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Peaked Desire (L) ~ Ignite Story

It was a hot summer’s day shortly after Mr. Ridley and I got married. Back then, I used to buy new lingerie almost every week and then coordinate my outfit to allow easy access. After a shower, I would spray on his favorite summer scent. He used to tell me how much just my smell would send him over the edge. He would message me on our nights apart, telling me how hard he was because of the smell of me on his sheets.

That morning, like most, I kissed him goodbye before we each left for work—but this time, I wore his perfume to work. I had never done that before, having saved it to wear only wear for him. But today, I decided to wear it to complement my corporate business outfit with a tight bodice that made my tits almost bulge out of the top of my dress.

As I soaped my body in the shower that evening, I reminisced about the moment when I said goodbye and left for the office. I kissed him ever so tenderly in the garage, pressing him against his workshop bench and wishing I was on top of him on it. We found it hard to resist each other at the best of times, but he kissed me back hard, then complimented me on how hot I looked that morning whilst slipping his hand up the front of my dress.

My wet desire greeted his searching fingertips. I could feel the erection under his thick work pants pressing against me as he held me close. He said he wanted to fuck me there and then, but I had a 9 o’clock meeting and had to go. Our fucking sessions sometimes stretched hours, as we loved to tease each other and make every moment and feeling last, but I had no time for it this morning. I left with a wet pussy and a strong desire to turn around and have my way with him on that bench.

Before I got too far, he sent a text, telling me again how hot I looked and that he was licking me off his fingers. That thought and the morning’s goodbye remained with me the whole day and made me so fucking horny.  A few times during the day, as I walked, I could feel my wetness leak and my clit enlarge at the memory of our encounter. I could not wait to finish work and be with him again. I sent a text telling him how the morning affected me all day, leaving me with a swollen clit and saturated panties.

He replied immediately. “Which panties, baby?!! I need to see them!!”

I waited for a moment with no one around before grabbing my phone and lifting my dress under the desk. Then, I spread my legs to expose my sexy undies and sent him a pic, teasing him by slipping my fingers into the top.

He texted me back, “Hurry home to me.”

I had a parcel to collect on my way home, and I had to get it before seeing him again. I sent a text telling him I had to go to the post office but would be home shortly afterward.

He replied, “Make sure you wear it for me!!!”

My husband knew my penchant for ordering new and very revealing lingerie. I loved impressing him with them, modeling my purchases around the house. I would go out of my way to look enticing, and many times, I would strip down when he was mowing and lay out by the pool. Sometimes, he would be so built up that his cock would not even make it inside of me before he would cum. Thankfully, our long, passionate sessions gave him plenty of time to recover. Would this be one of those times?

As I continued bathing, I guessed at what had arrived in my parcel and wondered what I would wear with it. I jumped out of the shower, fresh and already looking forward to getting dirty again. Then I tore open the tiny parcel. Inside I found a silk drawstring bag, and inside it was a skimpy thong in the hottest of pinks. I immediately put it on and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Then, I slipped into a short denim skirt and an almost-see-through white tank top that made it clear I hadn’t bought the matching bra! The soft, sheer fabric felt amazing on my skin. This tank had wide-cut armholes that exposed the sides of my perky tits that sat high at the top of my chest. My husband always loves the view of sideboob. With a quick spritz of his scent, I was ready!! 

Thoughts of that hard cock I felt in his pants that morning, begging to be let out,  preoccupied me. I imagined it driving deep into my wetness. My mind then wandered to what he would think of me in my so-called outfit and to our desire to finish what I started that morning.  I’d greet him with my tits pouncing out of my low cut top; my nipples were diamond-like, demonstrating how hot and extremely horny for him I felt, as always. As I descended to the main floor, they grew more and more erect, and I was getting wetter. Without a doubt, he would see my nipples through the thin material of my top, and that was my intention—to drive him wild visually.

My sweet spot was leaking, but all I could do was hope he noticed. I wanted our passion to take over, with him undressing me as we stumbled up the stairs. Butterflies hit my stomach, my heart lodged in my throat,  and my clit tingled in anticipation of the moment he first laid eyes on me. I looked down to see my nipples, like peaks of mountains, sticking out through the fabric. 

Mr. Ridley greeted me at the stairs with his come-to-bed eyes and suave persona. He said, “WOW, babe! Come with me.” I thought that strange, but it excited me even more. He took me by my hand and led me down the hall toward the living room—hopefully, to throw me down and ravage me.

Instead, I found to my surprise that a friend of his had arrived, and there to greet him were the points of my gigantic, erect nipples. He greeted me with a hug and kiss, then I excused myself immediately and scurried to the downstairs bathroom, fumbling around in hope I had left a bra there. I could overhear their conversation; his friend said, “My god, mate, you have won the lottery.”

“She is a package, right?!” Mr. Ridley replied. “You have no idea!! The sex, the connection, our chemistry, and the adventurous side of her amaze me!” Then he repeated, “And the sex!!!!”

“She is a blonde, blue-eyed bombshell, that’s for sure.”

Despite the friend’s presence putting me off course, listening to them talk about me made me want him more. Oh, where was a bra?! Or a packet of bandaids or something, anything that could tame these babies down. I could not hide in here being rude and listening to them; it got me hornier and wetter by the second. Hearing Mr. Ridley’s comments to his friend endeared him to me, but it wasn’t helping. I had to bite the bullet and just head back out. My god, how embarrassing.

I emerged from the bathroom, and Mr. Ridley said, “Here’s my girl!” He grabbed me around my waist and pulled me close in front of his friend, hardening instantly as he embraced me tightly. I wanted what was under his shorts so badly.

The situation was awkward but hot, too. At least he covered up my nipples from his friend’s view—briefly. I just hoped the man could not see my pink areolas and massive peaks through my shirt. I broke his embrace and turned around as Mr. Ridley asked his visitor if he would like to stay for a drink with us? Aaaand, of course, he accepted. All I wanted to do was get out of the situation and get down on my man because drinking would make me even hornier than usual, and I didn’t need any more wardrobe malfunctions.

Mr. Ridley told his friend, “We will organise the drinks.” He took me by my hand and led me to the kitchen. He said, “Candy, look at those nipples! They are going to be saturated in my love for you later.”

I told him that I would go upstairs and change because I didn’t expect him to have company. He replied, “You can’t leave now!!!” whilst nibbling on my nipples through my sheer shirt, making them stand further on end. He grabbed me and lifted me onto the stainless steel kitchen bench, and I sat there while he prepared our drinks. I wanted him right there, and my juices were ready to welcome him then, but we had a guest.

I got down, and Mr. Ridley noticed some wetness on the bench. “Did I spill that?” he asked, then put his finger in it and said, “It’s you!” He lifted some of the liquid to his nose and confirmed his suspicion. “It is you; it even smells like vanilla,” he said and popped his finger into his mouth to make sure. “And it tastes like you, too.” He ran his hands up my skirt and discovered my excitement and suspense about the situation. He said, “Oh, baby, let me take care of you now. You’re so wet.”

I said, “I need to go, or you need to get rid of him.”

Mr. Ridley said, “I know. But you have no reason to escape, nor should you be self-conscious about your nipples or tits—they are stunning!!! It’s hot to me, knowing he thinks you’re gorgeous. Just drink your drink and relax, babe.”

We moved outside to sit by the pool, and the breeze felt great against my tits. I found it hard to stay calm and involved in the conversation when I felt so self-conscious, horny, wet, frustrated, and sexually aroused, all at once. Two glasses of Champagne made me loosen up but not in a good way. Every time Mr. Ridley’s friend would leave for a top-up, Mr. Ridley would find a way to tease me or text me or both. He ran his finger up the side of my torso to my shirt’s underarm opening and cupped my sideboob. This sent a gush between my legs that I could feel dripping down my thighs and below the shaggy hem on my skirt.

His friend returned, and Mr. Ridley sat down across from me. Soon, my phone vibrated, and the text read, “Open your legs a little bit more, babe, so that I can see my surprise from here.”

My messages to him grew more abrupt. “I can’t. My legs are stuck to the bench with my juices because you keep turning the conversation to sex. And that’s all I have wanted all day—you!! And what I can see growing under your shorts.”

I could see Mr. Ridley’s cock trying to peek out the edge of his shorts, and if things kept going the way they were, he would not be able to hide it for long. It called to me, and the sight of him continually adjusting himself sent me through the roof with desire. I wanted to wrap my mouth around it and take him.

The next time his buddy left for a refill, I walked over to Mr. Ridley and straddled his lap. I started dry-humping him and sticking my tongue in and out of his mouth. His hand moved up the back of my hip, exposing my ass cheeks as my skirt rode up. Our body friction was intense, and experience told me that too much of this could bring us both to dressed orgasm. I didn’t want that just yet; I wanted his friend to walk in on us, get the hint, and leave. Teasing and drawing things out for hours was our thing, but I was getting impatient—or was that Mr. Ridley’s plan all along?

Our guest returned with another drink. He said, “Oh, guys, don’t let me stop you.”

My exposed ass was almost covered by Mr. Ridley’s hands that guided me up and down on his lap, but I leaped off of him and headed for the bathroom to clean up my hot mess. While I was there, I sent him another text. “I’m fearful that if he does not leave soon, I’ll invite him to join us. Jk, Lol! In all seriousness, get rid of him!! Then come and get me.”

He went silent; nothing came back. I waited and waited for the three dots on my screen to indicate he was typing. Then I heard the gate close. I came back out to find Mr. Ridley alone. As suspected, he could not hide his erection from when I was grinding myself on him.

“Alone at last,” I said as I returned.

Mr. Ridley was finally ready for me. He said, “Get over here and finish what you started.” As came and I stood in front of him, he said, “I could see your nipples and amazing tits straight through your shirt when you came down, and I wanted to feast on them. Then the afternoon sun hit them and made a dance party under your shirt, and my dick pounced to attention. You drove me wild from that moment. I love your nipples with no bra, and that side cleavage is especially hot!” He put his head forward and ran his tongue along the crease where my arm met my breast. “Your such a visual cocktease, baby.”

My plan had worked! Maybe not as I had planned originally, due to interruptions, but now I was ready for my encore performance. The heat of his tongue on the side of my breast sent my juice spilling into my g-string and made my nipples extra-pointy and sensitive.

“I want to fuck you with that t-shirt on,” Mr. Ridley said, “but first, we need to cool down. I don’t want to cum straight away because of all the build-up. Jump in the pool, clothes and all, Candy.”

I explained how horny I was. He lifted my little skirt to expose his surprise, what there was of it, and found the tiny hot pink g-string barely big enough to cover my enlarged clit. “WOW, that’s hot!” he exclaimed. I need to see more.” Only, there was nothing more to see. He unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor, and as I stepped out of it, he took me by the hand and led me to the edge of the pool. With each step, I could feel the juices gliding between my legs.

Mr. Ridley jumped into the pool and returned to me at the edge. He asked me to sit down, and when I had, he spread my legs and explored his surprise, pushing my saturated g-string to one side before he realised it was crotchless. His tongue immediately drew down to my oversized and over-teased clit and wetness, then separated my lips and went back for another taste. Mr. Ridley loved the vanilla taste of me; I use plenty of my secret potion down there so that I always smell and taste delicious to him. He let me know he was pleased with what he found, moaning on my hairless mound before he lowered me into the water and onto the steps.

The cool water lapping on my large, perky tits got Mr. Ridley going again, which is never hard to do. He could see everything as my wet shirt clung to them. He paid them plenty of attention, his already engorged cock danced under that water in his shorts. I reached down and grabbed his shorts where it peeked out of the top, begging to be released into the wild.

Mr. Ridley stepped up one stair, bringing the head of his cock to meet my mouth. I licked the tip sticking out of his low waistband and sucked off the coating of dripping pre-cum. I thought the swim was supposed to cool things down; instead, the events of the day had us ramped up. I stood to strip him down to get a better view of his very sexy, thick member, but he pushed me back toward the steps as he pulled down my lowcut top to feast on the tits that had teased him all afternoon. He moaned and groaned, licking them and swirling his tongue around the ripeness of my peaks. I could feel his cock twitching against my entrance in the water.

I reached down between my legs, grabbed Mr. Ridley’s erection through his shorts, and found it had grown even more in the last few minutes. Things were progressing now as he pressed against the hand I inserted into his shorts. His excitement made his dick spasm, and he moaned as I ran my palm over the head. His breathing changed as his hand moved up the inside of my leg to reach the slipperiness caused by the hours of preliminaries. (I thought it would have been washed away, but no!)

As he felt my sweetness, he said, “Oh, baby, you have to feel this. You are excited!” He took my other hand, put it between my legs, and guided my fingers through the slippery mess and into my tightness. I was excited, alright, and ready to take all of him. He kissed my neck and whispered into my ear, “Let’s take this to the lounge.”

We left the pool area, quickly drying off. As I rubbed the towel down my legs, I raised my ass towards Mr. Ridley before proceeding towards the house. Not bothering with the light, he took off my t-shirt and lay down on the lounge, pulling me on top of him. Before I knew it, my hips were thrusting against him, his cock so close to my opening. We love foreplay, dry-humping, and head! They are his way of making me work for it.

“Bring your wetness to me,” Mr. Ridley said. “I want to eat you out.” I straddled his face as he screwed me with his tongue. I then turned myself around on him and headed down to give him attention, putting us in the 69 position on the lounge. I started caressing his cock with my mouth, and he muffled a moan as I buried him deep in my throat.

My husband’s groan encouraged me to suck and suck some more. I used two hands to cover his length, circling and working his head with my palm. I loved giving him head; with every stroke of his cock, I could feel my insides contracting and wanting to wrap themselves around him and squeeze the cum out of him. He inserted his fingers and pressed. He knew it would hit the spot and maybe make me cum, but I wasn’t ready for either. I could do this for hours, but this kind of play often got him to the point of no return, and I needed him deep inside me tonight. I decided to escalate the action.

Raising my bum until my pussy hovered over Mr. Ridley’s face, I moved down to ride him reverse cowgirl. He spun around to the sitting position so that I could plant my feet on the floor to use them as leverage. He entered my vagina, my tight walls surrounding his cock. I moaned and panted as I worked him over, pumping up and down and swaying my hips in sharp, seductive bursts.

Mr. Ridley used my tits as handles and squeezed my erect nipples firmly to bring me to orgasm. I could feel his large cock so deep in me and rising ever more to the occasion. He then flicked me off and kissed me whilst we fumbled in the darkness. I had his cock in my hand as we danced all over the house. Mr. Ridley picked me up in his arms and pinned me against the wall before he drove his cock in me and started pounding my insides again.

“I don’t want to wait,” I told him.

“Don’t hold out any longer; I want you to cum.” he said, almost breathless. “Cum on me. I want you to cum, over and over.” As the words left his lips, he embraced me tightly, kissed me, and drove in deeper. He was panting loudly, and the sounds of sloppy wet, passion-filled sex echoed in the room and brought me closer to ecstasy. “You’re so tight, baby,” he groaned.

A moan escaped my lips. On the edge of my orgasm, I didn’t want him to stop to change positions as he does to make himself last longer. Every time he went in deeper and deeper, I whimpered. It was amazing. “I’m going to explode!!!!” I cried. “Keep pumping me. Don’t stop. Baaabbeeeeeee!” I creamed his cock as my orgasm took me over.

Mr. Ridley exited me, and I knelt. As I dripped onto the floor, I went to take all of him in my mouth because he loves it. But he said, “No, baby, no. I don’t want to cum.” How could he not?!

I grabbed that dick and worked it over, anyway. Mr. Ridley pressed against me and held my hair, pushing me back towards the wall. I could feel him start to twitch in my mouth.

He raised me to my feet, then sat on the bed. “Get on,” he said. “Let’s finish this. Cum more, baby; cum all over me.”

I intended to, but I wanted my man to cum. I took my position on top as he leaned back on the bed, allowing me to grind up and down on his shaft. He was losing control, and that made me cum again, my feelings escaping my mouth. He went still suddenly, and I knew he was close, so I kept going. My muscles tightened. Another wave was coming, and I released it all over him again, the wetness sounds returning.

Mr. Ridley fondled my tits, sucking on them while I rode him home.  He nibbled and caressed them both, swinging from one to the other, and bit down on them gently to send me into yet another orgasm. My moans in his ear turned him on, and I concentrated on pulling him up and down with my vagina, trying to squeeze the cum out of him.

Finally, he surrendered to me, filling me full of his love juice as promised. Letting out a mighty roar, he released his seed into me as I continued to pump him. He rolled me over and kept going, pinning me to the bed and pumping in and out of me, harder and harder. His cock didn’t soften at all.

The combination of my wetness and his juices leaking out excited me. Every time he rammed into me, I could feel yet another orgasmic edge approaching. He fondled my clit with his thumb, and the intense friction and its sensitivity had me darting all over the bed, which drove him wild.  He buried deep into me again, and I felt his cock expand inside, which put me over the edge of another orgasm. My muscles contracted around him, and his cock twitched; I knew we were going to cum together. I panted in his ear as he pumped, and he yelled, “Fffaaaaarrrrrk!!!” as he released another round of himself into me.

He kept going. I felt exhausted but deserved to be pounded. He kissed me as he pulled out of my pussy before inserting his fingers and caressing my gigantic clit that stood up like his erection. His mouth moved from my lips back to my tits, then down to my navel, finally flicking my clit, his tongue alternating with his thumb.

I squirmed all over the place. He just wanted me to pop; more and more of his fingers went into me, twisting up and down. His other hand pressed firmly on my pelvic bone. Everything throbbed as he parted my legs further and inserted another finger. I had lost count how many I had in me. I just knew it was a fantastic feeling I had never felt before. The heat between my legs built until I felt like I was going to wet myself.

I said, “Stop, stop! I’m going to pee.”

“No, baby,” he assured me, “you’re going to squirt.” He added more pressure inside and concentrated on making me lose control.

I could not let him do this—it felt uncomfortable but sensual all at the same time. The thought did not have a chance to escape me before I popped. I felt a gush as a watery substance spurted from me and imploded in his hand, sending me into an orgasm of ecstasy, screaming and wondering what had happened and why it felt so fucking good. I was out of breath, my insides were swollen and tender, and my clit felt as big as a beach ball. I had all sorts of moisture leaking from me; the bed was saturated, and so was I. Mr. Ridley had given me the ride of my life and reset the bar for next time.

He found the energy to speak. “That was ecstasy Disneyland, baby! Are you ready for me again?”

When I told him not yet, he lifted me from the bed and ran us a shower. We both just stood there, locked in our embrace. Then we returned to the bedroom after he dried me off. Mr. Ridley laid me on the bed and took in the view.

I described how my vag was pulsing and juices still escaping from me as he held me closer and cuddled me tight. “I don’t care if you leak on me,” he said. I could feel his cock pulsing and growing firm again. He added, “I know you’re tired, but you have me all worked up and horny again, baby. Recover, and in the morning, my cock will punish you for what you did to me all day today.”

After what we had just experienced, I hoped that was a promise. Stay tuned!!!!

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5 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Fantastic! Scorching hot story! I loved it as my now wet pussy can verify. Desire for ones spouse can be a very strong and sometimes unbearable feeling. Thank you for sharing and keep the stories cumming. God bless and stay horny darlin!

  2. Spotsy05 says:

    Amazingly hot, Tango. Your stories are fantastic. Any chance you’ll share your “secret potion” with us? I love the taste of my wife and can hardly imaging improving on it, but I think that’s the kind of thing she’d love as a surprise.

  3. Tango69 says:

    Thanks guys another cumming your way.

    Just need to title it. Thanks for the feedback. I try to include as much detail to capture the entire essence of our sessions.

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