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I have always been the more sexually adventurous partner in our marriage. My wife, Monica, and I were virgins when we married just over 30 years ago, and we had no idea what we were doing when we got married. Our sexual relations have definitely seen an evolution during the course of our union. Through our early years of marriage, having four children created challenges for us to experience sexual intimacy. Our sexual relations have been pretty tame compared with a few of the stories I’ve now read on MH. Monica has always struggled with feeling guilty for thinking of fantasies to get in and to stay in the mood. We were married over ten years before she confided in me that she usually thought of a few go-to fantasies in order to get sexually stimulated. When she did confide in me, I emphatically told her that she should not feel guilty and that it really turned me on to know that she was having these fantasies. A couple of years later, we incorporated a vibrator for her in our love life, and that was somewhat life-changing.

Her two go-to fantasies involved me being a professor and her being a student. She pictured herself sitting at the top of a lecture hall and spilling water on her tee-shirt with no bra. Her nipples would get very firm, and I would grow very distracted in giving my lecture. This will escalate over the course of a few class periods in her fantasy, involving her sending me texts telling me that she pulled her bullet vibe out of her purse. She would put the vibe under her shirt and between her legs, then tell me in the text to sit down behind my desk and put my hand down my pants. The next day, she would not be in her normal seat. I would be greatly disappointed that she was not there until I felt her hand under the desk unzipping my pants in the middle of class, pulling out my fully erect penis which she would then slide her mouth up and down. Knowing that she was thinking of this drove me wild, as I love to receive blow jobs from her. They are usually limited to birthdays and two or three other special occasions during the year. It drove me somewhat crazy that she fantasized about it but did not like to actually do it.

I told her that my most common fantasy is to be asleep and to have her get her vibe, putting it on her clit and getting very horny. Then she’d go under the covers, put my non-erect penis in her mouth, and give me a blow job with both of us reaching orgasm at the same time. A couple of years after I shared my fantasy with her, I was in a deep sleep and thought I was dreaming when I heard the buzzing sound of Monica’s bullet vibe. Sometime later, I was awakened to feel Monica under the covers between my legs with her tongue ever so gently stroking my dick. I went from a very flaccid penis to full erection in just a few seconds.

She pulled my hands down to her head to help guide her movements, and she used her left hand to control my thrusts in and out of her mouth while with her right she worked the vibe up and down her clit. After about 20 minutes, she began moving up and down on me unlike she has ever done, making unbelievable use of her tongue. She began to moan in a way she has never moaned before as she reached orgasm, causing me to cum at the same time.

It was unbelievable! I am grateful for Monica and her willingness to expand from her comfort zone. I love her with all my heart. Since this is a mild story, I hope to learn from others on MH to help further expand our experience.

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Excellent fantasies and well played by your wonderful wife. This is very nicely written as well. I also see no problem with fantasies in our marriage relationship. And acting out a fantasy and or role play together can be a blast! I once wrote a 20 page fantasy role play sex story for my wife before we went to celebrate our anniversary at a themed hotel. This was before we had discovered MH. We acted out the fantasy in the themed room. Melodie told me that the sex we had there was some of the best sex we’d ever had!

    I wrote an Ignite fantasy story for MH a Few weeks ago … and we acted it out at home in quarantine. Find it here:

  2. WeldersWife says:

    This story really got me going! Personally, the “mild” stories are some of my favorites. They are more of the norm between my husband and I. We definitely enjoy some more colorful things from time to time but there is nothing more amazing than looking into your lover’s eyes as you make love slowly.

  3. O-surfer says:

    Thanks for writing! Your wife may have been somewhat mild in behavior, but she has a hot fantasy life! Thanks for sharing her story and how she played out your fantasy.

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