of the massage table, I found a sensual massage playlist for it.  Then I grabbed the diffuser we’d used in our family room months ago and put it next to the speaker, loaded with three essential oils that were reportedly aphrodisiacs. Finally, I got a couple of her toys and placed them close but out of sight.

After that, I stripped down completely and put on my spa scrubs.  I was ready—a little sweaty from all the running around, but ready.  I looked at the clock, which read 3:53.  It hadn’t taken as long as I estimated.

Just then, I heard the shower stop.  I thought quickly and grabbed my phone.  I had seen my wife take her phone in the bathroom with her, so I texted her.

Ms. W, this is James from the Spa. I’ve had a cancellation and was hoping you might be able to move your reservation up to 4:00.  Thanks

Moments later, I got a response.

Sure, I’ll see you soon.  

My heart was pounding, and my cock was starting to rise.  This was finally going to happen.  I turned all the lights off, except for the candles, and started the music and the diffuser.  The door to the bathroom across the hall opened, then the bedroom door.  My wife’s eyes widened and her mouth opened as she entered.

“Welcome, Ms. W, thank you for adjusting your schedule for me.  Let me take those for you.”

She had her clothes in her hands, which I took and placed on the floor on the other side of the bed.  I wanted to role play this like we were complete strangers.

“Have you been here before?”

“No, this is my first time,” she replied.

I walked back towards her and closed the door.  She leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled away slowly, and she took the hint.  I handed her one of the hand towels.

“If you would, please lay face down on the table, and I’ll get started.”

I turned around to give her some privacy but watched her in the vanity mirror as she dropped her robe and lay down naked on the table.  She tried to put the towel across her but was having trouble, so I turned and helped.

“I’ll start with your feet and legs and move up from there.”

I got the oil from the warmer and did my best to give a good massage, trying not to cause discomfort or tickle.  As I worked up her legs, I let my hands push the towel up, exposing the bottom of her cheeks.  I rubbed her inner thighs, getting close to her precious flower, but did not touch.  Once both legs were done, I moved to her back and shoulders.  There was nothing very sensual here, but the moans I got from her indicated she was enjoying it.  I finished around her neck and got the other towel from the bed.

“Could you roll on to your back now? I’ll work on the other side,” I said as I handed her the towel.

Again, I turned my back, giving false privacy like before.  Once she was finished, I began again at her legs and moved up, making sure not to touch any of her sensitive areas.  I moved to her stomach and up, brushing the towel with my hands to expose the bottom of her breasts and the edge of her nipples.  Oiling up her arm, I lifted her hand and rested it on my chest as I rubbed.

As I finished up the normal massage, I leaned down to her ear and whispered, “I want to thank you for adjusting your reservation time.  To show my thanks, I’m willing to offer you a deep tissue massage at no charge.  Would you like that?”

“Sure,” she sighed.

I smiled as I walked to where I had stashed her toys and slid them into the pocket of my scrubs.  Then I returned to her and removed the towel from her chest.  I applied an ample amount of oil and began working it in.  Normally, I would pleasure her nipples, pinching and twisting, but the oil made that impossible.  Still, her oily breasts fest incredible under my hands, and she was enjoying it too.

I put some oil in the thick hair at the top of her mound and began to work it in.  Sliding my hand between her legs, I ran my fingers over her lips.  Her juices, combined with the oil, allowed my fingers to slide effortlessly across her wetness, and she spread her legs, giving me full access.  One of my hands remained on her breasts while the other explored between her legs.  She arched her back as I ran my fingers across her clit.

Taking the rabbit toy from my pocket, I easily slid it into her.  I watched as she wiggled and smiled as it found its home inside.  I pressed the power button, and the buzzing began deep inside and on the precious button atop her flower.  Continuing to rub her breasts with one hand, I held the rabbit deep in her with the other.

She began to moan louder, and her breathing got deeper.  Before I knew it, she reached her climax.  The waves and contractions gradually began to fade as I turned the rabbit off.

“How was your massage?” I asked.


I kissed her softly.

“So it’s okay to kiss you now?” she asked.

“I was hoping you would have tried seducing the masseuse,” I responded.

“I wish I would have known.”

She put the robe back on and hopped into bed.  I ran to the kitchen and made us a couple of sandwiches so we could eat while we snuggled together on the bed.  We watched the movie she’d picked out, and later that night, we had some very hot married sex before falling asleep in each other’s arms.  We still both wish we could have experienced this in the middle of God’s splendor.  Maybe we can repeat it there in the future.  Now that the table has been broken in, I’m sure we will use it often.  I thank God for blessing me with my beautiful wife.

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6 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I do appreciate a nice long build up and you focusing on your massaging duties was very nice. Ignite stories, unfortunately, do not get the love others get.

    I like the slight level of role play involved in your story, a little acting and then putting it on her to seduce you.

    A very delightful read.

  2. O-surfer says:

    We don’t have a massage table, but I love it when my personal masseuse sets up an appointment for me. I must confess, my hands do tend to try to wander and it takes many reminders to “just relax” before I stop.

  3. LovingMan says:

    We have found that a massage table is wonderful! We do therapeutic massages for each other and sometimes we have an awesomely erotic massage that turns into excellent and fun sex.
    Be sure that your massage table can support the weight of two adults. Our massage table is kept folded up in our bedroom.
    I need to look into an oil warmer… (OR baby bottle warmer).
    Your story was wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. SouthernHeat says:

    Very nice story! Love giving and receiving a massage. Love to oil his firm butt and then slide, rub and grind to orgasm as the warm oil rubs my clit. We’ve made some really good memories giving each other a massage. Hope you share more of your stories.

  5. Keystone Jack says:

    We bought a massage table used from a massage therapist. She handles the local college football team, so her table was built strong but wearing down from the big slabs of beef she worked with. It was perfect for us. She loved knowing it was going to be used for us to enjoy each other's bodies. We found a "Spa Radio" station on our favorite streaming service. Add in the diffuser, grape seed oil, and plenty of libido. I have also found it puts her at a perfect height for G-spot massage. Look that one up online. There are great instructional videos for the G-spot massage that will trigger some women to squirt.

  6. Flying Hubby says:

    I love it, I love massages, I really love oil, loved your story, the build up, the detail, the roll play, all of it was wonderful, keep sharing. Thank you.

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