Together Again (L)

This story contains strong language (L).

Timothy is my beautiful precious husband, everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband and life partner; 48, tall, lean, silvery grey hair, caring, kind, gracious, a people’s person, but most of all, he’s mine, all mine. (Can you tell I’m smitten?) I thank the LORD everyday for giving me a husband whose heart is set first and foremost on the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We’ve been married for close on two years now. Timothy is 6 years my senior, and the age difference works perfectly for us as I love the idea of an older man taking care of me, and Timothy is a protector by nature.

Because we only got married in our 40s, having biological children was never an option for us. By the time we married, we were both fully committed to the ministry, and our lives have since revolved around our outreach work. Being in ministry often includes long glorious times together and equally long periods apart. We met in cyberspace and grew the bulk of our relationship online. This has allowed us to develop and practice creative ways of staying close and, most of all, keeping the fire burning.

My husband has been away on a mission trip since February, and with the onset of the worldwide lockdown, he is only able to come home now after nearly seven months apart. Our daily video calls, virtual dates, and intimacy online ensured that both of us have been longing for each other more than ever. Our intimacy is something that we never shied away from discussing, even before we were married. Voicing my needs and wants to my husband was something he always welcomed and encouraged. This practice didn’t come easily to me; in the beginning, I struggled to accept that someone would love me so much as to be concerned with my fantasies and my desires during intimate times. Once I came to accept the reality that my husband really just wants to make me happy, a whole new world opened up for me. Timothy taught me about taking care of each other intimately, and it’s been a liberating journey.

Fast forward to the day I fetch Timothy from the airport: I have butterflies in my belly. My excitement has reached fever pitch, and the craving to be in my husband’s strong embrace has more than quadrupled in the last 24 hours. I could hardly contain myself all day, and I kept saying quiet little prayers, thanking the LORD for my precious, handsome husband. Thinking about my husband being home with me tonight, here in our bedroom, made me touch myself a little, and as my clit was feeling so sensitive, I was ready to be with Timothy. I had this absolute sense of knowing that my husband was feeling the exact same way about making love and being close tonight. There’s an unspoken understanding between the two of us that holding back is not an option.

6 pm – After his restriction to a remote place for close to 7 months with little to no luxuries, I find myself doing my utmost to create a romantic atmosphere in our bedroom. Our bedroom has always been our safe haven; here, we let go of all our inhibitions and share our deepest thoughts and desires with each other without shame or shyness.

All Timothy’s favourites are neatly laid out: the chocolates and jelly beans he enjoys most, champagne on ice, candles waiting to be lit, new bright red and purple scatter-cushions casually tossed around, and music waiting to be played. All that’s missing is my precious husband.

8 pm – I take the Uber drive to meet my husband at the airport. At this stage, I have no eloquent words to express my happiness as I stand in the arrivals waiting area. And there he is… I see him in the distance… my tall, grey-haired, handsome surfer husband, looking all tired, worn, and weary. As always, his signature smile is present, and I see his eyes beaming as he mouths the words, ‘I love you.’

As I watch him come through the walkway towards me, I can already feel the arousal take hold of me, and the increasing wetness in my panties makes me feel nice all over. Finally, Timothy is standing right next to me. He throws his arms around me, and we embrace for the longest time. We do not hold back on kissing each other passionately and every time he comes in closer to kiss or hold me, I can feel the hardness of his cock against me. I feel like I’m in a dream! My beautiful husband is finally home, and tonight, I plan to show him just how much he means to me.

The Uber drive home feels like forever. We both sit in the back seat, clutching hands. Lots of smiles and kisses are exchanged; to our Uber driver, we must look like two lovesick teenagers. At home, I start rambling on about dinner and what he wants to drink, when suddenly Timothy pulls me by the arm closer to him and kisses me all over again. Long slow passionate kisses—I almost forgot how it felt to have my tongue in his mouth.

By now both of us are so aroused that the atmosphere is electric. He tells me to sit on the couch with him a little and asks me to tell him how I have been. We sit slightly facing each other on the couch, and all I can get out is how much I’ve missed him. He kisses me again, and as those piercing blue eyes seem to look right through me, I know my husband wants to fuck me tonight.

Timothy plays with my hair and says, “Let’s go upstairs, babe.” Without hesitation, I follow my husband’s lead up the staircase. He opens the door and doesn’t seem surprised by the effort I’ve made in our bedroom; he turns around to thank me with a kiss and tells me that he didn’t expect anything less from me.

I light the candles and turn on some soft gentle music as Timothy pours the champagne. Timothy hands me a glass, and we clink them together as my husband toasts, “To us.” I sit down next to my husband who seems so tired and worse for wear. I ask him if he’s okay, and he tells me about those months when he longed to be close to me like this. Timothy gently takes my glass out of my hand, looks me in the eye, and asks me to take my dress off.

We don’t take our eyes off of each other as we both undress and leave our clothing in a pile on the floor. Immediately, my husband’s cock almost leaps out of his jocks, all big and dark. Timothy’s erection smells amazing, and I cannot wait to take him in my mouth. He asks me, “What do you want to do, darling?’ and I tell him how I’ve been longing for the day I get to take him in my mouth again.

With Timothy standing up, I bend down and slowly take the tip of his hard, dark cock in my mouth, first gently kissing at the tip and then increasing my sucking every few seconds. I can hear my husband’s moans, and by the way he is touching and rubbing the top of my head, I know how and when to increase the intensity of my sucking. Suddenly, Timothy says, “Wait, babe. I don’t want to cum yet.”

He puts his arms around me and says, “Leah, I love you now more than ever.” We kiss again with more determination and with a greater longing this time. He gently lays me down on the bed, and as I lie flat on my back, he precedes to put his fingers into my pussy. He says, “Oh, babe, I could tell at the airport already that you were wet.”  He gently rubs me up and down till he eventually settles his forefinger on my now throbbing clit, rubbing me to the point of no return. The words, “Cum for me, baby,” have hardly left Timothy’s lips when I give the loudest moan. I can hardly speak. I came so strongly that all I can get out is, “I love you.”

In the months that we’ve been apart, we spent a lot of time engaging in phone sex and showing ourselves to each other on camera, often ‘cumming’ together at least four to five times a week. Although all those times have been amazing, nothing feels so gratifying than having my husband taking me to an orgasm with his fingers.

“Was that good for you, darling?” he asks, giving me one of his gentle smiles. I just nod, still not able to move.

As I’m still flat on my back, I feel my husband start to play with my now very hardened nipples; he puts his baby soft lips on my left one and starts to suck me. He offers soft gentle sucks, every so often asking if that’s good enough for me. I continue lying there, recovering from my earth-shattering orgasm as my husband sucks at both my nipples, each one in turn. I rub his head as he lies across my chest, and I muster up the energy to ask him what I can do for him.

He answers, “No, darling, tonight is all about taking care of you.”

As I feel myself almost fully recovered from my amazing orgasm, I ask my husband to get on top of me; I don’t hesitate to tell him how I’ve longed to feel his big dark cock going inside of me. He positions himself over me and gently lowers his cock into my pussy, little by little, each time going deeper and deeper. My husband understands my every twitch and move; Timothy can tell that I’m ready to cum again.

I lift my body slightly to meet him in the air as we kiss some more. It’s getting intense as we both cannot hold off cumming any longer.

My husband asks me if I’m ready, and I shake my head in agreement. With a very strong moan, he thrusts into me. First very gently, slow and easy, he pushes into my wet, swollen pussy, and then he continues, stronger and harder. Timothy says to me, “Oh, babe, how I have longed to fuck you. Babe, you are such a beautiful fuck.’ When my husband starts using “dirty” words in lovemaking, it usually pushes my arousal into overdrive.

He tells me that he wants us to cum together, and after thrusting into me hard for almost 15 minutes, he yells out loud, “Oh, fuck, babe. I’m cumming…”

We both let out a really loud, “Fuck!” and almost in text book fashion, my husband and I cum together. I feel Timothy’s cock jerk and shake inside of me, and my pussy is in ecstasy.

We both lie there almost motionless, gently kissing each other on the lips, and Timothy tells me again how much he missed me.

As our bodies are still intertwined in each other, I ask my husband not to pull his cock out of me. He lies there, almost hovering over me, and I feel the heaviness of his cock still in my pussy. We spend some time talking and joking a little about silly things that remind us of how far we’ve come as a couple, both with grateful hearts for what we have in each other. There’s an unspoken appreciation that stems from our intimacy that speaks volumes. We eventually fall asleep with me on my husband’s chest and him gently playing with my hair.

I wake up at 2 am, still finding myself safe in my husband’s arms. I put my hand on his cock as I drift off to sleep again, silently thanking the LORD for this beautiful man I get to call my husband. The rest is still unwritten!

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Beautiful and intensely erotic story. Good on you both for your services to the Lord. I loved your statement: “ There’s an unspoken appreciation that stems from our intimacy that speaks volumes.”

    Reunion sex is always wonderful! I was impressed with your efforts to connect sexually with technology. And you did so very often. Good on you both!

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