Mid-afternoon Mess

Since the governor’s stay at home order started, they’d both been working from home. Doing so led to some rough spots as they worked out schedules and other logistics, but it also presented some unique opportunities.

It had been a long week. Husband and wife were each under different deadlines, and that, combined with other stressors, had left things pretty tense. But she had an idea as to how to cut the tension. He had set up in the living room as usual, and she decided to pay him a visit. But before she did, she discretely removed both her panties and her bra, leaving in place her oversized t-shirt and the cotton skirt she wore.

Walking into the living room, she sat down on the couch and asked, “Do you mind if I just relax in here for a bit?”

“Of course not,” he replied.

She smiled and maneuvered herself into a position where, if he were to look up from his screen, he’d have a line of sight straight up her skirt. But he didn’t look up, so she began to lightly stroke her thighs with the fingertips of her right hand, up the inside of one thigh and down the inside of the other. Still, he didn’t notice.

She brought her left hand up to her breast and gave it a squeeze, feeling her nipple harden. Her husband’s eyes didn’t lift from his work, so she slid her hand under her shirt and tugged her nipple gently while at the same time slipping her other hand further up her thigh where she could feel her heat growing. Her man remained oblivious.

Throwing discretion to the wayside, she hiked up her skirt and raised her knees. That movement got his attention! She kept going, bringing her hand back to her center where she stroked her lips, feeling her wetness rise and her lips begin to part. Now his eyes were riveted on her.

He loved his wife; to him, she was the sexiest woman on the planet. Never was she more sexy than when she was touching herself. He loved to watch her and this time—so completely unexpected—was certainly no exception.

She continued to play, stroking gently along her folds while tugging relentlessly on her nipples with her other hand. Soon she felt the tension begin to build. She focused in on her clit, rubbing in circles around the sensitive head. Groaning, she began to buck slightly until she reached her climax. She moaned that she was cumming and rode that wave as pleasure crashed over her.

Not happy with just one, she kept stroking as she came down, though a little lighter for now. She locked eyes with her husband and saw in his the look of complete desire she loved to see. “Why don’t you take out your cock and stroke it for me?” she begged. “Please?  I want to see it.”

He stood and quickly dropped his shorts. Watching his wife had left him turgid, his head glistening with precum already. As he moved to sit back down, she interrupted.

“No, come closer. Stand right next to me. I want to watch.”

He was happy to oblige her. As she picked up her intensity, working herself toward another orgasm, he began stroking his cock.

Their eyes met, and she licked her lips before looking back down to watch his hand flying up and down his shaft. She slid down off the couch to a seated position, her legs spreading and her fingers dancing furiously over her clit.

“I’m getting so close again,” she moaned, “come closer to me. Stand right in front of me.” He did as she asked, and his cock head hung just inches from her face at this point.

” I want you to mark me, to give me your cum. I want—no, I need your cum. All over my face. Please. Please, mark me. Make me yours and only yours.”

Her encouragement drove him towards the edge; his hand was a blur, and his hips began to buck.

She knew he was close too. “Please,” she begged, “please, cum on my face!”

He couldn’t hold back. His cum erupted all over his wife’s beautiful face as he grunted and seized. The first volley hit against her cheek. Then her nose. Over her forehead. Again on her cheek. And finally, the rest just dripped onto her chin and the tops of her breasts.

But he wasn’t the only one to cum. As his first blast struck her cheek, she basked in the feeling of being marked, and it drove her over the edge too. She came again, hard—harder than usual. As his cum landed all over her face, she came and came and came.

Finally, both satiated, he backed up and collapsed back into his chair. His beautiful wife still sat in front of him, covered in his seed. She smiled at him with a look of total love and acceptance in her eyes.

“Thank you for my wonderful facial,” she said. “I do so love a mid-afternoon mess.”

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11 replies
  1. HuskyKitty says:

    Really awesome story, Mid-West Jack! My wife and I have similar home hours now as well and there have been MANY moments she has approached me at my desk with her boobs fully out and ready in my face to tease me. Even when I’m on work calls! Lol. It’s a lot of fun. We like to make spontaneous messes on each other too. Well-written story! God bless. 👍🏼

  2. Tulsa says:

    We are not really into facials, but this is a really hot story regardless!
    We are, however, into messes and mutual masturbation, and this reminds us of many fun and messy times we have had!

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