London Surprise (L)

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Several years ago, I traveled to London on a business trip; it would be my first time in the city. The office booked a room at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, which has an unusual roundish shape to it. It has another unique feature: a narrow atrium situated such that, when you step off the elevators in the center of the hotel, it frames a view of Big Ben. I found it cool.

My suite had a large window facing the atrium with a wide bench in front it where I could set my suitcase at waist height. As I was arranging my luggage, I noticed the vantage into the rooms across the atrium not more than 30 feet away. Not thinking much about it at the time, I went to dinner with my colleague.

Arriving back at my room at about 11:00 PM, I went in and tried to turn on the light next to my bed, then realized I had to put my room key in a slot near the door; otherwise, the power to the room remains turned off. As I was retrieving the keycard from my jacket lying on my luggage, I noticed how many people left their heavy curtains open and the lights on. Some kept the sheers drawn, but others had both sets pulled back. There were folks going about their usual activities, and I was amazed at how unfazed they were. Must be a European thing, I thought.

On a floor below mine and right across from me a light came on. A couple entered the room and began to undress. The man helped the woman with her boots, and then he proceeded to strip down. I could not believe it. He headed for the bathroom while she stripped to her high-waist thong and bra. While she waited, she stood next to the window on her iPhone with her cute rear end facing the window. Shortly thereafter, the male came out of the bathroom completely naked, and his mate went in. Now, he stood by the window looking out and checking his iPhone. His cock was flaccid but long—must be a shower, not a grower.

I thought to myself, You have to be kidding. I have heard of stories like this, but could not believe I was living one.

After a while, the lady came into the room completely naked.  She walked over to the man, and they began to kiss passionately in front of the window with both curtains open and the lights on. You could tell he was getting excited as his manhood stood erect by now. After a while, she walked over to the end of the bed and crawled onto the edge. He came up behind her, his hard cock sticking straight out, and started fucking her doggie style.  They were the perfect body build so that his cock was at the right height for her pussy. As they got into the rhythm, her wonderful, large breasts began to swinging in rhythm. The couple did not stay in that position long before they moved to the window sill and continued in the doggie position. She leaned over with her hands on the window, and he pounded away.

About this time, my wife called and said, “Hey honey, how is it going?”  I told her she would not believe me if I told her, but I was watching a couple not more than 30 feet away from my window fucking, with them facing outwards.  She thought I was kidding, and I told her it was for real.

Then she said, “What are you doing?”  When I hesitated, she asked, “Is your cock hard?”

I said, “What do you think?”

What she said next shocked me. “Then beat yourself off for me, and I want to hear you cum. Also, tell me exactly what you are seeing.” This caught me by surprise, as this is not her personality. I mean, we have had phone sex while I was on the road, but for her to suggest this seemed out of character for her.

By this time, the couple had turned sideways, and I could see his long, hard cock lustily thrusting into her. He grabbed her hair, and she arched her back as he tilted his head rearward. I imagined he was cumming inside of her. I described the scene to my wife, telling her I wished it was us doing this as I came hard. My wife enjoyed hearing me described the scene and telling me to cum for her.

A year later, my wife and I were traveling to a conference that entailed a hobby of ours. We both looked forward to hotel sex, but I doubted it would be anything risqué since she is “conservative” when it comes to sex. You know the type—lights off, in bed, and curtains drawn.   Our evening after the conference was spent in the bar, talking to our friends from around the country and enjoying the wine. Finally came the time to call it a night, and we headed to our room. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Normally, I am the one initiating sex, but not tonight. We bathed and hopped into bed, kissing and fondling each other. Out of nowhere, my wife told me she wanted me to sit in the high-winged chair by the window. She climbed on my lap and kissed me passionately, then climbed up the wings on the chair, and I started licking her sweet pussy. She reached over, opened the curtains, and said, “Is this what you want?”  There she was, completely naked, high up on the chair with her breast exposed as I ate her pussy. I was in heaven. 

After a few minutes, I pushed her onto the floor in front of the window and slid into her wet pussy doggie-style. It was the most sexual I have seen my wife. She turned her head towards me and said with the most lusting voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can; fuck me.”  Not long after, I could feel her pussy squeeze down on my cock as she came, and I filled her up with my cum.  It turned out, the window had a leaking seal and had fogged up.

While in our post-sex glow I asked her, “What changed?” 

She said, “London!”

Ever since, I have been pressing her conservative boundaries, and each time, she becomes a little more risqué.  Now we like hotel windows.  We don’t want to get caught, but just the chance that we might makes it exciting.


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9 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Hot hot hot! Watching another couple will definitely get you motivated!!

    We have never caught any couples through any hotel windows. Not something we would do ourselves either.

    We did watch a couple by a pool one night. We were on the patio by our room, and although the lights were dim around the pool, they weren't all off. Quite acrobatic that couple, with some stand up sex! Among other things! We sat in the dark, having a cocktail, until we decided to try our own acrobatics! We, were in the dark!

  2. SexyBeasty says:

    Experiences like this in a hotel are so fun when they happen. If I can hear the next room banging, it’s impossible not to get into the mood and get competitive! I swear I was next to a room filming a video at one time! Had me hard in no time!

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