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She was teasing me…and I loved it.

Lauren had just gotten off her Peloton and was about to get cleaned up. Having returned home from my own workout, I stepped out of the shower to find her undressing in the bathroom. Watching her strip as if to entertain me, I immediately guessed her intentions—especially since our son was at a friend’s house. We were all alone on this late Saturday morning as the sun beamed into our bathroom and bedroom.

Just the weekend prior, we’d had anal sex for the first time, and she loved it. I still was kind of processing it—how I felt about my penis being in my wife’s ass—but she had clearly loved it. The whole week since our anal escapade, there was this sexual energy coming from her, and we’d managed to get in a few quickies. But today, with the house all to ourselves, it was clear she had plans. I wondered if she wanted to do anal again.

First, she peeled off her yoga pants, revealing she had on no panties (not super unusual for her). Then came her jogging bra, uncovering her cute breasts. Next, she paraded around the bathroom as I toweled off, walking over to the sink to get a drink of water. Spreading her long, slender legs ever so slightly, she bent over to sip some water from the faucet, showing me that beautiful ass and, yes, her asshole. My elegant 5’10” wife with her beautiful curves, whom I assumed from her bent-over position was now inviting more anal penetration, now had my cock rock hard.

Not willing to let this opportunity pass, I dropped my towel and started to jerk myself off. She looked in the mirror and showed amusement at what she saw.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a big smile.

“I’m doing what you clearly want me to do.”

“Which is?”

“Do I need to explain?”

I walked over to the bed and lay down, continuing to stroke my dick. She followed me, reaching over to her nightstand to get something. I figured maybe she was reaching for one of her dildos; maybe she wanted double penetration? But instead of a dildo, she pulled out two sets of toy handcuffs.

I was astounded by what my 47-year-old wife—the mother of our child—had in her hand. “Handcuffs? What are you gonna do with those?” I asked teasingly (but with equal part shock).

She didn’t answer, only smirked as she crawled onto our king-sized bed on her hands and knees. Her eyes locked on mine as I continued to pleasure myself, my joystick hard as a tire iron. She took my hands and handcuffed them to the headboard, her eyes still on mine. Rather than say anything, I just took in this rather interesting moment that revealed a new side of my lady—Dr. Sex Kitten (she’s a surgeon).

It was now about 11:30 in the morning and our bedroom was bathed in sunlight. This was daylight naughtiness to the max.

With my hands secured in the cuffs, she crawled onto me and straddled my face, her pussy mere centimeters from my mouth. Her hoo-haw, as she sometimes likes to call it, appeared silky smooth from a recent shaving and her clit glistened with wetness. I took a big lick, savoring her moisture. She breathed deeply and then started running her hands through my hair. I went right to work, pleasuring her clitoris and occasionally thrusting my tongue in and out of her hole. She reached back and grabbed my throbbing cock with her hand.

The way she was positioned, my mouth was all over her vagina to the extent that her wetness was getting on my chin, upper lip, and nose. I felt like I had her essence completely in my mouth. She was working her hips like we were fucking, totally immersed in the attention I gave her.

When she started to whimper “Yes! Yes! Yes!” (à la “When Harry Met Sally” but much more quietly), I knew she was on the cusp of orgasm. When she’s this close, my approach is to steadily lick her clit, not stopping. Arching her back, she then started to cum, and I could feel the wetness building. She tasted so good and was now cupping her own breasts and licking her own nipples.

I kept eating her out as her orgasm subsided, and then maybe three or four minutes later—BOOM!—she came again. This orgasm appeared even stronger than the first. As her second orgasm waned after a good 30-45 seconds of ecstasy, she looked quite worked over and a bit limp. She again started rubbing her hands through my hair, her eyes now closed. Her wetness coated my face and her flavor filled my mouth. I had fully tasted my bride.

Silence and stillness reigned for nearly a minute as she continued to straddle me, her pussy still pressed against my mouth. I started licking again, and then she laughed, teasing me by saying, “Time to get dressed.”

She unlocked the cuffs, and then I slammed her to the bed, yelling “Bitch!” (She loves to be called “bitch” when we’re in bed.) 

“What do you want?” she asked in a rather slutty manner. She spread her legs and masturbated as I once again started pleasuring myself, my cock absolutely hard as granite and oozing with pre-cum. I grabbed the cuffs from her other hand. She pretended to not want to give them to me, but she eventually did. I cuffed both of her hands to the headboard and got on my knees next to her. 

She had an incredible sexually-charged look on her face and started licking her lips. She didn’t need to say it but I knew what Lauren wanted—my dick in her mouth. And then she said it: “I wanna suck your cock, baby.”

“And you want my cum, too?” I asked as a follow-up.

“Uh-huh,” she answered.

Game on.

Holding my cock in my hands, I hovered my dick over her face, just close enough to her mouth for her to get a lick of my pre-cum. She took another lick and seemed to savor the salty ooze, and I felt overwhelmed with sexual desire. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Our eyes locked. I slapped my cock against her tongue, giving her another taste of my juice, and then slid my phallus into her warm, inviting mouth.

She started sucking me off with true purpose. I kind of missed her hands because she knows how to use them ever so skillfully during blowjobs, but her mouth still felt so good. Her eyes remained on mine as my cock thrust in and out of her mouth. I gently gave her a bit more of my cum gun, and she gladly accepted, taking at least ¾ of my cock  in her mouth. I was within inches of exploding and she knew it… and wanted it. She was now bobbing her head back and forth very rhythmically, working me over with her expert skill set.

Finally, I just couldn’t hold it; I took my cock from her mouth and started jerking myself off (typically she would still be in control, but as she was cuffed, I took matters into my own hand.) She stuck out her tongue, her eyes—still locked with mine—giving a clear invitation for me to unleash. My back suddenly arched and then…

Sperm rocketed out of me, landing on her chin, tongue, cheeks, nose and forehead. Another spurt. Then another that landed in her hair. This was an impressive load that she teased out of me. I looked down and saw her very pretty face quite messy from my cum and her tongue covered in sperm. She swallowed, then smiled and opened her mouth, inviting me to orally reenter her, which I did. She gently sucked on my dick as I softened a bit in her mouth.

I then lay next to her and looked over, admiring what I’d done and, yes, she was still cuffed. In this kind of daylight, which left nothing unnoticed, I wished I’d caught all of what had just happened on our 4K camera.

“There is cum all over my face,” she said with a measure of delight.

“Yeah, for sure,” I replied.

“Are you gonna uncuff me?” she asked.

Rather than tease her, I released her hands from the cuffs. She got up out of the bed and went to the bathroom to clean her face with a washcloth. “I’m a mess,” she said, still showing delight as she turned on the shower.

It’s not like my face wasn’t also a mess from her juices. Walking into the bathroom, I saw my cum still in her hair. We kissed her deeply, tasting the salty traces of what I’d just shot into her mouth and on her face. Then we got in the shower and cleaned up.


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14 replies
  1. BALove says:

    Great story, you are a lucky man. It is hard to beat an oral sex frenzy especially when you have the home to yourself. My wife and I are in a similar age range and love to take advantage of those moments where our entire home is at our disposal to share our passion for on another.

  2. TLC2383 says:

    I've given my wife many facials over the last few years, but she has never been handcuffed for one of them. Might have to try it out. Thanks for sharing this incredibly sexy story with us.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Just make sure she's OK with that! 🙂 My wife was totally into it, wanted it and happily accepted it but not all wives would do the same.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Highly recommend it. Loved the taste of my wife as she had her way with me as I ate her pussy. As for me, as I was about to cum and my wife had her tongue out and was ready for it, it was a very exciting moment. Then…the mess. So fun.

  3. Giants05 says:

    Omg this was hot. No panties and yoga pants is super hot. Been a new thing my wife start doing a few month's ago and I find it super hot.
    Great story to read on a sleepless night at 200am. Decided to read some MH and my wife woke up as well as I sat in my recliner next to the bed and read this to her. Lets just say it was so amazing our pjs are on out bedroom floor as we read this again. We also just ordered a pair of cuffs. First time she licked her own nipples ..so hot. Thanks for always sharing ..def an encouragement to write a second story .

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