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The stories here on MH have greatly blessed my wife and me, and we have enjoyed sharing a few of our own. One thing that has amazed me is the ability some of you have to remember encounters from many years ago with such detail. The farthest back I have written is about eight years (The Gift). I will admit that as I wrote that, more specifics returned to my memory, but for the most part, I can’t remember very clearly incidents from the early days of our thirty years of great married sex. Sometimes we reminisce with each other and remember parts of an event, but it is usually just the highlights without many of the finer points. Plus, we tend to blur some of them together, and what little details we do remember get mixed with others. But it’s still fun to reminisce, even if we remember more the emotion of the times than the details.

But there is one time when we’d been married for about six years that I can tell you about. It was a night that was not spontaneous (as many of our great times together were) but planned. Not that we plotted out everything we did, but we intended to have a very sexy and intense night together.

My wife wore one of her sexiest lingerie outfits. It was a pink lace and satin open cup and crotchless teddy with garter straps to hold up the sheer pink stockings, and it included matching lace-trimmed fingerless gloves (the kind that only loop over one finger, leaving the palm and fingers uncovered). The lace ruffles encircled her bountiful uncovered tits, and a soft satin fabric ran from there down to the open crotch in a concave curve on either side of the panel. More lace ruffles adorned the bottom edge of the teddy. The rest of the material was sheer, including the entire back, so her gorgeous butt was clearly visible.

I wore only a small pair of green and black paisley briefs that my wife had bought for me. Back then, I could pull off wearing something so skimpy.  She always seemed to like the way they looked on me.

She sat at the foot of our bed, while I sat to her side, facing her with one leg behind her and the other hanging over the end of the bed. We began kissing as I slowly moved around to stand in front of her.

I ran my fingers through her hair and around the back of her head, pulling her tightly against my chest as her hands stroked from my thighs to my back and then lingered on my butt before beginning again. The combination of her touch and the lace caressing my skin excited me.

My hands worked their way down her cheeks and neck to her shoulders, then to the sides of her breasts. After cupping them slightly for a bit, I stroked back up to her face and tilted her head back. Then I leaned down to kiss her deeply.

Even with all the exciting things that we get to do with and to each other, kissing her has always melted. It has brought—and still brings—such intense pleasure to feel our lips press together and our tongues entwine in a sensual dance.

Her hands stilled at first, but as the kiss continued, she brought them back up to my butt, accompanied by soft moans escaping her mouth. Her hands shifted from caressing to squeezing as she pulled her kisses from my lips and moved them down my chest and stomach. I straightened up as one hand moved from my butt to around the front of my tiny covering,

She pulled her head back to be able to watch, and my briefs strained to confine my growing cock. With little effort, she freed the tip of my cock and gradually uncovered the rest as she stroked lightly with her lace-covered hand.

My hard shaft stood almost straight up in that youthful way it did back then, pointing up to her face as she gently pressed her lips to the tip while her hand continues to lightly stroke the length. She then kissed down the entire shaft and licked her way back up. When she reached the top, she parted her lips and took it into her luscious mouth.

Now moans begin to escape from me. My wife worked mostly the tip but gradually took a little bit more through her lips with each slow bob of her head.  She also rotated her head a little with each movement, and her thumb ran up and down my shaft’s underside, following her mouth’s trajectory.

Her other hand, which had been cupping my butt cheek, now moved up and back down under the waistband of my briefs. It slid down my crack all the way to my balls before assisting her other hand in sliding the green fabric down my legs. Her mouth never stopped its work on my cock as I stepped out of the only piece of clothing I wore. Her hand returned to work in unison with her mouth as I now stood slightly to the side of her. It caused the side of her head to lie against my stomach as she pumped slowly but entirely the length of my shaft.

Her movements grew faster and more pronounced as her other hand reached around my butt and cradled my balls.  I ran my hands through her hair, and my hips began to pump my throbbing dick in coordination with the movements of her head. The feeling was extraordinary!

My wife had performed oral on me occasionally in our few years of marriage, and it was always great, but something felt different this time. She seemed more intense, more hungry for my cock. I thought she’d take me all the way, and for a moment, I considered letting her. But I still wanted to do a lot more with her that night.

I fought the primal urges building in me and managed to lift her head a bit and pull my cock from her mouth. I moved over a little to stand right in front of her. My hands stroked the sides of her head, and hers held my butt as I began to lower myself. I kissed her mouth, so recently full of my cock, as I knelt in front of her. My thighs rub down her stocking-clad legs as I neared the floor, and my lips moved down also; down her neck, her shoulders, her chest, finally reaching her big, lace-framed, bare boobs.

My mouth reached a hard nipple, and my tongue swirled around it briefly before I sucked it into my mouth. My wife’s head tilted back as more moaning lilted from her mouth. Her hands caressed the back of my head as mine moved down over the smooth fabric of her teddy and around to grab her butt. She pulled my head tighter against her chest, squishing her tit into my mouth. Her body swayed in response to my sucking and licking. The pink stockings on her lower legs grazed my hard cock as I rocked on my knees in coordination with her body. Her sounds of pleasure intensified in grew louder.

I brought my hands back around to her front and up to grab both of her aroused tits. Despite her firm grip on my head, I managed to pry my mouth off of the one I’d been sucking, and she let out a little whimper of disappointment as I released it. But I quickly moved to the other nipple and regained her audible approval. Again she pulled my head tight against her big boob as I gave equal time to this one.

I gradually kissed my way down the front of her sexy lingerie until my face reached her lap. My hands slid down her enticing legs from her thighs to her ankles. I lifted one and then the other, kissing all along each one as I lay her back on the bed with her legs now spread on either side of me. I worked my kisses back up her legs as my fingers parted the opening in the fabric surrounding her now very wet pussy. My mouth soon arrived and took over. I buried my face between my wife’s legs, lace trim tickling my face as my tongue drilled deep into her wet hole.

She moaned with every thrust of my tongue; her body rocked, and I could feel the top edge of her stockings as my hands wove through the garter straps, caressing her thighs, hips, and cheeks. But I wanted to get deeper; I wanted to feel her wet lips pressed hard against my mouth.

I rose to my feet and pull her up to hers. Then I lay on my back with my head right on the end of the bed, and she turned to face me. As she lowered herself onto my face, the sweet, wet warmth of her pussy once again greeted my tongue and lips.

She instinctively leaned forward to engulf my stiff cock in her mouth, but I try to coax her to stay upright on my face, so she straightened. She rode my face for a little while, but just couldn’t seem to resist the desire to suck my dick more. Finally, she climbed up onto the bed a little so that she was no longer standing, and I reposition to reach her. We went hard at it in ‘69’. She pumped her head up and down my shaft, and I buried my face in her honeypot. What an incredible feeling! We ate each other with a rare fervor, and once again, it seemed like I could just keep this going a little longer and finish in her mouth. But somehow, I managed to resist as I remember still more I wanted to do to her, more I wanted to see of her in this sexy outfit.

Amidst her muffled moans and screams, I managed to remove my mouth from its happy place and get her to rise off of me. I resumed my position at the end of the bed, but this time I had her face away from me. I had still not satisfied my urge to have her pussy smother my mouth.

She again straddled my head and lowered herself to my hungry mouth. As my tongue resumed its work pleasuring her, she ran one hand through my hair, and mine came up to grab her tits. She let go of my head and sat up with her hands behind her on my chest.

It was exactly what I’d been wanting: her sitting fully on me, burying my face. She arched her back in pleasure. One strap of her teddy had slipped off her shoulder and gently hung at the side of her arm, a simple yet very sexy look to me still to this day.

She rode my face as my tongue worked furiously, deep between her lips. She breathed hard, her moans almost all screams now. She rocked her body and pushed her pussy even harder against my mouth, and with her loudest cry of the night so far, she drenched my mouth in her cum. I continued to lap up her delicious nectar as she came down a bit.

My wife climbed off of me and quickly relocated to the other end of the bed before I could move. She dove between my legs and ferociously devoured my cock. Sucking the full length while her hands grabbed my ass, she went at it with a hunger and passion that I had never seen before and not too often since (until the last six months anyway.) I ran my hand through her hair. Her muffled moans sounded so beautiful as she pumped her head on my shaft.

As much as she enjoyed this, she seemed to want more, too. She released my cock from her tight lips and slid up my body until she reached my lips and kissed me deeply. She wiggled around a bit until she lined up my cock with her dripping wet opening, then eased back to insert my hard rod, letting out a sensual gasp of satisfaction as it slid in. When it seated sufficiently inside her, she sat upright on top of me, her thrown-back head and open mouth giving free expression to her ecstasy.

I’d looked forward to this view all night. Her gorgeous pink-clad body sat rocking atop my hard cock, with her lace-trimmed boobs fully exposed to my marveling eyes. The shimmer of the satin front directed my vision down to where we joined so intimately. My hands ran through her garter straps as I gripped the curves of her hips, and the lace trim around the bottom of the teddy brushed my skin as she rode. Her beautiful legs wrapped in the luscious pink stockings gripped my sides. My wife placed one lace-covered hand on my chest and reached behind her with the other to fondle my balls, arching her back in the process—a sight forever etched into my memory.

She grabbed my arms and directed my hands to her boobs as she continued a slow but forceful ride. Her boobs overflowed my hands as I grip them, and she leaned forward, pressing them harder into my hands. Her movements intensified and sped up slightly. She inclined toward me more until her hands gripped my shoulders, and her back arched to keep her head upright. The look of pure ecstasy on her face was the most beautiful sight in the world.

She leaned down farther and moved her hands to the bed on either side of my head, finally bringing those gorgeous tits close enough to my mouth for me to engulf one of them. One of her arms came around the back of my neck to pull me tight against her chest as I sucked her nipple deeply.

All through this, she maintained her rhythm on my cock. The bed rocked, and her moans and screams came with every thrust of her body down onto my shaft. She sat back up to grind even harder against me, and my hands resumed their rightful place on her bouncing boobs. Holding my arms and using them for leverage, she kept her rhythm going. She rode me a bit longer, holding my arms like reins until she got too tired to thrust any more.

Then she fell off of me, and I got up and moved her onto her back, laying her across the bed right along the end of the mattress. I came around and knelt between her legs. Looking down at her beautiful body beneath me, accentuated by the pink lace and satin, a sense of satisfaction suffused me. The vision of her laid out beneath me, those soulful brown eyes looking up into mine, ready for me to take her, always excites me. This time the added sexiness of the lingerie multiplied the turn-on many times. Lingerie that allows me to fully enjoy her body without having to remove any of it always gives me an added thrill.

I lifted her closest leg and slid my hard, aching cock back up inside her. Her hands lay stretched above her head, and one gripped the side of the mattress as she felt the force of me pushing into her. My arm held the underside of her thigh, keeping her leg up in the air as I began to thrust hard and fast. Her body rocked, the bed shook, and her boobs bounced. All of the build-up of this night was about to pay out.

“Yes! YES! YES!!” she cried out as my thrusts became poundings. I almost lay on her now, still holding her leg bent more towards her chest. I upped my pace and force as I felt the pressure building in my balls, and she increased her volume. Her moans and screams, previously short bursts in unison with my thrusts, extended into long, continuous expressions lasting as long as her breath will allow.

I wrapped my arms around her body tightly as I felt my climax ready to burst forth. Pulling her tight, I thrust harder with more pause in between as my cum sprayed her insides again and again and again.

Her arms encircled me and squeezed tight as my thrusts slowed, but I remained deeply buried in her now-satiated pussy. Our moans quieted to just heavy breathing as we continued holding each other tightly. We kissed deeply and hungrily as we slowly relaxed our grip on each other.

The reasons I can recall this 24-year-old event in such detail are several. First, it is certainly one of our many Hall of Fame nights—physically and emotionally pleasing way beyond expectations and visually stunning for me. But the biggest reason for being able to share this with you in such detail is that we videotaped it. And we have watched it many times over the years (including a few viewings to write this). It has since been digitized, edited and put to the music “Bolero,” and it resides in my PhotoLock app on my iPad (see Playing with Fire). While the quality of the original video is not great by today’s standards, it remains one of our masterpieces.

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  1. Flying Hubby says:

    Oh boy the details. Loved everyone of them. Reminds me of a recent story, keep thinking about all the great things to do and want to try them all. Awesome story, there are benefits to having a bed at just the right height. Our old air bed used to get deflated just enough sometimes. Terrific writing, I need to get the camera out more, glad you were able to capture such an intensely wonderful event.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words. I know what you mean about the bed height. Our current bed is a bit higher than others we’ve had before, and it has made for some great action we couldn’t previously achieve.

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