Birthday Weekend Sex-abration: The First Evening (L/A)

Last weekend, my wife and I went out of town for a birthday celebration. With two young kids at home, we look forward to occasional weekend getaways to take a break from the stresses of life, recharge, and well… have lots of sex.

Friday evening, after dropping the kids off at the in-laws, we begin our drive. The town we were spending the weekend was three hours away, and we had planned to take off early in the day, but work forced us to leave later than expected. We stopped for dinner along the way and chatted in the car, reflecting over the last year as a family.

Around 8:30 pm, we arrive at the Airbnb we rented for the weekend, a quaint one-bedroom guest house a few blocks away from the cute downtown area of the small town in which we were staying. The king-size bed looked inviting and gave a great platform for the events that would take place. The wrought iron headboard made me regret not picking up a pair of cuffs to restrain ourselves.

We were both tired from the day and traveling, so expectations for anything happening tonight were low. We decided not to venture downtown.  Since we were staying in, we changed into more comfortable clothing.  My wife went to her bag and pulled out a t-shirt, then proceeded to remove her jacket and sweater to reveal her black bra. She slipped off her shoes and socks and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down to show off her blue bikini-cut panties, which gave me a little peek of her perfect cheeks. My goodness, her ass still looks amazing. For pushing 40, it’s still so tight that you could bounce a quarter off of it. That perfect little shelf of booty makes for great handles when pounding her from behind. When she unhooked her bra and slipped on her t-shirt, I caught a glimpse of her small, perky breasts in the mirror.

While she is doing this, I strip completely strip and only put back on a pair of sweat pants. Even though expectations for fun were low, watching my wife disrobe had gotten me a little excited. I poured myself a whiskey and her a glass of wine, and we decided on a nature documentary to watch before we called it a night. About an hour later, I got us each another drink, and we gradually moved closer to each other to cuddle as the movie progressed. Holding each other, we caressed and rubbed each other gently. By the end of the documentary, the combination of cuddling and booze had taken its effect on us.

We began to kiss passionately, letting our hands roam free; I slipped mine under her shirt while she slid one of hers into my pants. Since all I had on was the pants, my unconstricted cock was already growing. I continued to play with her tits under the tee, increasing my intensity by the second. As I grabbed, slapped, and pinched her nipples, she moaned in delight. Meanwhile. she gently stroked me and pulled on my balls. My member grew until it surpassed my pants’ waistband and began to peek out of the top. It was time to release the monster. My cock made a slap against my stomach as I pulled off my pants.

In one motion, I threw my wife on her back and pulled her panties off, revealing her freshly shaved pussy. The damp spot in her underwear told me she was just as aroused as I was. I dove headfirst into her pussy and began licking it, flattening my tongue as wide as possible to cover her mound with each taste.

My wife moaned with pleasure. She played with her breasts as I quickened the pace of my licking.

“Take off your shirt,” I commanded.

She stripped it off and went right back to nip play, licking her fingers on occasion to lube them up. By this time, she was moving her hips in rhythm with my tongue. I love it when we are in sync with each other like that.

While consuming her, I fell into a trance. This was so hot! Suddenly, I felt a tap on my head.

“Spin around. I want you in my mouth,” she told me.

Happily, I complied, as I never turn down a chance to 69. Spinning around, I granted my wife access to all of me that she wanted. We lay beside each other on the bed as she grabbed my shaft with one hand and lipped the tip. I pause from my meal to enjoy what was about to take place, and she licked the tip again. But this time, her tongue continued all the way down until it reached my balls. She licked each one before taking them into her mouth one at a time and gently sucking them.

As my wife continued this, I lifted her right leg to gain access to her moist pussy again. My left hand reached in and massaged her clit, my fingers getting covered with her juices as she literally dripped. I had to have another taste. I rolled her on top of me to the more traditional 69 position and began licking her again. With each lick, she let out cock-muffled moans. She was taking my cock as deeply as she could—a little over halfway—while holding the base in one hand and playing with my balls with the other. Her wet, shaved pussy slid across my face creating a warm, pleasure-filled sensation for both of us. The sloppy sounds of us giving each other pleasure were such a turn on. This must be heaven.

I looked up and saw my wife’s tight little asshole. It seemed like such a waste to leave this hole unattended while I was down there. While eating her, I took my right index finger and slid it into her slit, and she let out a loud, “OH GOD!” I got my finger good and wet inside her and made my way upward. Gently, I pressed my finger against her hole, and she gave another muffled moan. I kept pressing, watching it inch further and further in. The more it slides in, the more sounds of approval and pleasure she made. Finally, my whole finger has disappeared inside of her ass. It gripped me tightly, and I moved it in and out while continuing to lick vigorously, which really set her off. She was now in full animal mode, gagging on me while continuing to stroke me into her mouth and play with my balls. Her salvia had me completely drenched down there.

I attempted to insert another finger in her ass, and that triggered her to finish. My wife began riding my face hard, making my finger pull in and out of her at the same time. She was close, I could tell, and she paused her pleasuring of me to ride out her current wave. Sitting up to ride my face, she played with her tits with one hand and her clit with the other.

My wife yelled louder than I had heard her in a while. “BABY, I’M CUMMING!” she exclaimed. I tried to respond, but it was no use as my mouth was covered by all of her. A few more thrusts of her hips and she let out a final, “OOOOOOOOOH!” —Orgasm #1. I could tell she’d cum because the moisture of her pussy had increased. God, she tasted good.

She fell over in relief but immediately got back to work on me. Taking what she could of me into her mouth, she sucked it with great intensity and pulled aggressively on my balls. I was nearly there myself when she wet her finger and teased my asshole with it. She knows this is my ‘Go Button” and that it sends me over the edge.

“I’m close, baby,” I told her.

“Do you want to finish in my mouth?” she asked.

Normally, this would be a no brainer; who wouldn’t want to blast a hot load into a warm mouth. But I knew her pussy was so damp and so open that I had to take it. I said, “No, I want to finish in your pussy.”

Again, I threw her on her back and slid my dick all the way in. Thank God, I can fit all of it in there. It felt so warm and moist that the sensation sent me overboard. I pounded away with vigor as she cried out with each thrust. I got so deep inside of her that it was unreal. I took her feet and put them on my shoulders for the final push, which just opened her up more. This was it; I was ready.

“I’m gonna cum so hard, baby,” I shout.

“I’m going to cum again, too,” she told me.

I could feel it building inside of me. My hips slapped against her legs, and with a few final pumps, she let out another orgasmic scream—Orgasm #2.

Her scream in delight was all I needed to finish off myself. I let out a loud, “OOOOOH GOOOOOOOOD!” as I exploded inside of her. I felt six to eight big pumps fill her up in what seemed like 20 seconds of ejaculation overload. As I pulled out, I gave myself a couple of gentle tugs that caused a few more easy drips of juice to flow out. Then, I collapsed in exhaustion next to her as we both tried to catch our breath.

“Well, Happy Early Birthday,” I told her jokingly. We both let out a big laugh with what strength we had left, then took a quick shower to rinse off before we lay back down in bed. What started as a low key night certainly surpassed any expectations we had. I hoped this would carry on for the rest of the weekend.

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