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In our previous story, 33 Flavors, I described how we expanded our sex life from vanilla to more exotic flavors.  Just like that story, this one starts while we were out of town shopping, and I asked my wife if she would like to visit the sex store.  She asked, “Why? We have plenty of toys.”  Ha!! One can never too many toys.

After she agreed to go and look, we went into this upscale sex toy shop where there were all kinds of fun items.  For many of them, I had to explain to my wife what they were and how to use them.  Nothing seemed to get her attention.  Then she saw a red “bolster” from Liberator hanging on the wall—really, a spreader bar. She looked at it inquisitively, and that got me thinking.

Over the next few weeks, I started asking her questions about the spreader bar and if she really would like something like that.  I was surprised by her answer…YES!  Now she had never voiced or seemed interested in bondage before, but we do watch the Fifty Shades trilogy a lot.  So, I purchased the Teala Spreader Bar from Liberator.  It was made very well and was comfortable.

We tried it out a couple of times.  During one of the early uses, she was in the middle of an incredible orgasm, tugging and pulling on the wrists and legs cuffs so hard that she broke free of the Velcro cuffs. Well, this got my mind working again.  She loved the ability to pull and strain against her bonds, so I started researching ways to create stronger ones.

During a home remodeling project, I was putting up a chandelier that came with extra lengths of chain, and I joked that we could find some other use for them.  She smiled and gave me a naughty look of approval.  There is a show on PBS where the host says, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” My quest is to be sexy, handy, handsome, and to make my wife happy.

After some research, a couple of trips to the hardware store for some rope and carabiners, some internet purchases for new toys, and a wonderful set of leather buckled cuffs, it was time to put the handyman into the wife, so to speak.  I set the bedroom up with candles, a soft faux fur blanket, and an eye mask.  Then I got out a small crock-pot to use as a lube-and-toy warmer. Everything was set for a night of play.  I brought her to the bedroom and started to set the mood. She had no idea of the toys and bonds that had ready for her.

I slowly undressed her, taking my time to heat things up.  We made out naked for some time before I put the eye mask on her.  She was hot and ready for play, so I started with our regular activities of massage, touching, and oral; she came quickly. Next, I placed the mask over her eyes and pulled out the cuffs. She was straining to see what I was doing.  I picked up her foot and placed it on my chest, rubbing oil up her calf to her upper inner thigh.  She was expecting me to go a little further, but I stopped to tease her some.  I then put the first ankle cuff on and pulled the buckle tight.  I heard her “Mmmmm” of approval. I continued the slow attention to each of her extremities, and she loved all of it.  After the four cuffs were secured, I continued kissing her and teasing her close to another orgasm, but I didn’t let her climax yet. She was trying to figure what I was doing and probably thought I was getting the spreader bar.

She could hear the chains rattling, and she giggled, thinking of the chandelier project.  As I dragged the cold steel along her thighs, she jumped but was enjoying the kink of it all.  I then attached her wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs on each side, shortening the links to bring her legs up and out.

Once she was attached, I dove between her legs and ate her to one of the biggest orgasms she has ever had.  She was tugging and pulling on the chains as she writhed from side to side.  I slipped two fingers in her to rub her G-spot, and she came again, screaming. I had wrapped my left arm under her thigh, resting that hand just above her V, and during her writhing and orgasms, my arm got caught between her and the chains.  Wow!  She was pulling on those bonds so hard that I had marks dug into my forearms.

I let her come back to earth for a moment before I continue the assault on her senses, going back up for a kiss with her scent all over my face.  Keeping the eye mask on her, I entered her with one quick deep stroke that took her breath away.  Staying still deep inside her set her off again.  After she came down that time, I started fucking her hard!  She pulled on the chains, raising her legs up and out and allowing for the deepest penetration.  The chains began to dig into my ass and back as I continued vigorously fucking, causing her another orgasm.  I was on the verge of cumming but I wanted more, so I withdrew just before the point of no return, leaving us both panting and wanting more.

At this point, my wife asked me to remove the chains but leave the cuffs on because the chains were also digging into her skin.  I removed the mask, too.  We lay there catching our breath while she looked at the leather cuffs with approval. She felt super sexy with them on, even without the chains attached—almost like naughty jewelry.

Ready to continue playing, I pulled out a couple of toys and asked for her preference. She chose her pink g-spot vibe, and I sat back and watched, stroking myself as she got herself off one more time.  She was now completely satisfied.  We changed to doggy style, and I drove my hard cock into her wetness, hitting her cervix with each thrust.  It didn’t take me long before I came, yelling.  We collapsed in a sweaty, exhausted, but utterly satisfied heap. What a night! I guess now I’m the handyman who can fix all her needs.

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Ooh, I love this! Too bad those chains turned out to be uncomfortable in the long term, but how fun! Never used a spreader bar, but maybe I should look into it? It's great to get another story from you, D&D!

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