She’s Home

She was home. Finally. I had longed for her since sunrise when she had left in a hurry, leaving me to tend the slow burn in my loins, like a campfire ignited hours ago—small, glowing-red embers that burned super hot.

But now, she was home.

I drew her up the stairs, but she didn’t need to be coaxed. She wanted it bad, and my girl gets what she wants.

Off came the shirt together with the bra, flung like a single garment to God knows where. We divided up the rest without a word as she unhooked my belt and I jettisoned my shirt. Off came the pants. Off came her pants… but the panties would stay.

She’ll get what she wants—but I’ll decide when.

“Oh [name 😉 ],” I moaned, breathless after forgetting to inhale.

“I want you so bad,” she responded. Say no more.

Off to work, I went, grabbing her thigh and kissing my way toward the heat source. Skipping past that, I threw my attention into her breasts, my favorite part of our foreplay. Now left, now right, and back again, I used hands, lips, and tongue in every way that I knew she liked. I was already hard.

She wanted it tonight.

I gave her neck some attention and her cheek. We finally kissed, looked into each other’s eyes for a second, and smiled. Back to the passion now, I told myself, and I gave her breasts more of the affection she craved. It was time to suck on those nipples. These breasts! The sight and feel of them thrilled me with every touch. And I didn’t stop sucking on them until I heard the particular moans I was listening for, the moans that told me she was ready.

She had beat me to it. Turning my attention to her lotus flower, I saw her right hand already there, deep inside her panties and pleasuring her body like the naughty girl I love her to be. I love it when she touches herself, I thought.

Just then, she reached over with her other hand and took hold of my hard dick. Nothing beats that feeling when she tugs me there. A few good primes and I was ready for the main event.

Off came the panties.

I lay myself down on top of her and got my cock into position. Her pussy was so wet and my dick so hard that I slid right in. She let out a sound that was half-moan and half-word. “Yessssss,” she said as I started thrusting, carrying both of us away into new realms of pleasure.

“I love you, baby,” I whispered into her ear.

“I love you too, my perfect man,” she answered.

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5 replies
  1. SamtheMan says:

    Traditional sex. Seems vanilla but is still great. I might "insert" the missionary position in this story which would make it a typical session that my wife and I have. My wife thinks this is the best. I like more spice, action, adventure, etc but she is very conservative and pleasing her is what it is really all about.

  2. WeldersWife says:

    I felt the passion in this 🔥. For me personally, that last I love you melts me every time. I also enjoy hearing it during the action ❤️. Such a raw and vulnerable experience between spouses to join as one and express their love for one another.

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