Toy Review: NJoy Pure Wand

Jill and I wrote this review together. Her comments are in italics.

We recently purchased the NJoy Pure Wand. OK, to tell the truth, we purchased a copy of it on Amazon. We didn’t get the cheapest one (who wants the cheapest for that kind of play???). We got the best knock-off we could find, but was still half the price of the original. It came in a pretty little box. Nice presentation. Keystone Jill liked that.

I thought the quality was just as good as what we saw in the review videos. It had a nice finish and weight to it. We joked about building a pretty stand to display it in our bedroom like a little sculpture. It looks classy. It is sleek and sexy and smart! If you accidentally leave it out, it’s not obvious that it is a sex toy. It could be a back massager or some other device. It’s not a pink silicone rabbit or flesh-colored copy of Jack’s manhood.

The first thing we did was wash it well. It’s stainless steel, but we scrub our toys no matter what. We had read some reviews and watched some videos, so we knew what we wanted to do with it. After scrubbing it well, we warmed it with water. The first time, I ended up over-warming it. Jill let me know right away that I needed to let it cool, which took a while—the metal really holds the heat. Body temperature is best.

I could tell it was warm to the touch with my hands, but on the sensitive skin, it felt much hotter. The difference between how it felt with my hand and how it felt on my most sensitive spot really surprised me. I certainly didn’t want it to be cold, but too hot didn’t work either.

We knew from our research that the big end needed to be inserted. Some foreplay was definitely in order! We mutually decided that my tongue on her smooth intimate skin was the best way to prep her for insertion.

Once she was nicely aroused and naturally lubricated, the big end of the wand slid in with firm pressure. Jill was laying on her back with her knees up. I knew right away this was going to be fun. The weight of the wand does a lot of the work; it is surprisingly heavy. Based on our research, I held my end up and pressed the wand inward toward her cervix. Once I felt resistance, that let me know I was all the way in. I lowered my end, creating upward pressure on her end, and slowly pulled outward. It was very obvious from the sounds she made that the motion and pressure were right. I slowly repeated the process. Again, her response was very positive. I continued this motion several times enjoying her response.

The scooping motion makes me very wet. It is a sensation unlike any other toy. The scooping action and the shape make it feel more subtle and more of a caress instead of a thrust or vibration. It’s very smooth, very relaxing. Most of the time, when you get aroused, things get tighter. The relaxing effect made me much wetter much faster.

Occasionally, I would reach the wand all the way in and lightly jog my end up and down. This motion caused her end to tap her A-spot deep inside. Again, very positive responses from her. The other motion I tried was a quicker but careful in-and-out motion while keeping downward pressure on my end. This forced her end up against the front wall and rubbed it vigorously between her A-spot and her G-spot. She could only handle this in shorter durations due to the intensity.

The variety of motions provided good change, but the scooping motions were my favorite.

This was all very exciting for me. The wet sounds were incledibly arousing, and a thick white cream was gathering around the shaft of the wand where it met her inner lips. Out of curiosity, I slid the wand out, and it brought about a tablespoon or more of thick white cream with it. A few weeks later, I licked her clean after using the wand. The cream is almost tasteless but very arousing to lap up!

I was amazed at how wet I was! I quickly became very sloppy, and I could hear it. I didn’t feel much difference as far as wetness was concerned, but I could certainly hear it. Keystone Jack was amazed at the wetness, the cream, and the mess I was making.

The intensity of the whole experience finally got the best of her, and she asked me to withdraw the wand and insert my cock. I was only too happy to oblige. The wand had caused her inner walls to swell. It was incredibly soft and sloppy in there. It didn’t take long for me to mingle my cream with her own.

It heightened the intensity of all the sensations as he entered me. Everything was so much more sensitive.

We had placed two thick towels under her before this experiment. She soaked through both of those, the sheet, and the topper. I’m convinced she was squirting some, but the wand kept it from going very far.

I was shocked at how wet everything was. I couldn’t believe that much came out of me. He wasn’t doing it for all that long. It was surprising how much wetness it brought out of me in that short amount of time.

We have also seen instructional videos for using the wand for prostate milking. While I enjoyed the large end for myself, it actually works best to use the smaller end to manipulate the prostate.

I tried the same motion Jack used on me, but he actually needed the opposite. I had to push my end down while pushing in so that his end pressed as it passed inward over his P-spot. Then I would lift my end as I pulled outward and repeat. This motion eventually began to make him flow a liquid that was white like cum, but thin like pre-cum. It tasted like cum.

While Keystone Jill will almost always use the Hitachi Wand on her clit to reach climax, the NJoy Pure Wand (knock-off) is her favorite insertable toy.

It doesn’t take batteries. It isn’t going to stop working just when you need it. And it’s quiet. Even if we have complete privacy, the noise some toys make can be very distracting at a time when I want to focus on the sensations and pleasure! I came very fast after all of the internal stimulation. It is certainly my favorite!

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  1. SouthernHeat says:

    I have a glass A-spot wand. I wrote a story about my first experience w/ it called "I Love Fireflies." I love the A-spot stimulation; it makes me very wet. I bet I would really enjoy this stainless toy!!!!!


  2. Salcpl says:

    I am very interested in purchasing this toy. It sounds incredible. I’m always looking for something new to use with my wife. I thought I had every toy we needed, but now I am reconsidering my decision. You two sound amazing! Similar to me and my wife, except she’s not as open about talking to others or being online shopping for toys.

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