Five in a Row (L)

I’m very lucky to be married to my wife. She is very tuned into my sexual desires and needs, and she herself is never shy about sharing her deepest desires and wants with me.

In 20 years of marriage, she has had hundreds of back to back orgasms but never more than two… until recently.

As much as I love to go down on my wife, and as much as she enjoys it, my tongue wears out after a while! I have always wanted to bring her to several orgasms all in a row but my tired tongue has gotten in the way.

Recently, I realized that to accomplish my goal, I could use more than my tongue! I have a toolbox of pussy pleasers—not just my tongue but also my fingers, my cock, her fingers, and her (very large) dildo.

So it started with my licking her pussy, not letting her in on my plans. Her pussy is delightful; she keeps it super smooth and bare, and when I go down on her, she absolutely loses herself. She always tastes so good. Basically all women love to have their pussies devoured, and my wife is no exception. After her orgasm, she was fully expecting to turn her attention to me. But I pushed her back, commanded her to get into doggy style position, and then proceeded to hammer her deep and hard, telling her to masturbate while we fucked. She came again after six or seven minutes, and I was tempted to keep at it so I could also cum. Instead, I rolled her on her back and once again got to work with my tongue.

By now, she was pretty surprised and asked me what I was doing.

“You’re gonna cum five times tonight, baby,” I whispered to her, and then got back to work on her engorged clit.

The third orgasm took more time, but eventually, she started to cum again, spreading her lips far and wide for me as I licked away at her clit while she orgasmed. My tongue was so tired by now!

As she was coming down from her orgasm, I inserted the dildo in her pussy and proceeded to fuck her with it. I had an ulterior motive. It gave a clear invitation for her to take my cock in her mouth, which she did. She reached down and massaged her clit as I fucked her with the dildo. I was so focused on getting her to her fourth orgasm that I almost missed the fact that my wife had me within inches of exploding in her mouth.

Once again, she began to cum, moaning with my cock in her mouth. Right then, I pulled my throbbing dick out of her mouth and she began to jerk me off as I exploded all over her tongue and face. After the eruption, she took me back in her mouth and milked the ever-loving shit out of me. Almost seeing stars, I was tempted to close the book on my mission right then, but I pulled it together and got back between her legs. She told me I didn’t need to do this, but I insisted, finding just enough stamina in my tongue to really go to work on her clit. She was super wet, and I looked up at her, marveling at my sperm splattered all over her pretty face.

My wife seemed not to care at all about the mess. She once again spread her lips for me as I licked her clit. My tongue was so tired that I worried I would fail to please her. I slid two fingers insider her, and she responded with a whimper. Then I got back to work on her clit. Quite honestly, by now I really just wanted her to cum; my tongue was tired, my neck was sore, and I started to feel guilty about the sperm I left splattered all over her face.

She started to move her hips all around, indicating an approaching orgasm. Digging deep, I tried to muster enough stamina in my tongue to keep going. By now, my licks were labored and slow but hard. Fortunately, it was just enough and she began to cum again—her fifth orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided, we laid on the bed, quiet. My cum still coated her face. She had had five orgasms within 52 minutes. And in those 52 minutes, she also managed to extract from me an explosion of semen.

We stumbled to the bathroom and took a hot shower together, holding each other for much of it. She was exhausted, and it was a quiet shower with moments of beautiful intimacy and love between us as we held each other and kissed. We said things to each other that we hadn’t said in some time. I told her she was the love of my love and that I was hopelessly in love with her. I cupped her breasts as we kissed.

She cried from exhaustion and the sexual overwhelming she had just experienced. I worried I’d done something wrong. She told me it was like no experience we’d ever had together; she felt, she said, “drained.”


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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Beautiful unselfish loving! I loved your story! Your willingness to keep going for her pleasure was just beautiful! My wife has only had 5 orgasms in an hour when we had a long massage sex session. Keep on loving!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Yes, indeed. Messy is good. We only in the past 3 or 4 years started to really enjoy messy sexy.

  2. TLC2383 says:

    I love having my wife's fluids all over my face after going down on her. I also love giving her messy facials in return. Might have to give her one tonight after reading this story.

  3. LovingMan says:

    MarriedtoaHotBabe… I loved your comment that.. “Messy is good. We only in the past 3 or 4 years started to really enjoy messy sexy.”
    I like that term: “messy sexy.”

  4. Giants05 says:

    Wow that's awesome. Well written and very encouraging. It's all about the ladies being relaxed and us men driving the passion more and more each time. My wife has just recently reached multiple orgasms, and it is amazing on many levels. It turns her on more the more I get turned on, and it's a chain reaction. Tonight, thanks to a combo of her reading all of your stories w/ me, being freshly shaved, some anal exploration, and the excitement of seeing her in a thong for the first time in 15 yrs., blew my mind 😉

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