Bang Into the New Year: A Sequel (L) ~ Ignite Story

This story is a sequel to Our New Year Bang. It contains strong language (L).
Annotations like this are explained in the guidelines.

We left the party, almost running for the gate, and headed home. We shared a pretty hot conversation as we strolled. Mr. Ridley held my hand as we walked and talked, and the things he said he wanted to do to me had my heart pumping and my clit pulsating to be touched. I replied to Mr. Ridley’s statements by telling him how I would respond to him. I said I wanted to be fingered while I sucked his cock, and how I wanted to be fucked all night in every way possible, even after midnight. This talk was sending our imagination and desire into overdrive.

Mr. Ridley grabbed my hand and placed it on the outside of his pants. What I felt under the fabric sent a thrilling shock through me. “Oh my god, you’re rock hard again.” He moaned as my fingers closed firmly around his cock.

Our slow walk turned into a passionate make-out session in a dimly lit alley/walkway. Mr. Ridley told me he wanted me on every inch of his body. Of course, I wanted to accommodate his request, so we kissed and kissed as we stood in the middle of the path, groping and feeling each other up. The incredible intensity of our desire for one another kept us locked in the moment, our connection unbreakable. My heart raced; I was so excited for what was coming, and so was my pussy. To finally be alone, our hands exploring each other, felt sexy, hot… and kind of intimidating.

Mr. Ridley was getting more frisky with me, rough but sensual at once. His hands hurriedly gathered my dress up to access my pleasure alley., which welcomed him with its sweet, leaking, I’m-begging-to-be-fucked desire. Once his fingers were coated, he forcefully drove them into me with sharp, firm thrusts.  His pants could hardly contain his excitement, and my hands groped at his extra hard and extremely impatient rock-hard desire as they travelled all over the outside of his pants. We kissed as he fucked me with his fingers, both of us groaning as he entered me each time. Before long, he said,

“Let me fuck you here.” His words immediately sent me flooding his hands with my excitement. I begged him to take me home to bed!!! He said, “Just a little longer, baby. This is fun.” He was right. I just wanted to be fucked; it didn’t matter where. Our connection and passion had us dancing all over the path, still trying to make our way home without losing contact.

Finally, I was able to get my hands in his pants to jerk him off. He was drenched in the desire to be pleasured; my hands slid up and down his shaft as if wrapped in silk. When someone unexpectedly walked past, we kept going; it didn’t bother us. Actually, it was really hot and turned things up for us. The poor guy must not have known where to look, lol. Mr. Ridley and I continued, regardless.

After a few more tantalising minutes, Mr. Ridley said, “Come on, I want to cum. Oh, fuck, you’re so wet. Let me in?”

I wanted to, believe me!!! His finger-fucked turned me on massively, but I wanted his tool up in my tight business. I pulled him in by his cock towards my pussy with my hand so that the head rested on my pussy.

Mr. Ridley said, “Oh, yeah! Fuck, are you sure?”

I was sure!!!! I didn’t answer, just moaned my way through as my pussy encased his cock. I just wished I was home to fuck him all night and continue with our plans.

Mr. Ridley said, “I’m going to be quick. Oh, shit—fuck, babe—ohhhh, yeah-eh-eh. Oh, fuck…” He was ready to blow.

I said, “Not here; let’s go!!!”

He begged me, “Please, come on… Oh, babe, that’s it. Yeah. Fuck, I’m so close. Oh-eh-eh…” Then Mr. Ridley slowed down and said, “Okay, let’s go home.” He exited me and took me by the hand, and we ran the rest of the way.

When we got to the house, we headed straight to the spa. Mr. Ridley stepped up behind me, and his hands stroked down my shoulders, arms, and back as we reignited. Remembering aloud the alley and the night we had already had, he proceeded to unzip me slowly, and soon my dress fell to the floor.

Mr. Ridley pressed his hand in the middle of my back and bent me over the spa. His fingers then resumed their position inside me, but this time twisting and turning as he screwed me with them, driving them in and out. Finally, his cock entered my wetness, and he slowly began to fuck me as his fingers danced over my swollen clit. My round, perky tits rubbed on the fibreglass with every push, turning me on. I could feel every inch of him, every ripple of his cock slowly caressing my insides. My bald pussy and clit enjoyed the attention of his cock and swirling fingers as his lips perused the back of my neck. It was a pace change from before, but an erotic one; he would almost totally withdraw before slowly entering me again.

I started to moan quietly, in heaven from the pleasure. Mr. Ridley was enjoying himself too; he was panting in my ear with every slow push. (That was so hot.) I could feel every amazing detail. What a beautiful way to welcome him home—buried deep within me. We had so much lost time to make up, so we turned things down for a little while to enjoy every bit of each other. This continued for what felt like ages. Eventually, though, I had to have more of him; I wanted his lips and tongue. I arched my back, and he entered me one last time before I turned around to face him.

We stood there kissing; it was so lovely. Mr. Ridley made his way down my neck before he was drawn back to my pussy. (I may have been pressing it against him, wanting more, as his cock stood up and rested on it. 😉) He lifted me to the edge of the spa and laid me back. Inserting his swollen cock, he resumed pleasuring my insides, bringing me to the edge of an orgasm. His hands played with my tits, and as I arched them towards him, he started to feast on my girls. Rubbing against the spa for so long had made my nipples exquisitely sensitive, and his lips and teeth on them nearly undid me. I could feel my orgasm approaching, and I rolled my body up to meet his as his fingers worked at my clit.

I could feel the approaching burn that usually precedes a squirt. Though I had no time to warn Mr. Ridley, he knew what was coming. He could feel it, and his sexy moan increased a decibel. “Cum, baby,” he said as he frantically rubbed my clit with one hand as he softly and seductively penetrated the ribbing of my inner walls. Mr. Ridley had me squirming with pleasure as my body started to convulse. I propped up on my elbows and looked at him. “Here it comes—oh, god, ohhhh… oh, please… Yes! Ohhhhh…” and I began to squirt.

Mr. Ridley kept rubbing vigorously and telling me, “That’s the girl. Oh, my god. Fuck, yeah, cum baby. Fuuuuccccckkk, that’s so hot.” I released everything that had been building up for almost a week, and he kept going until it was too hard to maintain connection and traction.

I reached up and kissed him, then proceeded to stroke his cock, trying to get him to my level of ecstasy. He really enjoyed my hands rolling up and down his thick, erect shaft, and twisting them in opposite directions sent him into a raging state. The sounds coming out of my man amplified; he was slippery, hard, and holding back from cumming. As I reached the head of his cock before going back down, he twitched with pleasure, and his soft grunts and moans were such a turn-on.  As I kept working him over, my lips locked with his.

This went on for ages while some next-level seductive talk came out of my man. I could tell he wanted to cum but wanted to hang on! Mr. Ridley kissed me with amazing passion; with his hand behind my neck lifting me closer, he feasted on my mouth as I pumped him. Then, grabbing my ass, he slid me towards him into the wetness I created. He began to finger fuck me again—Oh my, so intense! Our arms, laced through each other’s, reached to give pleasure. One by one, he inserted more fingers into me, paying careful attention to slowly roll his thumb over my swollen clit protruding between the lips of my pussy. The result electrified me!

Mr. Ridley warned me that if I kept going, he was going to cum. I wanted that too, but also wanted to keep the pleasure up until he ached to be buried deep within me again. He climbed Pleasure Mountain, looking deep into my eyes. Breathlessly, he said, “I can’t hold on much longer. Stop, or I’m going to cum all over you again.”

I kept going, knowing I wanted it both ways. I wanted to be fucked, but I loved having him surrendered to my touch. Mr. Ridley was so hot for it; his cock leaked, and his abs started to twitch and contract.

“Oh god… Shit, babe—ohhhh! Fuck, you need to stop. Stop! Ohhhh, fuck, please stop.” He pushed me down onto the side of the spa, laying me on my back again before kissing me from my thighs up, stopping briefly to lick me out for a few minutes before crawling on top on top of me. He put one leg in the spa and entered deep, sending me into instant orgasm.

“Oh, don’t stop! Fuck me,” I cried out. And he did, believe me! He entered me hard and continued to pant in my ear as he began to build momentum again. Four thrusts in, and I was cumming, raising my hips to be penetrated and screaming for him to keep fucking me. He feasted on my tits which was like turning the hose on in between my legs. “Ohhhh, fuck! Please… Mmmm. Oh, shit! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!”

As he sent me into another orgasm, his cock could not handle it. He said, “You ready?”

I bit my lip and nodded. Grabbing his hips, I spread my legs further as he penetrated me.

He went silent, holding his breath. I could feel his cock—and my walls contracting around it—as he began to twitch. He let out a short, “Oh!” and paused for a second; he tried to hold back but couldn’t. He entered me hard and fucked and fucked and fucked me, panting and moaning. Then his twitch returned as he let out a mighty, “Ooohhh, fuck, yeah!” as he danced all up in me. “Shit! Oh god, baby. Ohhhh, I’m gonna explode!” Twitch after twitch, he filled me, spurting deep inside as I cummed again too.

“Keep going, don’t stop fucking me,” I begged, and he didn’t. We kept going and going. His cock stayed hard as he kept fucking me, and we both worked on pleasuring each other longer. Before long, I was cumming again, crunching up toward him as he drove deeper.

We broke for a bit, jumped in our outdoor shower, checked the time, and yep, we had successfully fucked our brains out way into the new year. We managed to catch some fireworks as we washed and kissed in the shower, still taking advantage of how horny we were. Mr. Ridley’s cock was still rock hard, calling my name as he soaped up my tits and continued to kiss me. My hands were full of suds, and even though I was full of his cum, I wanted more. I grabbed his cock as he kissed me and began to jerk him off, rubbing my slippery hands up and down his shaft.

Mr. Ridley told me his cock was incredibly sensitive to my touch. “It’s almost ticklish,” he said. He stepped in closer and kissed my neck, moaning again; he was horny and ready to have another go. His cock bumped against my belly and entrance as I jerked him off, twisting my hands up his shaft and bringing him almost to another orgasm. He pulled away as he began to twitch in my hands and said, “Ahh, ahh, shit. That’s—Ohhh!—good. Baby, fuck. I want to cum, but let’s head to bed.”

I kept going, and in a matter of seconds, I had him spurting more cum in my hands.

We dried off when he had finished and ran upstairs to enjoy more of bringing in the new year. We literally fucked the night away with a few short intervals of rest/seduction and sensual delight in between. The next day, we did not leave the bedroom all day; we ignored the world and the doorbell too, and that night too was as erotic a reunion as the first night. We were off to a pleasurable start to the new year—one hard to beat.

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2 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Happy New Year…. a VERY Happy New Year! I especially liked this line:
    “ He climbed Pleasure Mountain,
    looking deep into my eyes. “
    I liked this line because MY mind envisions sex like a we are climbing up a beautiful mountain… with a glorious feeling upon reaching the summit together. We have had some memorable days/nights like this. Married sex can be sooooo amazing!

  2. Devoted2You says:

    Holy smokes!!! Super hot story about lovemaking! I love that y’all get to keep going and going, round after round, together! It surprises yet excites me how your husband kept staying hard for you and that the desire from both of y’all kept burning all night! I wonder if I’ll be able to do that with my future wife, someday.

    Much love and blessings!!

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