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I’ve thought of asking this question for some time but kept putting it off. Then a little bit ago, Chloe asked the women what their Favorite Sex Toy was and got some great responses, so it motivated me to write this post. 

It’s your turn, guys. What are your favorite sex toys? I don’t mean your favorite to pleasure your wife, but ones that are meant for you. Granted, some may have the dual purpose of giving her pleasure, too, like a vibrating cock ring. Whether it is a toy you use for solo or couple’s play (or both), let’s hear what you like. Are there some that you particularly like your wife to use on you? Ladies, do you have a favorite to pleasure him with? And for the kinkier ones out there, I’d like to know toys that might be used on the man for mild Dom/Sub play.

It’s not too early to start those Christmas wish lists, so let’s have lots of ideas! 

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Quite honestly, my wife loves to be my toy. She would say that. But when she's not available, I am a bit low-fi in that I use some Astroglide and my left hand. It feels so good. If I'm traveling, we enjoy virtual sex.

  2. Tulsa says:

    I have no toys, but my wife has sure got me with the magic wand plenty of times! Gets the job done, for both of us, in short order!
    I've also used it when she was away, but past that, nothing of my own.

  3. LoveMySexyWife says:

    My favorite toys ,,, we have several:
    1. Vibrating Anal Vibrator Prostate Massager with Thrusting Ring Up & Down 8 Vibration 3 Speeds Thrusting Ring Moves Up & Down Inside- With its innovative patent pending thrusting ring inside this prostate stimulator, It moves up and down to give me 360 degrees all around anal prostate stimulation. With its ergonomic design can stimulate the P-spot, anus and perineum simultaneously. Easy insertion and precise stimulation. With Wireless Remote Control. Can also be used on her – very good on her G-Spot. Easily washable silicone.
    2. Set of three Luxury Jewelry Design Fetish Stainless Steel Anal Butt Plugs. Large+Medium+Small Anal Stimulation – sometimes I get naughty and wear one of them while I'm working out. We use these on both of us. We both like anal stimulation.
    3. Silicone anal beads – sometimes my beloved will fuck me with these. Again this is for both of us.
    4. She will sometimes get me with her magic wand if I have a hard time coming to finish me off. I am in my 60's!
    5. Occassionally I like a litttle roughness we have a small kinky litle spanking paddle for getting my nipples inflamed.
    6. We have a cock ring too!
    And she has a lot of toys too ,,, and we're into sharing a lot!

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    My favorite toy for pleasuring my husband (not counting any body parts) is a strap-on dildo. With that tool, I can give him both the stretching sensation and prostate stimulation that send him into long, full-body orgasms. There is no greater feeling of benevolent power than to see him in that state of ecstatic frenzy and know that *I* gave him that. He loves when I take charge of his pleasure and never fails to duly reward my submissive dominance.

    He enjoys many of his own toys, as well: two different designs of Aneros, an anal vibrator from Lelo called the Hugo, two different Fleshlights with a shower-wall mount… And like many respondents, he'll occasionally use my Magic Wand on his penis.

    We have also played with sounding and have a set of glass rods of different diameters that we like a lot better than the silicone set we first tried. One of the most fun things we've done with those is for him to insert one, then let me suck it in and out of my mouth without moving my head. That makes it thrust gently inside his shaft with an indescribable sensation.

    • uncharted territory says:

      I’m curious, what is sounding? Thrust inside the shaft? I don’t quite understand what you’re describing.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Basically, yes. Sounding rods are used by doctors to stretch the urethra where it has narrowed and blocks urine flow. But I guess someone figured out that, because it feels amazing, there would be a market for them. Rez can feel it rub the inside of his prostate, especially when we use the end with the ball on it. We have a set of ten in graduated sizes. They come in surgical stainless steel too, and we have some of those with a curve to them which adds a different dimension to the feeling. But we both really prefer lubed glass. (We use coconut oil to slick it; best to avoid anything that could feed bacteria.)

      Should I write a story about these?

    • uncharted territory says:

      It sounds like that would hurt, putting something up the pee hole. But now I’m really curious. If you have a story about sounding, I’d read it. Thanks for the explanation!

    • uncharted territory says:

      I’d still be interested in a story or advice post about sounding. It has me intrigued.

    • tinwaiting says:

      @CrazyHappyLoved, I would be really interested in reading a story about sounding. It doesn’t sound (no pun intended!) like it would feel good to me, but I’m certainly intrigued by the “indescribable sensation” you said it brings your husband.

  5. HoneyPot92 says:

    Recently bought a ManWand. You can stroke or, as I prefer, just wrap it on the head and let it do the rest. Works equally well on wife. She likes it better than the hitachi — easier to hold and no cords.

  6. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Thanks all y’all for your responses. Some great insight, some unique options I was unfamiliar with, and one that is just a little too uncomfortable to think about (sorry CHL, glad y’all enjoy it but I’ll pass on the sounding rods). If there is one thing I can take away from this though, it’s that we need a magic wand. I’ve read about wands in other stories as well, and have always been unsure of them. I think I’m convinced that we need to add one to our repertoire. Any suggestions on brands? Should we stick with the “Original”? Corded or cordless? Any brands to stay away from?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Not a problem! Lol! I know I'm pretty fringe. 😜

      As for the wand, we went with the original corded Hitachi because I read reviews saying that the cordless was less powerful.

  7. Tulsa says:

    Speaking for my wife and myself, a Magic Wand is great choice! It works for her, and is her 'go to' toy, and, it works for me as well. If I use a toy while she's not around, or if she uses one on me, it's the Wand!
    We only have experience with the corded Hitachi. It's a 2-speed, but I think most brands are. We have to deal with the cord, but it's not a big deal whatsoever. Maybe we are just used to it?
    Advantage for a corded one, is no batteries. A lot of newer toys & tools, have un-replaceable batteries. Batteries won't charge anymore, and your wand becomes a Unmagical stick. I don't know if they are made with replaceable batteries, but if they are, that would be a better route than just rechargeable.
    Our Hitachi is somewhere around 30 years old. If we figure the OPkWh, (Orgasms Per Kilowatt-hour) it's got a whole lot of miles on it!

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      “OPkWh”!! LOL that’s great. I love it. Thanks for the insight. Seeing as it was designed to be a body massager and one sex toy reviewer said it’s still worth the purchase even if that’s all you use it for, I may go with the corded one. I think it’s bound to get a lot of use.

    • Tulsa says:

      Don't worry! It will massage the 'important' parts of both your bodies too! It does a better job than anything else we own that vibrates, and we have a drawer full!
      If my wife or I take the end of the thing, and hold it on the base of my cock, vertical more or less, with my balls laying over the side of it, the head of my cock is so swollen and hard it's shiny, before I blast off. And it doesn't take long!
      (be careful where you aim yourself!)

  8. Mike2020 says:

    Honestly my favourite sex toy is my wife’s panties from our laundry basket or straight from her lingerie drawer. I run them through my fingers and enjoy the smell of her perfume and her juices. I stroke them slowly and smoothly across my erect penis, especially its erection sensitised head. I run them over my scrotum and between my legs. Sometimes my wife does that for me herself. As I feel the smooth satin or cotton against my naked body I remember the feel of her lips and light fingers. I put her panties on and savour the soft feel of them taut over my hard penis, and the erotic sight of my penis bulging against them. Then I take them off and either I masturbate over them thinking of my wife’s naked body, or the hand jobs she gives me over them. Other than my wife herself, nothing gives me greater erotic pleasure than playing with her panties.

  9. LoveAll says:

    I get my sex toys from paloqueth. They have a sleeve and a 'body' that is a pussy and butt that is really great. Ive tried some of the other toys mentioned and have a hard time getting dildos n by myself. The only problem with bodies dolls is what it can make me think about that is not permissible here. They have one with boobs too that I'm going to get this year.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Too clarify, we don't mean to put limits on what you think about. We do caution that fantasizing about a particular "other" who could not rightfully be yours can *lead to* sinful action. But, yes, the content on MH (both stories and comments) is geared toward encouraging sexiness between husband and wife.

  10. YumYum says:

    My husband never has a need to masturbate as long as I'm around. I told him before we were married that I would gladly take care of his hard on any time he wanted. I also take care of his hard cock whenever I want as well. The only time he takes care of himself is when I'm gone for a while out of town. If he's horny and knows I'll be with him soon, he'll wait for me & saves his cum for me. He wakes up alone with a hard cock often & cums easily first thing. He gets off in the shower sometimes on his own too. We have a industrial strength wand vibrator that I use sometimes & it works very well on him as well. It's very intense if used carefully. The underside near the head of his cock is the place that gets the most attention. It makes for a very squirmy & prolonged orgasm. It's a very nice tool, or should I say toy?

  11. Etazini says:

    In the past I used a Fleshlight. It felt extremely good and I loved using it. I do not currently have one anymore though, but if my wife does support it at some point, I could see myself getting one again.

  12. Salcpl says:

    So many of you have mentioned the hitachi magic wand as good for the man. Please share how you use it on your husband, or how your wife uses it on you, if you are the husband. I’ve had one for years and use it on my wife occasionally. It definitely makes her orgasm, but so do many other things, mainly my tongue. I’m always looking to keep things exciting.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Anywhere you are most sensitive is a great place for her to use it on you. One place I’ve found enjoyable is when she presses it against my perineum up under my balls. It is powerful enough that with good pressure it can stimulate the prostrate from there. If you’re into it, it feels good on the ass as well. I mentioned in my story Wand Magic ( ) how after doing this to her, she said she would return that favor sometime. She has since done it and it felt great. There are also some great attachments for the wand. We recently got a penis stroker for ours and it is wonderful. I hope to write that up soon. There are also prostate massage attachments as well. Enjoy.

  13. Mr.Lover says:

    I do not have any sex toys, but I am considering buying a fleshlight. I have used a blender. I remove the blade and use it like a vibrator while thinking of my future wife.

  14. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi CrazyHappyLoved,

    A blender can give a pleasant vibrator sensation on my dick. Like I said, I just remove the blade from the blender. I did not know that it could be used to masterbate. However, I once read an article about household items that you can use to masterbate with and went from there.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Do you mean a stick blender or the kind with a pitcher on top? If the pitcher, I really need more details to be able to figure this one out.

  15. Loving Guy says:

    Speaking of sex toys, my Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker in Black arrived in the mail a few days ago. This weekend, I used it when my parents went out to dinner. (I still live at home.) My mom usually asks for help making my dinner when she and my dad are going out; however, she must have realized that I was too excited about my new purchase to be helpful. The cool thing about the vibration stroker is that it is waterproof. That means that I can use it in the shower and the bath. In fact, after my parents left and I had dinner, I jumped into the bath and had some fun with my new toy.

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