It’s all Backward (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and includes anal sex (A).

We checked into our hotel after the long journey. It was late afternoon but still very much light; the summertime sun sets late.

The first thing I did was to visit the bathroom. I didn’t think much about what I wanted to change into; I just grabbed my see-through gown, very flimsy and sexy.  I showered thoroughly, making sure that any dried semen stuck on my face and hair was throughout cleaned off, considering how wildly Greg had shot his sperm earlier when we had roadside oral sex. After getting my pussy clean and not forgetting my back passage, a certain sensation developed in my body. Olive oil was nearby, and as I dried myself, I smeared my back passage with blobs of olive oil, pushing and widening my hole to its maximum.

As I alighted from the bathroom, Greg went into the shower and, a few minutes later, stood in the room completely naked. He grabbed me with one arm and gave me a long Frenchie as his cock was wriggling around my pussy. He moved a little lower to suck on my tits, and I could feel heat suffusing my body. He then lowered himself further and, in a flash, had my pussy lips flapping from side to side. I just stood open-mouthed as he nibbled and suck-dragged my clit. An orgasm overtook me, and I held on for dear life, shuddering and squirming until I could take no more. Greg looked surprised that, though he didn’t touch me with his cock, I was visibly shaken by his exotic lovemaking.

Then I made a move. Turning around and lowering my knees on the floor, I reached toward the other side of the bed and grabbed fistfuls of the covers. Then, for the first time, I commanded him. “Fuck my ass! But fuck it bare-cock; I want your sperm! Fill it up!!!”

Greg didn’t seem surprised at me as he came in from behind. He slid the short hem of my sheer gown above my hips and, seeing that I had planned ahead and prepared myself with lube, immediately began to push his cock in. It went in deep, and I could feel the tingle in my insides. Within minutes and at my urging, he rode me roughly, and I screamed with joy as orgasm after orgasm racked me.

Suddenly, I felt a liquid oozing and leaking out backward. He was cumming, and the tighter I squeezed, the more he shot. It finally ended when he went soft, and I felt the oozing of semen rolling down my leg.

I crawled up into the bed, and he followed, cradling me and stroking my arm lovingly. I felt his soft kiss on my hair as I collapsed into sleep.

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6 replies
    • TLC2383 says:

      Suzyzz, you should consider joining MOTB, it's a community of Christians who are not afraid to discuss controversial sexual topics like anal sex. I think you would enjoy it and would certainly fit in.

      [From MH: As we understand it, Myrrh of the Believers (MOTB) is an offshoot or sub-group of Songs of the Believers. Because of this, we feel comfortable posting the link: ]

  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Very hot story. Coincidentally, just last night I submitted to MH a story recounting our first time with anal sex. It happened very recently and it's actually the only time we've had anal sex but I imagine it'll become a more frequent thing for us. I will say my wife really, really enjoyed it. That said, I didn't cum in her ass–I pulled out and shot my load on her ass and up her back.

    • Suzyzz says:

      Look to be honest it’s not always that I let him shoot off into my a-hole. I prefer him using a condom but if at times I feel a need for anal and no protection is available , I leave the choice to Greg. But he knows that if there’s no protection he will not cum in my mouth. It’s too risky. Also no ways if anal is performed will he insert it into my Vagina. I dont mind sucking him off if it’s only sex in my vagina ,but from anal it definitely a no no. (It did happen a few times, but then we stopped it completely.)

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Yeah. We kind of have the same rule. If there's been any anal contact, then the part of the body that had the anal contact is more or less closed for business for the session. But she absolutely has zero concern about vagina to mouth (including to finish me off in her mouth)–not an issue at all because it doesn't have really any sanitation concerns.

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