🔊 Queen Calls (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and includes anal play (A).
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I lay asleep next to you, and you wake me up saying, “Baby, someone wants to talk to you.”

“Who?” I answer groggily.

You lift your ass up high, and with your face low, you look deep into my eyes and let your pussy do the talking: Queef!!!

 “Your queen’s pussy is calling out loud for her king!”

We kiss deep, our tongues twirling and sucking into each other, and your pussy calls out loud again. You say, “Hmm, sounds like the lips down there need  more attention.” Your juicy wet pussy lands on my face, and I kiss those lips softly and lick you slowly. You move your hips, careful not to rest completely on my face.

But then I move up, covering your pussy lips with my mouth. I stick my tongue into that juicy warm slice of apple pie, tasting the honey by wiggling my tongue in you as you squirt thick, yummy cum!

I break away to ask you, “Do you want me to wiggle it or tongue-fuck you?”

You smile and say, “Tongue-fuck me!”

“Yes, my queen.” In and out I stick my tongue, taking all the thick cum you feed me.

Your pussy lips talk louder, and you say, “Ohh, sweetheart. Oooooh, baaeby,” followed by a loud, “Aaaaaaah!”

 I stop all of a sudden, and you moan, saying, “Don’t stop!!!!” I spank your ass cheek, and our roles subtly shift. “Oh, sir, please don’t stop,” you ask nicely this time.

With your head down and ass up in the air, your pussy queefs loud—and to your surprise, I fill you up with my cock! You say, “Yes, my king!”

I give another spank to those ass cheeks and slide into you slowly as you push back for more. Pulling you up, I say, “If you want me to go harder and faster, keep saying the magic word.”

“Oh, my king!”

Spank! and I slide in slow.

“Give it to me.”

Spank! and I pull out a bit.


A spank and caress—I get back inside, slow again, nd then a quick fast push in and out. “Fhaak,” you say, so I do that again. You say, “Fuck.”

“Yes, my queen,” I reply.

“Fuck me, my king, hard and fast.”

I do as I’m told, and all you say is “fuck,” over and over again. As I pinch and rub your nipples, you queef and squirt, wetting the bed with me inside you. When I pull out, you hurriedly turn around and suck in all my cum that oozes out in a long flow, moaning, “Mmm, mm, mmmm.” You lick my cock clean, then get a quick spurt of thick cum again.

You say, “Oh, baby, I want it all,” and suck me again, emptying me but still keeping me hard. Then you lay in my arms and remark, “We need to change the bed sheets,” ’cause they’re completely soaked.

I hold you closer to me, caressing your butt, and as a finger gets close to your butthole, you whisper, “Baby.”

“Yes, hun?”

“My…” You bottom seems to suck the tip of my finger into it, and you put your leg up so I can get more access. With moan, you say, “You turn me on in ways I never thought possible. Your finger there makes me feel good.” Your pussy starts to get wet again, dripping to your butthole with my finger inside. You make the cutest little squeaky noises.

We kiss deep, and your pussy queefs softly.

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