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I’ve thought of asking this question for some time but kept putting it off. Then a little bit ago, Chloe asked the women what their Favorite Sex Toy was and got some great responses, so it motivated me to write this post. 

It’s your turn, guys. What are your favorite sex toys? I don’t mean your favorite to pleasure your wife, but ones that are meant for you. Granted, some may have the dual purpose of giving her pleasure, too, like a vibrating cock ring. Whether it is a toy you use for solo or couple’s play (or both), let’s hear what you like. Are there some that you particularly like your wife to use on you? Ladies, do you have a favorite to pleasure him with? And for the kinkier ones out there, I’d like to know toys that might be used on the man for mild Dom/Sub play.

It’s not too early to start those Christmas wish lists, so let’s have lots of ideas! 

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Quite honestly, my wife loves to be my toy. She would say that. But when she's not available, I am a bit low-fi in that I use some Astroglide and my left hand. It feels so good. If I'm traveling, we enjoy virtual sex.

  2. Tulsa says:

    I have no toys, but my wife has sure got me with the magic wand plenty of times! Gets the job done, for both of us, in short order!
    I've also used it when she was away, but past that, nothing of my own.

  3. LoveMySexyWife says:

    My favorite toys ,,, we have several:
    1. Vibrating Anal Vibrator Prostate Massager with Thrusting Ring Up & Down 8 Vibration 3 Speeds Thrusting Ring Moves Up & Down Inside- With its innovative patent pending thrusting ring inside this prostate stimulator, It moves up and down to give me 360 degrees all around anal prostate stimulation. With its ergonomic design can stimulate the P-spot, anus and perineum simultaneously. Easy insertion and precise stimulation. With Wireless Remote Control. Can also be used on her – very good on her G-Spot. Easily washable silicone.
    2. Set of three Luxury Jewelry Design Fetish Stainless Steel Anal Butt Plugs. Large+Medium+Small Anal Stimulation – sometimes I get naughty and wear one of them while I'm working out. We use these on both of us. We both like anal stimulation.
    3. Silicone anal beads – sometimes my beloved will fuck me with these. Again this is for both of us.
    4. She will sometimes get me with her magic wand if I have a hard time coming to finish me off. I am in my 60's!
    5. Occassionally I like a litttle roughness we have a small kinky litle spanking paddle for getting my nipples inflamed.
    6. We have a cock ring too!
    And she has a lot of toys too ,,, and we're into sharing a lot!

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    My favorite toy for pleasuring my husband (not counting any body parts) is a strap-on dildo. With that tool, I can give him both the stretching sensation and prostate stimulation that send him into long, full-body orgasms. There is no greater feeling of benevolent power than to see him in that state of ecstatic frenzy and know that *I* gave him that. He loves when I take charge of his pleasure and never fails to duly reward my submissive dominance.

    He enjoys many of his own toys, as well: two different designs of Aneros, an anal vibrator from Lelo called the Hugo, two different Fleshlights with a shower-wall mount… And like many respondents, he'll occasionally use my Magic Wand on his penis.

    We have also played with sounding and have a set of glass rods of different diameters that we like a lot better than the silicone set we first tried. One of the most fun things we've done with those is for him to insert one, then let me suck it in and out of my mouth without moving my head. That makes it thrust gently inside his shaft with an indescribable sensation.

    • uncharted territory says:

      I’m curious, what is sounding? Thrust inside the shaft? I don’t quite understand what you’re describing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Basically, yes. Sounding rods are used by doctors to stretch the urethra where it has narrowed and blocks urine flow. But I guess someone figured out that, because it feels amazing, there would be a market for them. Rez can feel it rub the inside of his prostate, especially when we use the end with the ball on it. We have a set of ten in graduated sizes. They come in surgical stainless steel too, and we have some of those with a curve to them which adds a different dimension to the feeling. But we both really prefer lubed glass. (We use coconut oil to slick it; best to avoid anything that could feed bacteria.)

      Should I write a story about these?

    • uncharted territory says:

      It sounds like that would hurt, putting something up the pee hole. But now I’m really curious. If you have a story about sounding, I’d read it. Thanks for the explanation!

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