Still Tricky

It was supposed to be a quickie day. That means my wife, Melodie, will allow me to love her sexually, but she won’t be going for an orgasm. Still, my cute wife was looking so scrumptious this morning that I decided to see if we could get her wanting more. It’s hard to explain this process. I annoy her by kissing her and licking and sucking her gorgeous nipples until she slowly begins to desire more. She will get to the point where her face begins to morph, and she “youthens,” as I like to say. Then I know that we are over the hump, and she is going to get an orgasm out of our sexy play.

So I harassed Melodie’s nipples, and she protested at first, but after a bit, she allowed my lips and tongue to love on them. And she reminded me to apply our coconut oil to her ladyparts, so that meant she was still feeling healed up enough from her allergic reaction to scented fabric softener to accept my erection engine into her love tunnel. (That is why the situation is still tricky.)

I handed her the purple bullet vibe, and she clearly started getting into the oral stimulation on her nips and the buzz on her clit. We kissed some all along the way, but I still returned to her lovely, full, Scandinavian breasts each time.

Then we went into our “go-to” position; we call it X position. I was on my side, carefully entering her as she lay on her back with the vibe buzzing her pretty little clit. She warned me that she was still a little sore, so I needed to not linger too long inside her. I was able to thrust with more enthusiasm than last time, but I still took care.  As her boobs gently bounced from my pumping in her pussy, I began to come in very pleasant spurts. I quickly went in deep and held still as I felt her deepest recesses enclose me in the ultimate hug. My orgasm washed over me like a downpour. In fact, it was more like a thunderstorm with accompanying lightning.

Then I slid up, kissed her, and knelt beside her. I began to rub my tip on her nipple. She can’t help but come most of the time if I do this while she uses her vibe on her clitoris. So when I went into “Tip on Nip,” she soon came with an arched back and her husky yet excited whisper of, “I’m coming!”

She again took on that spectacular look that she must have had as a 20-year-old. (Sadly, I didn’t know her back then. I was in junior high and living far from where she went to college at the time.)

We then cuddled and touched each other, and I told her to say, “I’m beautiful.”

“I’m not beautiful,” she said.

“I won’t continue until you say, “I’m beautiful,” and I mean that YOU are beautiful.”

“You are beautiful,” she said with a snicker.  Then she added, “OK, I’m beautiful.”

“Very accurate,” I said. And then we did X position again, but I purposely came quickly so as not to irritate her ladyparts too much.

We cuddled, and I again told her how beautiful she is to me. I reminded her that I had worked in a hospital (when I was much younger) and often worked with elderly patients. Also, I mentioned that we visit relatives in a couple of different nursing homes. And never had I seen a woman her age look as smooth-skinned and lovely as her. I again made her repeat, “I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful,” and this time she did not protest.  I hope that knowing how beautiful I see her helps her accept her own beauty.  She is gorgeous on many levels! She doesn’t think so, but YES, she is physically beautiful too. I feel like I’m the most blessed man on Earth.

We talked about our plans for the day. Then before we rose to clean up, she loved on my nips as I masturbated (with her also cupping my sac)—until I came a third time! She felt too sore to go for another orgasm for herself this time, so I kissed her. As she rolled over to get out of bed, I gave her cute bottom a little slap.

“Ow! What did you do that for?” she asked.

“For saying that you are not beautiful,” I answered.

One final note. This story is talking about our planned quickie that became more.  It is not talking about permission to make love to her;  that was already established.  When your wife just doesn’t want to make love for some reason, then no means NO.  When it comes to Melodie coming or not, sometimes no means NO!  I can judge when she really isn’t wanting to go for an orgasm or two, so I won’t push it. And yet sometimes, our quickie intercourse will trigger an unexpected simultaneous orgasm that she didn’t see cumming. (Pun intended.)

Keep on loving!


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5 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks for your comment King Arthur. I always like your comments. You make a real effort to comment frequently.

  1. Grace911 says:

    I love that you're both still so horney at an "older" age. I see sooo many older couples where one can tell they rarely come together, nor continue to enjoy each other's bodies. It's an incredible gift that keeps on giving our WHOLE lives. I will NEVER (willingly) have separate bedrooms!

    • LovingMan says:

      Grace911, thanks for your comment. Neither my wife nor I even sleep well when the other is gone. We’ll never have separate bedrooms either! Sharing our bodies and souls is still a sublime ecstasy!

  2. Flying Hubby says:

    I love quickies. Sometimes I bend her over the bed and enjoy. Sometimes she’ll start it in the shower and between her hands doing magic and her wonderful kisses what results is a quickie.

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