Toy Shopping

My wife and I lay in bed together, browsing our favorite sex toy site.  Over the years, we’ve been slowing adding to our small collection.  My beautiful wife was scrolling through the selection of clitoral vibrators; meanwhile, I slowly moved down so that my head was between her legs.  I told her to describe whatever she came across that she found interesting.  As she continued to peruse and read descriptions and reviews out loud, I began to slowly lick her moistening pussy. 

My wife spread her legs more and continued to read.  She struggled to maintain her composure as I used my tongue to alternate between stimulating her clitoris and moving up and down her lips, sometimes sticking my tongue inside her.

“Oh, baby, I love it when you do that!  You are SO good to my pussy!” she said.

I took a brief break from eating her out to ask if she had found anything interesting.

“Who cares?  I can look later!  Please, don’t stop!” she begged.

“As you wish, baby…” I said and resumed my exploration of her cookie.  After a bit more attention, she let out a small scream and orgasmed.  I have always loved the taste of my wife’s juices.  Tonight, she was practically gushing the stuff.

“Lay down, mister.  I need you inside me!” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.  She began to ride me cowgirl style, moving quickly up and down on my erect cock.  We both love cowgirl.  She gets to control the angle and depth of penetration, and I get to play with her gorgeous breasts—or her wonderful butt if she’s riding me reverse.

After bouncing on my cock, she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I need you to pound me like there’s no tomorrow.”

I was all too glad to oblige.  She lay down, and I entered her.  As I began to give her the pounding she so craved, she screamed incoherently.  Finally, she managed to say, “Legs up, please!”

I smiled and stopped long enough to place her ankles on my shoulders before I adjusted her legs and rested my weight on them.  Then I resumed the steady pounding.  As I was nearing my orgasm, my beautiful wife told me to fill her up with my cum.  Finally, I explode inside her before collapsing in exhaustion.

As we lay in the afterglow, cuddling, my wife said, “Well, I guess I need to pick out that vibrator now!”  Toy shopping is the best!

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7 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Now there is the way to shop for toys! Smart shopping!
    Great story!

    We have done similar, but just sitting side by side, naked, in front of the computer. For data collection purposes of course! Measurements, and important information. 😉
    Inevitably leads to one of us grabbing something, of our own, or the other's…or both!

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