Try Not to Scream

It was the first weekend of Fall, and some friends of ours were going to be speaking at a conference just a few hours away.  My wife really wanted to go hear them speak and spend a weekend having fun.  I agreed, and she made all the arrangements.  She found a Fall sale at one of the resorts that included entry into the water park, tickets to a show, minigolf and go-cart passes, two large pizzas, and a ten-dollar pass to play at the arcade.  There was only one catch: the kids were coming with us and had to share our hotel room. I was still excited to go but a little bummed that we would not have our own room so we could have wild hotel sex.  This could very well be a sex-free weekend. 

The day finally arrived for us to leave.  We loaded up the car with bags and kids and made the six-hour drive.  It was a Friday, so we had to wait for school to let out before leaving, meaning we didn’t arrive until late in the evening.  We put the kids to bed and then enjoyed a nice shower together.  Then we kissed a bit and fondled each other, but that was the end of our fun for the evening. Knowing we had a long, fun-filled day on Saturday, we headed to bed.

Saturday was amazing.  We spent all morning at the water park, stopping only because we got hungry.  We ate our pizza lunch then enjoyed a round of minigolf, raced in the go-carts, and played in the arcade.  Evening came, and it was finally time for our friends’ speech.  While they spoke, the kids continued playing on the inflatable toys at the event center.  We got back to the room around 9 p.m. and got all three kids bathed and put in bed.  They were so tired they fell asleep almost immediately.

We then took our own shower—which, of course, led to more kissing and fondling.  Unlike Friday night, however, our fun did not end here.  After drying off, we settled into our bed and put a movie on.  The light from the television illuminated the kids’ faces enough for us to tell they were out for the night.

I quietly slid completely under the covers and began licking my wife’s pussy.  My hands wander around her body while my tongue did its work.  I grabbed her beautiful boobs, rubbed up and down her thighs, and teased her entire pubic area.  I could hear her breathing getting heavier; she certainly enjoyed every sensation.  I shifted to kneeling on the floor, keeping my head under the covers, and she adjusted her position on the bed to dangle her legs off the edge but kept her body covered by the sheets.  My tongue continued its attack on her clit, lips, and vagina.  Her wetness covered my lips and smeared all over my face as I savored her sweet taste and scent.

Normally, my wife gets very loud when she orgasms from my oral attention; she will moan, scream, and quite often yells out, “Yessss!”  We had to move our master bedroom to the bottom floor of our house so she wouldn’t wake the kids when she orgasms.  Being loud was not an option today, though—the kids were in the room with us, only a few feet away.

The tell-tale movement of her hips told me she was going to cum very soon.  I stopped licking momentarily and said, “Shhhh, you don’t want to wake them up, do you?”

Without saying a word, she pushed my head back to her pussy and continued to grind on my face as my tongue resumed its work.  Within seconds, her legs clamped down on my head, her body shook uncontrollably, and she nearly hyperventilated as she tried to have a quiet orgasm.  As her tremors lessened, we looked at each other under the glow of the television and smiled, knowing how well she did at cumming quietly. She then looked at my enormous erection and turned onto her side—face towards the kids, ass towards me.  It was my turn to have some quiet fun under the covers.

I returned to the bed and slid my pulsing cock deep into her soaking wet pussy.  Then I began pumping away, grabbing her lovely tits with my left hand while kissing and sucking on her neck.  I was so turned on from eating her pussy that I knew I wouldn’t last long.  As I approached my own orgasm, I moved my left hand from her boobs to her mouth, inserting my finger and whispering to her, “Suck my cum out.”

She complied, sucking on my finger like it was my cock, taking it all the way into her mouth and sliding her tongue along its length.  This always gets me to the finish line.  As she sucked my finger, I gave her pussy a few more pumps with my cock before unloading and filling her with a thick load of cum.  I’m not normally as loud as she is when I cum, but I still had to stifle my moans to keep from waking the children.

I lay there with my cock inside her, continuing to nuzzle her neck and grope her boobs until my erection subsided.  Then I pulled out and tiptoed naked to the bathroom to grab a towel for cleanup.  We dressed for the night and finished our movie before falling into a well-deserved sleep.

We headed home after breakfast on Sunday.  The kids enjoyed their fun-filled day, and my wife and I enjoyed our pleasure-filled evening, even though we had to keep quiet.  Sharing our hotel room with the kids was not ideal, but we were able to make it work.

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15 replies
  1. Maxlove says:

    Love it!!!
    A new spin on that wonderfully impossible situation where you have to be quiet in the bedroom, and your own marriage bed. Everything in you, or your partner wants to scream.
    Wonderful, impossible, but you guys did it.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    Ditto! Had several hotel nights exactly as you described in your story. The kids in a bed less than 3 ft away makes for great memories. Those were the days, my friend!

  3. LovingMan says:

    By the way, I loved your story. If you think about it, there were eras in history where many people had one room houses or tents, or tepees & etc. Under the covers with the kids sleeping nearby was your only option. Remember the scene from the movie: “Dances With Wolves?”

    • TLC2383 says:

      Yes, this situation is not normal for our time, but over the course of history it was a standard practice.

  4. LoversNtx says:

    That was a wonderful story. We have also had similar experiences. There was something so intense about coming together and trying to be quiet, with the kids asleep just feet away. I know my wife felt even wetter than normal!

  5. Giants05 says:

    Omg this story is hot and encouraging ! I remember reading this story a few months back and tonight we found ourselves in a similar situation. We were so lucky when we went to check in they were out of studio suites so we got a 2 bedroom (think I'm going to write a story on this lol). My wife was going to bed w our little one and I went in the other room and sent this to her and 5 mins later she crawled into my bed totally nude. So hot we are getting ready to go at it again . Hotel sex is so hot

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