In the Auto

My mouth felt dry as we drove along the sunny coastal highway in the sweltering heat. Greg sat in the passenger seat as I wheeled about the twists and turns. We both were admiring the beauty of the sea and the occasional swaths of sandy beach in between rocky cliffs. Eventually, we approached an active area with people walking and beautiful houses visible on the hilltop.

“I’m thirsty,” I told Greg.

“Okay. Pullover, and I’ll get us something to cool down,” he answered.

Turning into a parking lot, I switched off the engine, and Greg ran off to get us some soft drinks. While I waited for him, I looked over at the semi-nude sunbathers on the sand and felt a tingle between my pussy lips. It wasn’t long before I felt the seat moisten. As usual, I had on no undies, so I dipped a couple of fingers between my legs and tasted myself. I couldn’t wait for Greg to return.

Greg came back, and we opened the drinks and started sipping through straws. Somehow, the bottles got swapped; as Greg took a sip, he tasted some of my juice on the straw where I had held it. “Strange question, babe: are you wet?” he asked.

“Of course,” I whispered. “It’s those nudies down there reminding me of my early days.” Greg laughed, and as I turned to face him, I noticed his bulge almost protruding out of his shorts.

“These drinks have quenched my thirst, but there’s another drink that will glide nicely down my throat,” I half-laughed.

Instead, Greg’s hand met my wet cunt and groped to find my clit. I started shifting around, feeling horny as ever, and my oozing gave Greg lubrication to dig further.

“I’m gonna cum! Please, don’t stop! OH, oh… Aaahhhh,” as I shuddered with ecstasy. I leaned sideways and whipped out Greg’s cock. After only two massive sucks, he shot his load down my throat. I sucked him clean since we had nothing to use to wipe off. Fortunately, the car had tinted windows; nobody took note as both of us reclined the seats and relaxed a while before we came to our senses!

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  1. SamtheMan says:

    You are one blessed man! I just wish my wife would take me in her mouth. I give her oral approx twice a week and she loves it as do I. I just wish it was reciprocated.

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