Passion Halted

Having two late-teenagers creates an interesting challenge for my wife and me to find our alone time.  The kids often have friends around, are up late, and our bedroom is also on the main floor of the house outside our great room, which can be problematic.   With all of that said, we do our best to take advantage of any window of time for intimacy. But earlier this week, our son was out of town and our daughter had an appointment about 15 miles away that was scheduled to last until 5:30 PM.  It was about 4:30 PM, and E and I both noted the opportunity.   She went to take shower to freshen up while I waited for her in the bedroom.

E came out of the master bathroom dressed in a sexy outfit that gave me plenty of quick access for exploration.  As she approached me I spun her around so I could kiss her neck while fondling her mounds.  As I kissed from her earlobes to her lips, I could feel and hear her breathing pick up its pace.
She bathed in my kisses for a while and then spun around to return the attention.  I love it when she kisses my neck and she knew it.  She quickly felt for the attention she was getting from my lower half.    She advised me that she needed better access and swiftly pulled down my cotton shorts to play with my manhood.
I let her play for a bit, then undressed her, and asked her to lie on the floor on her stomach so I could massage her feet, legs, and buttocks to relax her well-toned 49-year-old body.  I felt every muscle in her body loosen up while at the same time got a superb view of her love place reserved for me.
Reversing our positions, she flipped me on my back and asked me to prop my head up on a few pillows for the view.  Lying between my legs, she dazzled me with kisses up my shaft and caressed my shaven balls in her mouth.   She teased me with her delicate fingers, finally proceeding to put her lips around the head of my cock, tasting it like a lollipop.   As it had been a few days since I last gave her my seed, it didn’t take long for my balls to swell, signaling a potential release.
Wanting to last much longer I pulled away.  As I sat up, I saw her smiling from the visual of the pre-cum settling at the tip of my release point.  She knows she can control me when pleasuring me that way and enjoys getting me to the brink.
Appeasing my desire to slow down, I grabbed a chair and placed E in it facing me while I sat at the edge of the bed.  I had some lube and a vibrator handy, strategically placed while she was showering.   I massaged her clit, facing her as she spread her legs to rest them on the bed while slouching further in the chair.  Then I handed E the little pink toy and signaled that I wanted to watch her warm herself up and enjoy the masterpiece of a woman God selected for me.  I was mesmerized by the view of her love opening.  Her lips swelled as she moved the toy gently around the perimeter of her vagina, and my manhood stood at full attention, aching to be called to enter its rightful place.
I had intentionally left the bedroom window shade up since the afternoon daylight would prohibit anyone passing by from the street seeing our escapade.  It also provided me the opportunity to monitor the roadway should our daughter get home early.  As I took in the erotic view of my bride with one eye, out of the corner of the other, I saw my daughter’s car pull up to our driveway.
I immediately exclaimed, “She’s home early.”  Both nude, our clothes dispersed, with toys and lube abounding, we scrambled to create a presentable arrival for our daughter.  We closed the bedroom door, I jumped in the shower, and E scrambled to get dressed and pick up the evidence.  In the shower with my member at full attention, I contemplated finishing the release I was eager for, but I kept visualizing E in front of me with her legs spread and knew I had to wait so I could fill her with my love as intended.
Hours passed that day, with other commitments for each of us, but our bodies did finally cum together (pun intended) as one at bedtime—however, not in quite the erotic manner we were building towards earlier that day.  I cherish the days of our kids still being home but also get incredibly excited for the day of returned sexual freedom and spontaneity.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    We can relate to this coitus interuptus story. But we are in the empty nesters stage of our life so now it’s more like the untimely phone call from our pastor to wish me a happy birthday.

    • BALove says:

      Down to one at home now that it’s September with one at college. It’s getting easier with one but love the suggestion.

  2. King Arthur says:

    Nice Story. We've had our passion interrupted on occasion. But, now that the kids are grown and gone it is "all out"(screaming, hollering, flapping, toys, lube, the whole shebang.:) ) except that we are usually too tired from work and Saturday mornings work really well. We are rested and no worries. But, often I have yard work to do and the house and car need attention. So…we have to schedule around those things and the days of the quickie are long gone. But, sex is sex. 🙂

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