Havasupai Falls ~ An Erotic Short

We begin our ten-mile hike to the majestic oasis known as Havasupai Falls with temperatures that would soon rise to three digits.  I feel overjoyed that this day has finally come; it’s almost surreal. Part of my excitement comes from watching you hike in so-snug shorts that accentuate your glutes and highlight your silky smooth, sunblock-glossed tan legs. You walk ahead of me on the trail but look back as I take the first photo of our trip. My heart begins to flutter as your soft hand reaches for mine as we continue our hike. It’s less about where we’re going but who I’m with that makes the experience so enjoyable.

The sun scorches our bodies as we trek the strenuous trails and encounter a turquoise, waist-deep river. I take off my shirt and embrace the heat of the rays on my bare naked chest, and I can’t help but imagine the warmth of your goddess-like body on top of mine.

You stop for a break and sip from your water bottle, and I notice the profuse sweat trailing down from your face to your neck and along the contours of your perky breasts and sliding underneath into your sports bra. You continue trekking through the river, and I hear the sounds of your exertion with each step, leaving me with wild imaginations of making some beastly noise with you tonight.

Before continuing our hike, we take a selfie as I slide my hand to your ass followed by a firm squeeze. I then turn towards you, pull your body close to mine, and place my hands on your face to join our lips. You begin to suck my lower lip, and my hands slowly descend to your waist, slide to your lower back, then to your ass, and a vicious grab follows. You moan and suck harder on my upper lip, and I start to feel hard, tightening my grip on your ass and hugging you closer so that you can feel my strength. You reach down to my groin and feel the erection, but only subtly stroke from the base of my cock and upwards with your finger—ooooh, a nice tickling tease. You then take my hand, and we continue our hike.

At last, we arrive and stand in awe of the Mooney Falls, both of us drenched in sweat. You look at me with a flirtatious smile, drop your gear, and strip down to only your sheer black thong. Diving into the turquoise pool, you swim towards the waterfall. I strip down as well and join you underneath, and the waterfall crashes down on us. You tilt your head back and begin to wash your hair with eyes closed.

I step closer to you from behind and gently wrap my hands around your waist before my soft kiss lands on your nape. Another follows, this time on the side of your neck. My hands glide across your stomach and your breasts, then I slowly move my right hand to your hip. You reach down for my cock and give a nice gentle squeeze, and I whisper in your ear, “Ohhh, babe…”

You then free my cock through the hole of my Infinity Thong and start with a slow gentle stroke, using your palm to massage the tip of the head. I moan, “Hhhnnngggghhhh!!!” indicating how much I enjoy your touch, and you begin to stroke faster and harder. The pleasure is so overwhelming that I lose strength in my legs, so I slowly slide your thong down to your ankles. Kneeling behind you, I caress your inner and outer thighs, kiss behind your knee, then drive my tongue upwards toward the bottom of your ass and give it a kiss.

You whisper, “I love how you kiss my ass.”

I then introduce my finger and dance around your vaginal opening with my fingertips, playing with your clitoris, circling around. Then, to your surprise, I insert two of my middle fingers and intensely circle them around inside of you.

You moan loudly, “Oooohhhh, babe!!!”

The movement pleasures you so much that your legs go weak, so I lift you with my fingers still inside, and we stand up slowly. Gently, I take out my fingers. We face each other and I bring you closer, hugging your hips towards mine. Your tongue dives into my mouth and circles around it while I suck those luscious lips of yours. I can’t wait to go down on you and expose your clitoris, run my tongue around and around it, and suck it.

We begin to dial it down as the sun sets, returning to our campground in only our matching sarongs. There, we set up camp and settle in, preparing to rest in the darkness surrounded by the serene sounds of nature. The birds chirping their evening songs and the bright full moon dimly lights our campsite. We gaze at the stars, lying on our backs with your head resting on my arm, and you put your palm on my inner thigh close to my groin. You begin to slowly walk your fingers up and down my thigh, and my cock rages, desiring to be liberated to feel your touch again as it throbs.

When I slide my fingers underneath your sarong, you straddle me and whisper, “I want your cock… inside of me.”

We remove each other’s sarongs and, still on top, you hold my cock with your index finger and thumb, gently and slowly inserting my penis into your wet vagina. I feel an energetic connection as we make love. Each time you try to ride faster on top of me, my penis slips out, so I switch positions and get on top of you and match each thrust to the chirps of the birds. Single thrust… double… triple… I begin to make an animalistic grunt in your ear as I attempt to go for continuous powerful thrusts. After hours of lovemaking, we both reach a point of exhaustion, sweating profusely.

I finish by kissing your lips, the tip of your nose, then your forehead.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    I loved the imagery in your story! One of my fantasies would follow much of your storyline. My wife and I have been to some amazing and beautiful places… but I agree with you that it’s more about who I’m with than where we are going. Thanks for sharing.

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