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It had been days since my husband and I had sex, which was unusual; we usually make love every night, and oh my, I needed him. My mind couldn’t concentrate on anything else besides his big vascular cock. I couldn’t help but daydream all day at work of him bending me over and fucking my pussy from behind. The way he pushes me down over the bed and lifts one of my legs onto the mattress while the other is still on the ground spreads me open, and he fucks me hard and deep. I love to watch him in the mirror—watch his cock go in and out of me. He bites his lip and stares as he thrusts, then he turns his eyes to mine as he pounds me. We lock gazes and don’t look away till he busts.  I had craved him, playing this scenario out in my mind all day long.

Fast forward to that evening, and finally, it is time for bed. I was so sex-deprived (only a few days), but I didn’t want to make the first move. He knew how badly I wanted him. We were laying in bed, watching TV, when he surprised me by reaching over to rub my pussy through my sweatpants. His touch always feels so good to me. He circled my clit through my pants and mentioned how wet I was; he could feel my juices seeping through the fabric. He pulled my shirt off over my head and immediately started circling my nipples with his tongue and lightly rubbing them. They immediately grew hard. He was so gentle with my nipples that it almost tickled. It sent shivers up my spine and created an intense, warm, tingling sensation in my pussy.

My husband pulled down my pants and kissed his way down to my love spot. My clit was pulsing in his mouth. He is so very skilled at oral—he did the perfect combination of sucking and licking, stimulating me to the max and making me moan uncontrollably. Then he pulled away and used his index finger to spread my slit and glide up and down. His finger slid so smoothly because I was soaked for him. Up and down it went until I couldn’t take it anymore; I grabbed his head and shoved it back down in between my legs.

He opened his mouth wide and took my pussy in, and I immediately started to have a body-shaking orgasm. My legs locked around his neck. I cummed so hard and vocally—I like to make sure he knows that he takes care of me.

His tongue gentled and slowed. He licked up my juices with full strokes up and down my pussy, even entering me and scooping out my cum with his tongue. My love expressed how good I tasted and how he loves to make me finish with his mouth. He knows I have always felt so vulnerable during oral, and he told me that making me cum with his mouth makes us feel closer every time.

I was lying down, and he was over me. I pulled down his shorts, grabbed his cock, leaned forward and took it in my mouth. I deep-throated his shaft and bobbed my head back up to circle his tip with my tongue. It was so red, almost purple, from how much blood had rushed to it. I knew I had to relieve him.

We rolled and flipped; I was now on top facing him, and my husband was under me. I got to my feet and squatted over his cock, and he watched his big, hard dick enter me. Then he looked up and grabbed one of my perky breasts and squeezed. I bounced up and down on his cock as we both moaned with pleasure. His fingers seemed mesmerized by my nipples. I rode him hard and made sure that every time he entered me, he was in deep. Each stroke was big, long, and strong. I squeezed my vagina tight as his tip and shaft entered and exited me, wanting to milk him of all his cum.

Only a few more strokes, and he asked where I wanted it. I gently put my hand around his throat with very minimal pressure and told him to fill me. At that very second, I felt his cock flinch inside me over and over again, his warm cum shooting into me. It felt so amazing. His moans and yells were uncontrollable, and I loved every second of it.

After we finished, I  lay there on him, embraced in his arms with his cock still in me. That is my favorite part after sex: Lying there, holding each other, and catching our breath. I love him and our passionate lovemaking. I can’t wait to write more stories!

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2 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful sexy story! I loved this part especially:

    “He was so gentle with my nipples that it almost tickled. It sent shivers up my spine and created an intense, warm, tingling sensation in my pussy.”

    Sometimes in stimulating your spouse, less is more! We’ve discovered that over the years! This seems especially true for us when it comes to nipple stimulation. We both love giving and receiving! And sometimes the slightest lip or tongue touch on our nipple drives our lover (spouse) wild!

    My wife introduced loving on MY nipples to me; I never really had experienced that in my first marriage. Now we rarely have a lovemaking session without both of us giving and receiving oral love on our nipples. We call it lips on nips.

    A few years ago we discovered “tip on nip”, and that really gets my wife’s motor revved up. And again, sometimes the slightest rubbing of my tip on her nip or even just on her areola can send her over the edge (as she buzzes her clit with her vibe).

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Deep throat then deep within is always a wonderful way to go! By your descriptions I will say that it sounds as if your sexual prowess and appetite is a real gift for your husband!

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