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Hi, this is Alia. I’m using my husband Raj’s account to share our wonderful experience.

One Friday morning, after I showered for work, I came out with only a towel around me. Raj suddenly appeared and pinned me to the wall. After kissing my lips roughly, he slowly tugged the towel down a bit and more gently began to suck my nipples. After a while, he moved behind me and pulled off the towel entirely. I moaned as he reached around cupped my breasts. Then Raj entered me from behind, making me moan his name.

But I didn’t let him stay there for long—I decided to tease him.

I pulled him to the bed and made him wait for me to change, and even though he was hard, he managed to be patient. I decided to have some fun, so I put on only my bra and skirt. I danced in front of him a little, then lifted the hem and began to grind on his dick. When he was even more aroused, I smirked, grabbed my blouse, and left.

I’m pretty sure he masturbated after that, lol. There’s no way he went to work in that state. And when I came home that night, I found him waiting. I was shocked that he wasn’t mad at me for leaving him hard, but I soon realised why not.

He walked towards me and whispered in my ear, “Can you wear something hot and dirty?”

I knew exactly what he wanted; I agreed and changed into one of my sluttiest outfits. I wore no shirt, just a red bra with black lacy flowers embroidered on it and an extremely short leatherette skirt, but I remained pantiless.

When I came downstairs, the house was too dark for me to see clearly. Suddenly, familiar hands grabbed me and pushed me into a chair. Then I felt a rope being tied around my torso and the chair. I knew it was him, so I relaxed, excited to see what would happen next.

“You need to be punished, honey,” my husband whispered seductively before blindfolding and gagging me. He tied my hands behind me too, and by now, I felt so aroused that I was squirming in my seat.

My husband unhooked the front closure of my bra and began to suck my breasts. Afterward, he teased me by leaving me for a few minutes, clueless and helpless. But he didn’t make me wait as long as I had him. He returned shortly and kissed my stomach, nipples, lips, and neck. He made me so wet with longing. Then he untied the rope connecting me to the chair, though he kept my arms bound.

Raj made me stand and bend over, then removed the blindfold. He slid off my skirt, and now I was stark naked except for the open bra that had slipped down my upper arms and now stretched across my back between my elbows. He then began to spank me, a feeling I love. Removing the gag so he could hear my moans, Raj then threw me onto the bed and penetrated me, taking me hard and fast. The newness of this ferocity of his took me over the edge; I couldn’t believe I had pushed him to this level of desire. By the time we were done, I was panting.

“W-When will you untie me?” I asked breathlessly.

“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he whispered. “Tonight, you’re mine.”

He then put me in an X-position with my hands spread wide above my head and tied to the edges of the headboard, my legs mirroring them at the foot of the bed. He even switched off the lights, so the only illumination came from a few scented candles. True to his word, he took me over and over all night, and I loved it. I’d never had so much fun. So much for punishment!

This happened on a Friday night, and we did the same thing all Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, I had to skip work because I was sore.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot naughty fun! I love being erotically punished for being a cocktease ( which is fun in itself). Being manhandled, spanked, then fucked hard is so hot and my orgasms are abundant. Loved the story! Keep writing and stay horny darlin!

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