A Last Hurrah

For Ashley and Sam


The thing with life is that it always deals in swings and roundabouts; sometimes you’re up, and other times you are down. Since Ashley’s diagnosis eight months ago, the bond and love between us have developed exponentially. However, the physical lust that was once there has waned as she has grown weaker due to the medication and treatments.

But that’s okay; we have both learned how to live with it in our own way. 

As we celebrate our anniversary this year, we enjoy some excellent food and that bottle of Amarone de Valpolicella we bought ten years ago on that trip to Italy. Ashley only manages one glass, but it’s enough to reminisce about better times. When she says she’s tired, I carry her to bed, help her slide into her checked pajamas, and snuggle in next to her with the duvet tucked in on either side to keep her warm. The room is dark except for the night light in the bathroom, and its low yellow glow illuminates just enough not to be intrusive.

Facing each other in the dark, I sense Ashley smiling and lean in to kiss her good night. I’ve learned to interpret her kisses over the years: tight lips and short pecks tend to indicate love and friendship, but this is not that kind of kiss. Her lips are soft and full, her mouth partially open. The sweetness of the kiss is followed by another.



Sam is thrown by my kiss. I know he’s not expecting me to be amorous, but maybe the wine and the medication have conspired to make me feel playful. I lure him in with another kiss, making my lips soft and wet as I lean in, and this time I inch my body towards him in the bed. I can feel his body heat radiating back at me as we kiss. His lips pressed against mine slightly part, and as I pull away, I let my tongue’s tip just flick his upper lip as I draw back.

Sam pursues. His lips find mine again, and this time his tongue slides softly against mine, the tickle of it sending a shiver between my legs. His hand tucked under his head makes it awkward for him to kiss me, but the other hand moves from his thigh to squeeze the side of my hips as he pulls me closer. When our lips lock again, another surge of pleasure pulses between my legs at the feel of his cock, hard and erect in his shorts, pressing against me.



As Ashley tilts her head to let her tongue explore my mouth, my free hand slips onto her hip and squeezes before climbing the back of her pajama top and pulling her closer to me. Her lips close slowly around mine as she bites my lip gently. With a gentle flow, my fingers move over her shoulders and find her skin, traveling along her collar bone to the base of her neck and find the top button of her pajama shirt. I kiss her lips a little faster as I feel the surge of pleasure in my loins. Moving down her sternum button to button, my practiced fingers unfasten them in the dark before moving back to her hips and onto her back.



Sam’s hand traverses the bottom of my back, and his fingers against my skin send another pulse between my legs. It has been so long since I have been touched like this. His fingers move up my backbone, feeling every peak and valley of my spine, the touch sending a tingle over my skin.

His hands wrapped over my back as his leg moves closer to me, his bulge pressing against me as he rolls me on top of him. Our lips kiss again as the chill of the room sends a little shiver down my back. Leaning back to grab the duvet, I feel his hands move up to my shoulders and slide the pajama top over and down my arms. I wriggle out of it and let it fall somewhere behind me, then pull the duvet up over my shoulders.

Sam’s fingers trail down the center of my chest. Although the double mastectomy has left me with no breasts, the sensation of his fingers running down my front from neck to belly button sends goosebumps over my skin. As he moves them back up my chest, they trace the scar left from the operation. The feeling of being wanted even with no breasts sends another pulse between my legs, and I feel myself grow wet and hot. His touch induces me to grind against his hard cock in his shorts, my heat making him press back against me.



As I feel Ashley grind against me, my hands shift to her back, one up top and the other at the pajama bottom line, and I pull her forward onto me to kiss her lips. I let my fingers creep under the waist of her pajama bottoms until I’m palming her ass. As we kiss again, her tongue darts faster into my mouth. The pleasure is growing in my groin as she moves against me, rubbing herself against the length of my cock.

My hands roam over her cheeks, sliding to the top of her legs as she arches. Then, as her hips shift forward and up my shaft, my fingertips trace her bum crack, finding her arse hole and dragging over it slowly.



Sam’s fingers find my back door—his touch just lights over my bum hole. The sensation sends another pulse to my now soaking vagina, and his hardness against me makes me ache to feel him inside me.

Positioned above Sam, I move to one side and roll him on top of me. His weight is like a comforting blanket.  His legs between mine, spreading them, and his cock rubbing against me through his trousers feel wonderful. Another pulse of pleasure rushes to my vagina as he kisses my neck and shoulders; his hands trace up my sides, over my vacuous chest plate, and then down either side of my body.


As Ashley lies under me, I sense her fingers tug my shorts’ drawstring until she can start to slide them down my legs. Lifting myself, I let her lower them over my thighs, the cool air on my bum cheeks offset by her hands grasping my buttocks. Her foot loops the shorts and slides them off my legs. My cock stands proud and hard above her as her hands slip around and grasp my shape. It’s been so long since she held me. Her soft tiny hands wrap around me and gently pull my cock as we kiss. The sensation of being jerked off as we kiss sends more blood to my already hard cock and makes me move it in her hands as she plays. I want to be in her so much that I find myself moving back and making her release me.

Sitting back on my knees, I tower above her, her shape in the low light of the bathroom resplendent as I look down at her. Her thin physique is still as beautiful as ever in my mind. My hands move to the waist of her pajama bottoms, and I feel her hips rise as I slide them under her bum and push them down. Her vagina comes into view, with a whispy landing strip of hair becoming visible as I continue to move the PJs downward.



Sam moves his hands off my trousers and onto my ankles, lifting my legs and resting them on his right shoulder. He slides his hands down the material of my pajamas legs until he reaches my skin and then, bunching the fabric up, pulls them over my legs and feet, and discards them into the dark. I try to move my legs down, but Sam’s arms hold me tight, his firm grip keeping my legs tight in the air across his chest. The aggressive nature in which he holds me is like a lovely distant memory, not like a china doll but as the young, fit, healthy lady that I used to be.

With my legs raised, I feel his cock probe the entrance to my vagina, his helmet slipping up and over the center of my labia. His hands pull my legs a little higher and guide my opening to his cock. As I look up into his eyes, I feel him press into me hard in one long thrust. My vagina lips cave to the pressure, and he slides into me. I feel every vein, every pulse, every imperfection of his shape filling my void. His shaft is rigid and wide, stretching my muscles as his balls reach my skin. His tip feels so deep as it runs its course along the roof of my vagina until it can go no further.

As he pulls out, I feel that my wetness has lubricated his spear, and the movement of him gliding in and out of my aching pussy sends another wave of pleasure over my body.



Ashley’s muscles try to tighten around my cock, but the sensation of being inside her is too delicious to control. My thrusting grows faster as my arms tighten around her legs held high against my chest, making it easy to glide into her. My spear is entering her as I feel my legs start to tighten, pushing me and pressing me deeper into her. Her moaning below me makes my orgasm approach faster.



As I feel Sam’s penetrations grow faster, his girth stretching my lips sends another pulse up my body. The sensation emanates from my vagina, washing up and down my body like the waves on a beach. My senses heighten when I feel his heat spill out of his cock inside me. The warmth floods the inside of my vagina as his body burrows deep inside me, and I hear him groan above me. His lips come down upon mine as I feel him shudder inside me.



Collapsing on top of Ashley, I feel my cock pulse before her hands grasp my back. Her fingertips are soft on my skin, but I can feel her pelvis slowly grinding against me, using my hip bone to rub against her mound. I feel her eagerness as she kisses me deeply, her fingers in my hair exerting pressure on my head, wanting me to move down her body. I kiss her elegant neck down to her collar bone, sliding my body down hers. Then I trail kisses down her sternum, my lips finding the scars on her chest. My tongue traces its shape down her body, then glides over her hips until I find myself nestling between her legs.



I feel Sam’s breath move down my body as his kisses and touches send another tingle over my body. He snuggles between my legs, and his tongue presses against and slides over the wet lips of my labia. He sucks one into his warm mouth, sending another pulse up my body before he shifts to my clitoris. He flicks it, sending an electric jolt to my head, the sensation pulsing back through my body and burying itself in my vagina.

While Sam teases my clit, I wrap my legs around him, my foot on his back pressing him against me as I grind against his face. His lips are cupping my clitoris and sucking me into his mouth, and another jolt shoots up my body to the base of my head, sending a wave of warmth into my brain.

The electricity of his sucking builds in my vagina as I feel his finger begin to play with my vaginal muscle, his touch sending another pulse down my legs to my toes. I feel myself stretching them as the pulse returns and nestles deep inside my cervix. His tongue dances faster as I feel his other hand press against my pubic bone, lifting my hood as he flicks my growing clit. My labia are fat and swollen at the barrage of pleasure-building and my muscles tighten as I feel the orgasm grow. The energy builds and ripples out to every muscle, making them tighten and clench as his tongue circles me again. The low ebb is increasing to a crescendo.

The release causes my body to spasm and contract around Sam’s head as my clitoris pulses on his tongue. The waves send ripples of smaller shivers down my limbs, curling my fingers into his back. I clamp my legs around Sam and press my clit against his face as my orgasm consumes me. Then there’s a moment of stilness; I’m totally clear-minded and… and I’m free from every care or worry.

 Sam moves up my body and holds me as my breath slows. “I love you,” he says as we fall asleep in each other’s arms.



Ashley’s cancer took her from Sam six weeks after the events of this unexpectedly fantastic evening.

It was the last time Sam, and she would be sexually intimate.

She hoped to reassure women that no matter how dark things may look—You are beautiful, you are loved, you can feel sexy, and you can have amazing orgasms.

After everything she went through—a double mastectomy, ravenous cancer, and in full knowledge of her death—Ashley lived her life cherishing every moment.

Both Ashley and Sam were keen for this story to be documented and shared, a task the author was honored to do.

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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Such a beautiful story! I also cried. This was also an important story to share. Thank you for writing it!

    My wife and I live with life threatening health issues and we still have a very active and incredibly sweet sex life together. We loved this line from the story:

    “Then there’s a moment of stilness; I’m totally clear-minded and… and I’m free from every care or worry.”

    THAT is what our married sex and our orgasms are like! I also loved this section:

    “She hoped to reassure women that no matter how dark things may look—You are beautiful, you are loved, you can feel sexy, and you can have amazing orgasms.”

    I think this above point is VERY important! My wife benefits this way from our love and particularly from our shared sexual love… & to be honest, so do I. My health problems have changed my appearance some and have led to people wincing sometimes when they meet me. Yet my wife sees me as the handsome man in his thirties who she married three decades ago.

    She is ten years older than me yet I see her as the beautiful woman who married me in her forties and LOOKED like she was in her mid twenties! She looks particularly lovely during our lovemaking sessions!

    • Joespirit101 says:

      Hi lovingman.
      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your situation with us. We are so happy you enjoyed Ash and Sam’s story. We thank God that we can fall back on him and our marriage during those dark times in our lives and for the reward of a moment of clarity to appreciate it.


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