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Greg and I had fallen asleep naked after a mammoth session the night before. We’d worn each other out, and my body felt wonderfully used and achy.  Half-awake in the growing light, I felt a cock against my backside and expected an early morning penetration to add to the pleasure.

Greg rubbed his thick cock against my anus, and I felt a sticky liquid spread around it. The slickness allowed him to slide up and down with ease in the cleft between my cheeks. A rush of desire came over me; I was ready.

Greg pulled away a little and repositioned a little more perpendicular to me, then inserted his cock where it belonged—in my pussy. As he drove it in, I lifted a leg, which he grabbed and used as leverage to fuck me with much enthusiasm. I lay still while he rammed my hole so hard that his balls were touching my inner thigh.

Greg’s cock started to swell as my body began to shook and writhed in orgasm. After I came, he pulled out and brought his cock to my mouth. I tasted my own cum juices as I gave him a deep suck and readied my mouth for a massive load.

He released with such force and volume that I couldn’t gulp it all down. I let him fill my mouth, and as he receded, I opened up to show him that he had filled it to the brim. Gradually and slowly, I swallowed, and the taste drove me wild. The little left on my tongue I stuck out at him before I mixed it with my saliva to clean it out.

I didn’t brush my teeth that morning. Instead, I spent the day shopping with the taste of sex in my mouth. I love it.

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5 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Hot, and I love it, and can understand the whole thing too!
    One morning, after a quick tit-fuck in bed, we were sitting in the living room, and I noticed she kept pulling her t-shit collar up over her nose. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me, 'my tits smell like cum!!'
    About 10 minutes later, she pulled her t-shirt off, grabbed me, and told me to fuck & cum on her tits again!
    Smell and taste……are motivators!

  2. Roy Hobbs says:

    Super hot story! Love your desire for the smell and taste of your hubby’s cum! I am the same way with my wife. I never clean up and let her smells and flavors stay on my face and cock for as long as possible.

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