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My husband loves the way I dress and watching me dress for work. Today was no different; he lay on the bed this morning, eyes glued to me as I rubbed my secret potion all over my body. Then I slipped on a pair of sexy and very revealing panties, which soon disappeared under my corporate skirt. I caught a glimpse of him lying on the bed in the reflection of the mirror. His cock looked so enticing—shiny and fully erect—practically calling my name as he began to stroke it.

“Do you need me to help you with that?” I asked him as I headed back to the room, slowly unbuttoning my sheer white blouse to expose my braless perky tits.

Mr. Ridley slid himself down to the foot of the bed and replied, “Absolutely. Get over here.” I knelt in between his legs and started caressing his cock, kissing him while I tantalised him with my hand. “I about lost my mind when I watched your sexy pussy slip underneath your panties. My cock was so jealous of them.”

I grabbed my husband’s cock firmly around the shaft and took him deep in my mouth. Our eyes connected, and I swam in the crystal blue pools peering down over me. As he got handy with my tits, I pleasured him by circling my tongue around the head of his cock. Then I wrapped my tits around his mast.

Mr. Ridley began thrusting his slicked stiffness into my cleavage. Leaning back on his elbows, he lifted himself as he entered the channel between my peaks, his leakage adding to the wetness. It wasn’t long before his thrusting got intense, and the sounds of excitement escaping his lips let me know how great it felt. “Oh, fuck yeah. Ohhhhhh,” he whispered.

His words got me excited; I wanted more of him. I kept going as long as I could before my desire to be pleasured took over. I stood and bent over to kiss his sweet lips, allowing my hand to dart up and down on him for a few short moments.

Mr. Ridley grabbed me around my waist with one hand and pulled me in closer as he delicately inserted his fingers into my hot-for-him pussy. He used his other hand to unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. When I spread my legs further, he guided another finger in. Mr. Ridley’s pre-cum oozed, providing a great slippery surface as my hand travelled up and down on him.

The passion intensified between us; I wanted so much more, and he had so much more to give. I lifted my knee and placed it beside him on the edge of the bed, and my other leg followed.

Mr. Ridley lay back on the bed. “Come up here,” he said, inviting me to be pleasured by his practiced tongue. I knew instantly he wanted to feast on me, so I slid up to his face and brought my hot-spot in line with his mouth.

As I hovered over his lips, his fingers didn’t leave my tightening vagina. He started to lick and tantalise me with his tongue, quickly bringing me to the edge of an orgasm. He started to moan as he urged me to thrust my vag against his face, pulling me with the fingers inside me and guiding my ass with his other hand. My body fell forward over him on the bed as he softly sucked my clit, twirling his tongue over it.

I wanted him inside me badly, but I also wanted to cum on his face. My body sent overlapping waves of encouragement through me. I wanted more of him with every stroke, gasping every time his fingers and tongue entered me. “Ah, ah, ahhh.” I was saturated; my excitement provided a beautiful, wet sound as he drove deeper into me, pleasuring me.

“Please. Oh, yes. Fuck.” I panted. “I’m going to cum…”

My husband intensified his grip. “Cum,” he said. “Cum, baby.”

“Oh, fuck, don’t stop.” I flooded his mouth with my love of being fingered. “Ohhhhh, fuck yes. Yes. Ohhhh.”

Mr. Ridley loved my vanilla flavour and scent. He moaned as I cummed on his face. When I raised myself on my hands to turn and look at his cock, he was busy still feasting on me as he pleasured himself with his other hand. His ass was lifting off the bed as he pounded his own cock. This was so Hot!!!!!

I got off and turned around, placing us in the 69 position as I took him in my mouth, sliding my hand up and down his slippery cock. He had been leaking sweet drops, giving me the perfect lubrication and taste. As my husband continued to lick me out, he raised his horny cock in and out of my mouth in rhythm. After a few minutes, I was ready again and wanted all of him. I climbed off.

Mr. Ridley objected. “I’m just getting started on you, baby.”

I moved my vaginal opening to his cock as I faced away from him, gliding my wet snatch onto him. He sat up and started fucking me instantly, grabbing my tits and firmly using them to gain rhythm again.

I loved to be fucked!!! Mr. Ridley knew how to press my buttons; he played with my clit as I watched us fucking in the bathroom mirror. His expert knowledge of my body let him get me to the top ever so quickly. I was wildly horny and full of more to give. His cock felt great! My walls surrounded his length as he pumped in and out of me, and I supported myself by leaning forward on my knees while Mr. Ridley guided my ass onto him.

Though it felt amazing, I wanted something else. I turned around and went right back to fucking him.

Mr. Ridley sat up and embraced me around the waist, feasting on my tits as they bounced from my pounding down on him. He started to kiss me, and our tongues began to dance. This shot excitement straight to his cock as my pussy pleasured him. “I’m not going to last like this,” he warned me.

That was all I needed to hear. We both were panting, and I was ready to cum again. I had been holding it off, but knowing that he was nearly there got me hot. I pushed him so that he fell back onto the bed, then rode him, playing with my own tits with one hand and fingering my clit with the other.

“Do you like that, Mr. Ridley?”

“Oh, yeah, fuck me,” he answered. “Ah, ahh, ahh!” I ground myself up and down on him as he panted. “Cum. I can feel you’re close. Don’t hold back; cum on my cock,” he said. “I want you.” He kissed me deeply, sending electrifying pulses to my clit as we thrust against each other. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled away to feast on my tits again.  They bounced up and down as I rode him, and he tortured my nipples by biting down on them as he brought me into sexual ecstasy.

He was right; I was about to cum and cum, I did! Oh, yes. Yessss. Ye-e-e-sssss—that’s it! Oh, fuck! Yeah!”

Hearing me shout as my vagina walls clamped down around his hard cock did Mr. Ridley in. He was coming too. “AAAHHH, AAAHHHHH,” he yelled as he exploded his load into me. “Keep going—a few more,” he urged me as another wave came over him. He shot spurt after spurt, hitting every spot inside me. “Ooohhhh, babe. Aaaaahhhhhh.”

His vocalization got me red hot and made me cum again too, screaming, “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

What a session to kick the day off with. I removed what was left of my shirt and jumped straight into the shower to prepare again for the day ahead. Mr. Ridley joined me in the shower, sneaking up behind me as I soaped myself. Kissing me on my neck from behind, he cupped my tits, paying careful attention to the side-cleavage of my perky tits, before running his hands down my torso. I needed to get moving so that I wouldn’t be late for work, but I was enjoying the “after” too much.

I turned to face him, and we kissed and kissed for a few minutes as the water pooled between my tits, pressed as they were against his chest. I soaped his back before moving down to his shaft and caressing it with my sudsy hands.

Mr. Ridley begged me to stay home and come back to bed for the day. “Please don’t leave me. Let’s fuck all day around the pool.”

I have to admit that I contemplated it; his offer was tough to refuse. “I would love to, but I have meetings.” I frowned up at him, then whispered into his ear, “I promise to make it up to you this afternoon.”

“How about you start now?” he replied. “You can’t leave me like this.” Looking down at his very erect cock, he pressed up against my pussy as his hands made their way between my legs again. I was ready for more, and clearly, so was he. Our sex is always adventurous, intense, and overwhelming with passion, but today had a “let’s get down to each other’s business” kind of vibe.

Mr. Ridley turned me around and started finger fucking me again from behind, which was bliss. The cool tiles felt so invigorating pressed against my nipples as he spread my legs and entered me. He began to have his way with me again.

I eventually went to work, but not for long before rushing to beat him home. I’ll tell you all about it later…

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16 replies
  1. Wife lover says:

    What a wonderfully written story! Now I think it’s time to go gently wake the wife for her morning coffee and some of this hard cock. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  2. O-surfer says:

    Wow. My husband and I enjoyed this as we often have difficulty submitting to the schedules of work! I think your work wardrobe sounds a lot sexier than mine though!
    With this story to read as we start our day today, I’m sure my departure will be even more difficult for my husband! Fortunately, I don’t have to be gone as long today, because for me it’s not a work day.
    I look forward to reading the next part!

    • Tango69 says:

      That is lovely that you read the stories together; that would be hard to walk away from. Knowing you're both into it and find other writing experiences an opportunity to also connect with each other. Go, girl, go get your man all up in you. lol It’s so flattering to know you enjoy moments of solitude reading my encounter. I write often, so feel free to check out my other stories.

      [ https://marriageheat.com/author/tango69/ ]

  3. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    WOW! Smoldering! No better way to start the day. Rarely a day goes by that my wife leaves the house for work without having had my tongue and cock fill her delicious pussy. Many of those days we fall way behind schedule too, and don’t want it to end (I have often told her she needs to call in “horny” and stay home). Bravo to you two. Keep it up, keep it hot and keep writing (and riding).

    • Tango69 says:

      The pandemic has made things easier, that’s for sure, with me working from home and little vision to return to the office. Gives more opportunity to not have to call in “horny” lol. The pandemic has not been all that bad to bring people's sex life to a new level, even though most of us didn’t need another reason to want to have more hot steamy erotic sessions.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This story was so hot. And beautifully erotic. Loved it. Especially loved it when Mr. Ridley said: “Please don’t leave me. Let’s fuck all day around the pool.” Ah, we've all been there. Thank you for sharing. And I can't wait for the follow-up on what happened next.

    • Tango69 says:

      The pool story is cumming. Because with a pool and pandemic and a heavy connection it makes it so easy to write about. This time though we get busted in the act lol

  5. LovingMan says:

    Wonderful intense story! As a retired couple now… (we both were working professionals) …we now have lots more sex than when we were working. Great stories like this testify of the power and joy and ecstasy that can be had in marriage.
    By the way, I remember being late to work once or twice because the cute wife had the day off and looked up from her nude sexy state on our bed and seduced me out of my clothes and into her sweet arms and into her hungry love tunnel. Keep lovin’ n keep writing!

  6. DexterousD says:

    Great story Tango69! My wife always gets up for work earlier than me and I never tire of watching her come out of the shower, pamper her beautiful naked body and get dressed for work. I’m sure ‘flexible working’ and working from home is contributing to marital bliss all over the world by making more of these sexy opportunities possible. You certainly made the best of yours! I’d call this a ‘happy beginning’ to the day!

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