Amazing Morning Sex-List

What a romp we just had! Some of what we did was brand new, some of it was something we’ve only done on rare occasions, and some were things we do frequently in our lovemaking sessions. Instead of writing it up in great detail… I made a list. Melodie is my kind, beautiful, smart, and sexy wife. Here is the list of what we did:

Melodie flashed cleavage last night while in her pajamas.

This morning I woke up.

I turned to her.

Her PJ top was pushed down showing some lovely cleavage.

I slid a hand under her PJ top.

She didn’t resist. (This is rare for her to allow touching this early in the morning.)

She showed me how beautiful her boobs are with the cleavage flash and she told me that she showed them to me today on purpose.

It’s nice when she appreciates her own beautiful breasts. I always appreciate them!

I lifted her PJ top for more access.

I sucked and tongued her nipples before exiting the bed.

She kept telling me, “Thank you, thank you!” as I loved on her sexy hard nipples. (Rare.)

Both of us had to get up.

Impatiently, I took the dog out.

Then I brushed my teeth in my bathroom.

Went into her bathroom.

Found her in her purple open cup teddy just finishing up brushing her teeth.

I stood behind her with us facing the mirror.

I cupped her sexy exposed breasts.

Turned her partway around.

Sucked and played with her breasts and nipples.

Also, I stroked her pussy and clit.

She was already very wet.

I sat on the closed toilet and she turned to face me.

I loved on her boobs with my hands, lips, and tongue.

Then she sat down and I stood up.

She held each boob up alternately with her hands.

I rubbed my tip on her sexy nips.

Then she took my rod in her hands and stroked it briefly.

She gave me oral by doing the following:

-Her lips stroked the top then the underside of my glans. (This was new!)

-Took my hard erection into her mouth.

-Worked her magic with her tongue.

-Pumped my shaft with her hand as her tongue caressed my tip.

-While pumping, my large erection went halfway into her small mouth.

-I began to thrust deeper but gently into her pretty mouth.

-We got a nice gentle thrust rhythm going as she bobbed her head while pumping my shaft.

-I continued to gently thrust into her mouth but did not want to go for orgasm yet.

She stood and bent over in front of the sink.

I entered her sweet pussy while standing behind her.

Loved the view of us in the mirror as we did a sort of standing doggy style.

Her ample boobs swayed with each thrust.

Pulled out to go shower and shave. But…

Couldn’t wait for a shower and shave, so I skipped it.

We both went into the bedroom.

Did sexual intercourse doggy style with me standing and her kneeling on the edge of the bed. (Lovely view!)

She moved sensually as I thrust.

I had an incredibly powerful orgasm. I got dizzy from it! (Rare nowadays.)

She lay down with me on her right side.

We kissed a lot with lots of Frenching.

She ran her tongue along my lips. (New.)

Did my lips to her nips.

Tongue to those nips.

SHE reached two fingers into her leaking pussy. (New; usually, I do this.)

She brought up our juices from her pussy. (New; usually, I do this.)

Rubbed juices on her nipples for me to lick off (New; usually, I do this.)

She spread lips with two fingers to expose clit. (New.)

I licked her clit with the tip of my tongue as she held her labia open for me with two fingers. (New.)

Did X position for a while where we lie perpendicular and she uses vibe on her clitoris as I lay on my side thrusting deep into her love tunnel.

I went to her left side and licked on both nips.

She kept vibe on her clit as I licked her nips.

She arched her back.

She said in a sexy, gasping whisper, “I’m coming!”

She had a big orgasm!

I enjoyed watching her with one eye as I:

Licked her nips lots more.

Did tip on nip with me masturbating as my tip rubbed her closest nip. I do this while kneeling beside her.

Went back to her left side.

Licked and flicked her nipples some more.

Went back to the X position.

She contracted Kegel muscles as I was thrusting.

My second nice orgasm of the morning happened.

Went to her right side and boob.

Did my lips on her nip.

She came again in another great orgasm.

I lay back down beside her.

She did lips on my nip.

I masturbated while she loved on my nip.

I had my third nice orgasm of the lovemaking session.

We cuddled together.

She gently scratched my back.

I caressed her beautiful breasts.

Got up to shower and get ready to go get haircuts.

Reflecting on this morning’s sex session or lovemaking session: Quite honestly, God answered my prayers by giving me this kind, smart, beautiful, and sexy wife. Today was an extreme example of her sexiness. We both have multiple health problems and are both on multiple medications (with their many side effects). Sometimes we change what we are doing in a sex session due to pain, or discomfort, or breathing problems, or even temporary loss of erection. But we have learned to be kind and patient with each other. (We are happy to still have a very active sex life together!)

I think that when I finally die, that if I complain to the Lord about our multiple health challenges that He will remind me that I got to be married to Melodie. And an awesome marriage with a kind, beautiful, smart, and sexy wife makes up for a lot of mortal trials. Then he’ll tell me to quit my complaining and be grateful!

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6 replies
  1. texasman76 says:

    Very HOT story! So well written. I awoke with a nice hardon this morning and went to work. Reading this story got me so horny and hard! Loved how she spread your juices on her nipple and how you both loved on each other. Awesome having three orgasms. Thanks for sharing such a hot story to get us so horny. I am going to have to edge a while to this thinking about doing it with my wife.

    • LovingMan says:

      Texasman76… I hope my story related how good married sex can be and that contrary to the messages from many movies and books… the greatest sex is had not outside of marriage… but it is had between married spouses who love each other both as dearest of friends and as very sexy lovers.

  2. Gbledsoe3 says:

    @LovingMan: I do enjoy your stories. They are not overly graphic with excessive use of slang words but well written expressing the love between you and your wife. I'm to understand you are older 50+ as am I (approaching 60). In many of your stories you share your ability to have multiple orgasms within a single lovemaking session. I'm curious about your 'recovery' time between them. I know as I get older, it's getting to be an hour or more, sometimes nearly a day unless considerable effort is made.

    • LovingMan says:

      Gbledsoe. Thank you for your comments. I am also approaching 60 but my wife is approaching 70. (But you’d never know it to look at her.). (At least that’s MY opinion). I feel that since we don’t use overly graphic language when we have sex, I don’t usually use it in my stories. I suppose that makes my stories boring to some readers… but I think my stories are plenty graphic and like you said they DO express the love Melodie & I share. Most of my stories come from journal entries. About the multiple orgasms… I guess I’m just one of the rare men with a shorter refractory period. In a lovemaking session I can usually have two orgasms anywhere between 5 & 20 minutes apart. When I was younger it was more like five or more orgasms in a session. Now a third orgasm usually takes considerably more effort. You may think this is odd but I consider being a multi-orgasmic man part of my blessings to make up for the terrible health challenges I’ve had for most of my life. I have only mentioned a few of my health problems on MH. There are a lot more. & my wife has had more than her share too. But having each other is a blessing that has made up for a lot of suffering.

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