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I think it is safe to assume that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is a pretty sound and accurate statement when it comes to sex. That being the case, I thought it might be interesting to visit Venus and find out exactly what different idea women hold concerning sex, as well as what sexual things women find to be of similar interest to them and their husbands.

First question would be to you wives out there: Men are known to be visually stimulated sexually. I don’t think that there’s any contradictory evidence to that fact. My wife tells me that she’s not very visually stimulated. For instance, she’s told me that seeing a picture of naked guy doesn’t rev her up. Crossing paths with an attractive guy, she doesn’t stop and think about him in a sexual way. How many of you wives out there are prone to being visually stimulated? How many of you find a guy’s body to be something that you might “check out” in the same fashion men would do when seeing an attractive women?

Another question would be one specific to your marriage: What is about your husband that makes you horny? What is it that causes you to go from being not all that interested in sex with him to the point of you feeling like, “I gotta have some of that?” I ask because men, as we all know, have a very easy trip mechanism when it comes to being in need of “some of that.”

Oral sex; how many of you ladies out there in MH land give your husband blow jobs simply as an act of wanting to please him? And how many of you on the other hand find that giving head is not only a turn on for him but for you as well?

How many of you wives find that you’re aroused by your husband’s attention to your breasts? And countering that question; for how many  find the pleasure of having “your girls” fondled and sucked on is more about your husbands pleasure in doing so rather than something that directly causes your arousal?

Outside of the bedroom, what things unrelated to sex might your husband do that cause you to want to have sex with him?

How many of you ladies would agree to go to a topless beach with your husband if he asked you? And how many of you might agree to hit the sands of a “clothing optional” if he desired it.  Would you be willing to go topless? (Asking this one because it’s always been one of my fantasies to see my wife topless on a beach somewhere).

So, there you have it. Just a short survey to discover just how far apart the planets of Mars and Venus really are in relation to married sex. Side Bar: it’s wonderful to know that the gift of sex given to marriage is being fully and frequently unwrapped by Christian couples such as yourselves!

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10 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Speaking for my wife on question 1, she is as visual as I am when it comes to sex! I figured this out years ago, when she was giving me a handy one night, and as I was getting close to cumming, she jumped up, turned on the light, and said, 'I want to see this!'.
    I also caught her masturbating, and she was using pictures of us as stimulation. No doubt about that, as she had pics all around her on the bed!
    And, just a few weeks ago after I went to bed already, she called me and asked if I could do something for her real quick in the kitchen. 'You don't need to get dressed' she said. 'It'll only take a second.'. So I wander out there, not a stitch on, and ask what she wanted. She says 'Nothing. I just wanted to watch your parts flop around!' She got me again. It's happened more than once! (No, I don't mind!)
    So, I guess she doesn't fit the norm!

  2. LovingMan says:

    My wife is less visually stimulated than I. But it does not mean that she is not visually stimulated at all. We both comment on how attractive someone is. And she likes to see me dressed up nicely. Although retired we both get fully dressed in decent clothing everyday. We rarely spend a day lounging around in old sweats. We play dress up sometimes with her in sexy lingerie and me in thematic boxer shorts. She loves to pull the boxers down for the “pop-up toy” reveal!

  3. Hotnorthern says:

    I’m still single, but as a lady I find myself often visually stimulated. I like good looking guys, but for me to really want them I need to see kindness in them. That said, I often say guys shouldn’t go topless on the beach if they don’t want me to look at them. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to have sex with them (I’m waiting for marriage, so no), but I definitely admire their assets. 😆 I check out guys behinds every now and then too. I admire their strong arms and legs, the manly chiseled chin. I would say I am visually stimulated but need to see kindness and respect and honour from a man before I really desire to date or be with him. I often dream of the things I would do to please my husband someday. I don’t understand the idea of shutting off the lights. I want to be able to see his eyes and facial expressions when that day finally comes. 😁

    • LovingMan says:

      My wife & I use three halite lamps. They are chunks of rock salt with a light inside. They cast a kind of firelight glow in the room. We almost never make love in the dark.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Thanks for sharing! I think it’s totally healthy for a Christian single to be actively fantasizing about stuff they one day plan to do with their spouse. A good jack or jill will relieve some of that natural sexual desire in a healthy way!

  4. Grace911 says:

    Great questions. I'm nearly as visually stimulated as my husband, but I'm also highly turned on by what he says and sounds he makes. What sends me over the moon is when he SAYS exactly what he wants to do or have done to him. For example, yesterday morning, as I sat in bed perusing my tablet, out of the blue he demanded, "I want you to get ready because I'm going to come back and suck on your delicious tits!" My pussy's response was instantaneous as it spasmed and I jumped, letting out an involuntary moan. He knows so well what gets me going! I ended up having an incredible orgasm! Another thing that gets me really revved up is when he whispers fantasies to me with his cock inside me. Hmmmm! Re a topless or nude beach, absolutely I would go! It's he who is reluctant, I suspect because he's afraid he'd have a constant erection. 😏

  5. SamtheMan says:

    From 40 yrs experience with my wife who is very conservative and won't read MarriageHeat so I'm probably answering from the most conversative side of your questions:

    My wife isn't visually turned on.

    Oral sex; only 6 blow jobs I can remember, and I had to insist on the last 5. Hmmmm? I give her oral a minimum of 6 times per month.

    How many of you wives find that you’re aroused by your husband’s attention to your breasts? She loves it when I fondle her breasts. I've been able to get her to orgasm by playing with just her breasts. I must be a master of this.

    How many of you ladies would agree to go to a topless beach with your husband if he asked you? And how many of you might agree to hit the sands of a “clothing optional” if he desired it. I can positively answer this for my wife. NEVER! under any circumstances!

  6. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Need more women to chime in here! Finally got a chance to get my wife's take on these questions. The below are direct quotes from her.

    Is she visually stimulated? "Yes. Of course."

    What is it that causes her to go from being not all that interested in sex with me to the point of her feeling like, “I gotta have some of that?” Her answer: "Basically knowing you're gonna fuck me hard."

    On her breasts being fondled? "You know I love that." My take as her husband: Pleasuring her breasts is the gateway to her pussy.

    On giving me head: "It's one of my favorite things." My take: That it's one of her favorite things is backed up by solid evidence. Trust me.

    On what I do outside the bedroom to get her turned on: "Basically just telling me you want to get it on is enough. Also, seeing you in environments where you're in charge turns me on."

    On going topless or clothing optional: "Depends on the situation but probably. I'm proud of my body, you know?" My take: She has gone topless a good bit when we go backcountry camping and backpacking and once we went all out nude at a beach in Kauai.

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