From Her Bath to Mine

Hi, MarriageHeat!

We, “Husky and Kitty,” have been married for almost four years. We married young, and though we’ve faced challenges, we recognize our relationship as nothing but a true blessing from the Lord. I’m “Husky,” and “Kitty” is the Mrs. (our pet names for each other since the start!) Hopefully, our stories inspire and remind you of the pleasure and security that comes from enjoying your eternal partner, as God intended! And this is our very first story.


Kitty had just come back from a run.

“I’m going to take a bath now!” she said, removing her hoodie, sweats, mismatched socks, and then her orange panties. She flicked her underwear at me with her toe after it slid down to her ankle, something she always does to tease me.

When we were dating, we fantasized about and anxiously waited to enjoy the sensation of our naked bodies in a big bathtub or shower. On our honeymoon, that fantasy came true. As soon as we got to our suite, we immediately stripped each other and headed for the big bathroom, where a steamy shower for two ensued! My dick became erect as it slid across her wet, soapy stomach (she’s much shorter than me) as she became wet in every way, grinding against my hairy, conditioner-soaked leg. To this day, the thought of a shower or bath—or the announcement thereof—is almost always synonymous with sex. We both know it. Her telling me it was her bathtime meant more than her just getting clean. It almost certainly meant both of us getting dirty!

I sat on our bed reading a book, but her declaration of the bath now had my mind in other places—namely, her places: her short, very curly hair that she’d stroke with strawberry conditioner; her milky and round breasts that she’d soak with coconut soap; her legs that she’d wash with mango body wash; and most alluring of all, that slightly fuzzed, natural, beautiful flower of a pussy that she washes with a special soap and treats to a cherry lotion afterward. My tongue started to move of its own accord against my cheek as I heard the bathwater begin to pour.

When the tub filled, Kitty lit a candle and slipped into the water with a book of her own. A fresh towel sat on the toilet seat by the ledge, as always. The pomegranate flame and the pungent sweetness of all her bathtub ingredients made our small bathroom feel like the washing room for a royal Empress, and I felt like a needy castle servant. Though I waited a few minutes to let her soak before walking in, I was impatient. She had her book just above the water, and she smiled at me as I entered.

“Hi!” Kitty chirped.

I said nothing back but only smiled in response. I’ve been known to give my feet or hands a soak too while she’s bathing—she makes the water irresistible with all of her Bed Bath & Beyond potions. So I sat on the ledge of the bathtub and took in my Kitty’s wet body, round in the best places and toned in the others. Half-white/half-southeast Asian, my lady has a precious smile and a kinky side she hides behind her bookish nature, which I love.

My hands slowly plunged into the tub as I caressed her wet thighs that soaked in all the flavors of the Caribbean. Then I decided to be bold and go straight for her womanhood.

“Open up for me?” I asked quietly.

Her eyes remained fixed on the page while she slowly spread her creamy legs. She perched one leg on top of the shower caddy and the other over the corner of the tub, and her rose petals opened slightly as she did.

By now, I had grown solid as a rock in my sweat pants. My hands glided through the water toward her. Usually, I use my fingers to admire her sweet little labia or her clitoris, but not this time. I wanted to show her that I needed something different tonight, something more aggressive. I found the opening to her pussy and tickled her hole.

She disregarded the book, and I felt her vagina contract in shock, but I pressed in and allowed two fingers to explore her inner garden. Needless to say, her dry- or, I should say, wet-humping made splashes in the bath.

When I pulled my fingers out, I licked them clean and said, “Dry off soon, okay? I’m going to eat some of that, I promise.”

She giggled and took the time to finish her paragraph. But soon, she took the towel and did her usual post-bath ritual—cherry lotion and all—while I lay naked on our bed.

Finally, I had her where I needed her.

Still wet from the bath, she lay down her wet towel on top of our sheets and got comfortable on her back, both of us naked. I took her by the hips and pulled her a foot closer to the edge of the mattress, where I kneeled with a salivating mouth. (By the way, she always loves it when I pull her across the bed in any way. She says it makes her feel like a “puppy toy,” which I suppose explains the Husky nickname!) I inched closer to the buffet before me, her pussy still wet with both bath water and her feminine juices collecting along her pink peach. Cherry, mango, and anxious sweat all converged in my nose as I put my face closer to her womanhood.

I started at her inner thighs. Love bites and my saliva-drenched tongue gave them the attention they deserved before I began to kiss circles around her pubic mound. (Another reason we fancy bath/shower based activities is because of the amount of wetness they add to the senses—the slopping sounds, the slippery skin, all of it!) I did my best to get every area except her pussy. I even tongued and kissed her belly button, which usually tickles her and makes her toes curl. Now, I was ready to dig in. I gripped her thighs with two solid slaps and let the full breadth of my tongue slide up her entire snootch in one, long lap.

“Oh, YES. Uhhhhhhhh…” she moaned.

She likes the more hands-on stuff, so I gripped her epic thighs even tighter, spread them as far apart as her flexibility allowed, and dove down onto her wet kitten, lapping and lapping and lapping. I know it drives her crazy, so I let my moans turn into dog growls. Each lick and nuzzle of her clit with my nose came accompanied by some canine sound I crafted in the moment. She was into it.

“Uh-oh, bad doggy is on my pussy?”

I looked up at her with a chin covered in her nectar and my own saliva and just winked. She laughed and then pushed my face back down into her.

I let the excess saliva pour from my mouth as I used it to lube her sex-bean (her clitoris, but I call it her sex-bean!) Eventually, her pink, plump paradise became a perpetual mix of her vaginal lubricant, my saliva, her sweat, and bathwater, all mixed together. I opened my mouth to completely cover her clitoris, sucking it up with a series of sloppy, slurping sounds that drove her wild.

I then switched tactics and pulled away, a string of saliva following my mouth as I disengaged. Pushing Kitty’s thighs together, I watched as her pussy squished, making her two plump labia pout at me from her crotch. I held her legs together as my tongue plunged between those swollen lips. After adding some more natural lube, I prodded and flicked and slid and explored throughout her wet garden. Then I knew it was time for part two.

I slid my hands down from her knees and repeated my bathtub technique. Two of my fingers went into her without any resistance at all as my mouth maintained focus on her budding sex-bean and flapping labia. Some of her mess sloshed up at my cheeks from the fingering while my tongue and jaw grew sore from feasting.

“Yes. Yes. YES. Bathe in my pussy, Husky!” Kitty shouted—literally, SHOUTED.

There was now nothing happening between her legs but a messy, sex-crazed juice binge that started to put Mrs. Kitty in severe heat. And that’s when I knew—it was coming.

“Husky, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Keep going. Keep go-…  Keep…  Keep go-…  Keep…  Ke-.”

Somewhere between my fingers vigorously caressing the smooth, fleshy inside of my wife and my tongue assaulting her drenched rose on the outside, my wife’s thighs trapped my head with a firm SLAP as she bucked her pussy up into my face. I was in pure heaven. My dick, by then, had leaked pre-cum onto the carpet and stained the blanket that hung over the side.

Then it happened.

Her thighs were too strong for me to pin down, and as her hand grabbed the back of my head, leaving no gap between her pussy and my mouth, she screamed,

“Lick it, Husky! Take it! Drink me! NOW.”

I obliged. I could sense Kitty’s contractions on the edge of my tongue as her thighs kept my cheeks in place. Afterward, we were a mess. My face was soaked. Her legs were soaked. She was exhausted, and my jaw weak.

I turned to her and said, “So much for that bath!” squeezing her boobs gently.

But she replied, “At least you got one! A special one.”

I rested my head against her soft thigh as I licked my lips and tried to catch my breath.

But that was a few weeks ago, so my memory is fuzzy (like her pussy).

And there is SO much more to share!

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  1. Waiting_Romeo says:

    WOW… This story was sizzling hot! And for your first story on here it’s fantastically written! Definitely one of my new all time favorites on MH! I wish there was a way I could favorite a story on MH so I could find it easily and not risk forgetting it’s name… Anyway through, keep up the good work! I can’t wait for your next story! 😀 God Bless!

    • MarriageHeat says:

      This is not the first time we've heard this request. 😊 Does anyone out there know how to make it possible? If so, please email us or send a contact form.

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @Waiting_Romeo – Thank you so much!! That means a lot. The story came pretty easy, actually. My wife and are very adventurous sexually with each other. Please cum back for more with more to cum! (Pun intended 😉)

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @Waiting_Romeo – Do you have any stories posted that we can find/read? For some reason, when I search usernames, I can’t find anyone. Only story titles!

      [From MH: the only way we know to search for an author page is to copy the username and append it to the following URL:

      Doing so shows no posts yet for Waiting_Romeo. We hope that changes soon!]

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