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🔊 Our New Year Bang

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was New Year’s Eve, and what a year it had been for everyone in 2020. Global pandemic had people confined to their homes. Some relationships sadly failed while others took advantage of the situation to show appreciation of the time they got to spend with their spouse. I personally enjoyed […]

🔊 Supercharged Cylinders (L)

This story contains brief strong language (L). You can read more about annotation in the guidelines. 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Mr. Ridley and I share a common passion for great sex, each other, and things that go fast. We fell in love and between the sheets fast—we love passionate long-lasting sex—and more often than not, […]

Sex Across the Threshold (L) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L). Sexual tension and desire have always been intense between my new husband, “Mr. Ridley,” and I; our relationship is filled with passion and fun. Married sex brought new experiences and exciting encounters, growing from extraordinary to astonishing almost overnight. A few days after we were married, and before our […]

Heat in the Hotel Room

Mr. Ridley thought he had the whole weekend planned for us, but I had plans of my own and it meant not seeing much of anything else but what was between our legs. I had always wanted to stay at a hotel with a fireplace where it is freezing outside. The drive there was intoxicating; all […]