Desire Peaks Again ~ Ignite Story

It’s safe to say that Mr. Ridley gave me the ride of my life last night. I had never squirted before, and I wanted to feel that ecstasy again and again.

It was not even two hours later, and I was aching to be touched by my new husband, whom I loved to call Mr. Ridley. I took another shower to calm myself down, then reentered the bedroom and gazed over my new husband. He lay peacefully, naked in the moonlight, looking so divine in our white sheets. How hot he made me feel, even asleep!

As I walked towards the bed, I noticed his cock lifting the sheets like a tent pole. What could I do? I was ready for more, so how could I ignore his huge cock, standing to catch my attention? Flashbacks of just a few hours ago assaulted my mind, and that epic scream as he released everything he had into me. His gorgeous, engorged manhood looked like he a lot more to give, and I was wet, horny, and ready.

I stepped back into the bathroom and dipped my fingers into my jar of my secret potion before inserting my fingers into my vagina to coat my insides with my vanillery scent and taste. It felt so good I grabbed the basin and moaned with enjoyment of feeling my tight pussy contracting around my fingers. I had a quick fondle with myself in the mirror before returning to the bed.

As I came back into the room, Mr Ridley was darting over the bed softly moaning. I was thinking he must of caught a glimpse of me pleasuring myself or was he dreaming. I flicked back the sheets my vagina contracted and released my excitement. I crawled up the bed starting at his feet and hovering over his body before I was greeted by his huge hard and extremely erect cock, I ran my tongue up his shaft that was springing to my attention. I didn’t know if he would want me to wake up in my mouth or for me to take him deep in my wet pussy.

I ran my hands up his silky and very pink cock, he pressed it against my hands as I straddled him guiding his cock through my wetness, he moaned as I inserted him into my aching pussy. I began to ride him slowly and seductively my pussy tightened around him, he sat up and feasted on his nipples and neck. (My nipples are his.) His hands ravaged my tight ass he sucked so hard on my tits; they were so sensitive and tender from all the action hours before. As I started to bounce he rose to his hands and raised his legs to pound me deeper and deeper.

Married sex was so much more, it felt so different. He was moaning and thrusting as he feasted on my tits. This was a massive turn on to me, and it’s like putting the keys into my ignition his soft tongue ran around my hardened nipples. I stood up and crawled up towards his lips bringing my tit to his mouth, he started sucking and twirling my nipple with his tongue, this feeling made me in heaven, it sent all my insides into spasm and aching to feel that sensual gush between my legs again. He used his hands to tantalize my clit and tease me. He inserted his fingers in me one by one I could feel his fingertips making a come over here motion, I loved it I begged him to make me squirt again he replied “all in good time baby” just enjoy it, I was….he was bringing me into a new state of arousal….. Where had he been hiding these new tricks that I wanted to experience again and again?

He then suddenly stopped. He rolled me onto all fours and laid backward in-between my legs. I braced myself onto our huge bed head I looked down to see that my tits were erect and his head was weaving all over my opening. His tongue was rubbing up and down and in and out of the inner ridges of the walls of my pussy. He was buried deep in me and I was moaning. I was so turned on by the view of him feasting on me. I was hot, horny, and leaking my love and desire for him. I started to pant. I begged him again to make me squirt. He added more pressure and began his come here movement with his fingers again which sent me into an intense orgasm. My vagina walls closed in on his fingers as he began to catch my juices with his tongue. Mmmmm he moaned and buried deeper into me. This turned me on so much to hear his pleasure.

As I mentioned head and foreplay was a large turn-on for both of us. I spun around on his face to gaze down his body. His cock had leaked puddles of pre-cum on his stomach. I leaned forward and licked it up ever so tenderly while he continued to arouse me further to bring me closer to the edge of squirting I hoped.

I pressed my tits around his cock and he thrust in between them as I sucked his balls in my mouth. His cock was slipping in and out of my cleavage he said he wanted to finger fuck me. That was enough for me to get off as I leaped to my feet. We stood on the floor facing each other embracing each other as we passionately kissed as he re-entered his hand into me. He then inserted his cock as well this sent a sensational feeling over me as he concentrated darting everything in and out of me.

The come here movement with his fingers rubbing my insides returned and the sounds of sex filled the empty room. Every time he entered me I moaned. He was breathing really heavy and groaning with excitement. He whispered in my ear, “You’re tightening so it would not be long. I’m just trying not to cum doing this to you, but I want to make you cum.” He kept talking dirty to me whispering, “I want to make you squirt while I finger fuck and fuck you baby.” it just takes time, hold onto me.” I did exactly that.

He pumped and pumped as we fumbled our way in the moon-lit room passionately kissing searching for something to brace ourselves against – finally the wall appeared. I could feel another orgasm building as he pressed me against the cool wall, I braced myself against it as he moaned as he said: “Hang on it’s going to happen I promise!” 

He grabbed me around my tiny waist. It felt so amazing as he lifted me with his hands and cock. “Eh eh eh eh ah!”  escaped his lips.

His cock enlarged.  I gripped my muscles tight and just as I did he kept thrusting and pumping, I was panting and moaning, and losing control. I could feel everything change and the pressure was building deep within me. He pumped harder….his fist was almost lifting me off the ground as he sucked my big tits and pumped his cock deeper as he also was moaning at me.  The gush was coming! He said, “Give into me baby! Push through the uncomfortable stage!” I did the pressure buildup and I tightened everything as I screamed as I started to leak –  spurting and squirting all over his hands and saturating his cock and the floor. I screamed again as it sent shivers up my body that was so intense!

He was going to cum like the thunder pressing me against the wall I could feel it building. Then all movement and friction ceased as he twitched and released all he had left into me as he was tipped over the orgasmic edge moaning, “Ehhhhh, ehhhhhhh!” He was pushing his cock deeper releasing every last drop deep into me. I could feel his breath on my skin and him twitching and pulsating inside of me.

We returned to the bed….breathless before he rolled me over and began to rub my tits, crawling up my torso humping my skin, and between my legs. Now I thrust against him moaning with anticipation for more; his cock drenched in cum and my pussy wanting him we found rhythm as he reached into our bedside grabbing for something. He insisted we keep this alive as he inserted our we vibe and drove his fingers in me again as he humped me and tickled my enlarged and swollen clit, it wasn’t long before he was worked up and slipped his cock into my sea of desire he had left behind. I could feel him growing in me and I was sensitive from all the action, he pulled me over on top of him-hungry for more titty as he licked them and used his other hand to use the remote to turn on the vibe sending thrilling vibrations to us both. Its vibration matching our intensity made us both squirm with its nice deep rumbly sensations. I started to ride him swaying my hips on him back and forth up and down the way he loved.

He was so worked up and excited he started to show me how into it he was. The. sounds he was making were encouraging me to bring him pleasure once again as he pumped in and out of me pressing himself against the vibe to tantalize my clit. It was a super intense sensation and I knew it would not be long. It was all too intense for me to hold in the feelings he was making me feel. I was screaming with every pump, “Ohhhh, ohhhhh yeah!”

He replied with, “Ahh ahh ahh ahh, ooooooo, oh yeah oh yeah fuck me harder, harder!”

His dirty talk made me lift my ass and pump down on him harder and ready for me to cum again with mmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm ascending louder each time to ohhhhhhhh. My pleasure and trembling made him raise his hips against me. He said, “Fuck baby fuck me” and that I did. We were both sweating and panting. My pleasure centre was ready to blow, I licked and sucked his ear and ground my pussy up and down. He lifted his face and caressed my tits as they bounced in his face. I drove on harder and harder. The bed was shaking. I was pumping him so hard. He said, “Keep going I’m going to blow! Oh oh yes, yes baby, that’s it! His encouragement made me pop too and I said “I can’t.” As he increased the intensity on the vibe so did our’s…… I could barely get the words out to tell him I was cumming. He grabbed my hips and said, “I can feel you’re going to…….. “ He didn’t get to finish the sentence before we let out an almighty moan and pleasure screams together.

We laid there in disbelief of what had happened tonight, multiple orgasms in a few short hours was a new marital record to beat.

We were sure we would of woken the neighbors with the sweet echo of us sharing such a fantastic hot and extremely erotic night.  We were in my almost empty apartment before moving into our marital home and wedded sexual sensual bliss in a few days time.

As the sun started to come up Mr Ridley said, “Babe, babe!” He was waking me, and my first thought was, “Not again babe. Haven’t you had enough?” 

He said, “Listen, shhhh, hear that?” “We must have woken them and now they are going at it.” He jumped up and opened the balcony door to cool us down. He came back to bed and took me by the hand and led me outside. We were naked listening to our neighbors’ sex on my balcony – a few hours after our sex romp finished. It was like watching porn with no images. Mr Ridley sat down on our outdoor setting and he sat me on his lap as we weirdly enjoyed listening to our neighbors keep up with our performance.

Mr Ridley had me naked on his lap, cupping my tits. I could feel his cock rock hard again and growing more so under my ass as we listened quietly. So before long, he was wanting to put it in me AGAIN – humping me and encouraging me to rub against him. He lifted my left leg over his head turning me to face him. My insides were raw and I wanted another session later that day. So I needed to rest my overworked sweet spot.

So I ran inside and grabbed some ice in my mouth and resumed my position, I grabbed his cock and started working it with my hands slipping them up and down his shaft performing a hand job.

When the ice had started to melt in my mouth I took him by surprise and lowered myself to my knees – taking almost all of him in my mouth. He loved ice jobs, lol, and he moaned so loudly when I entered him into my mouth. I reached up to cover his lips with my hands, we were already out there butt naked & the thought of others seeing us in the breaking sunrise was a big turn on. Our neighbors’ sex seemed boring compared to our fuck sessions. It wasn’t long with all the action noises coming from next door that Mr Ridley was grabbing the back of my head guiding me down on him, I drew my cheeks in to tighten around his shaft and he threw his head back as the sweet beads of pre-cum released onto my tongue. He was finding it hard to be quiet, and  I could tell, he was making little m m mmm noises every time my mouth reached the bulb of his cock. I used my hand and mouth to pleasure him and then I could feel him getting ready to cum, I exited him from my mouth and jerked him, rubbing the palm of my hand over his most sensitive and ticklish head. I jerked and jerked him using two hands as he released his sweet drops of cum all over my titties. He let out the softest whimper with each spurt I received.

It was one very hot, sensual, erotic but tiring night. Some were getting up to start their day when we and our neighbours were wanting to go back to sleep and recharge for more fun later.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story! You could call it a marathon sex session! Those are a blast. I dare say most married couples have had some of those marathon lovemaking sessions and later they are a wonderful memory! And it’s fun to try and beat your record. Thanks for sharing!

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