The Tree House

It was a warm, late Spring day. The kids were all in school, and I had the day off. Taking advantage of this wonderful coincidence, my wife and I had stripped naked and headed out on the paths in our woods for a long walk. We didn’t get a whole lot of chances to spend time like this but tried to take those opportunities that presented themselves.

I especially liked the narrower trails where I always made sure I could be the one following her. The view from behind of her curvaceous form and shapely derriere made the simple act of walking have its usual effect on me. When we reached a wider section, I pointed out an especially nice patch of Mayapples in full bloom.

Turning to see them, she also saw my condition and observed, “They’re not the only thing growing today.” Before I could get out a witty response, she quite literally took things into her own hands and began to roll my erection between both palms while grinning quite mischievously. A good long squeeze and pull—it never hurts to have a wife who is good at milking goats—stripped out a goodly amount of clear fluid from my tip. After proceeding to rub this all over its source, she looked up from her efforts with a big smile, stepped right up to me, and firmly put my well-lubricated erection right where it belonged.

Standing there in the path and embracing face to face, it didn’t take long at all to satisfy one another. She had apparently been at least as excited as I had been.

Much later on the return from our leisurely walk, we came to the latest project the kids and I had only recently finished. A couple of weeks before, I had decided for safety’s sake to help them with their first attempt at building a treehouse lest they build something likely to get them hurt. We had found four nicely spaced trees and, with the traditional scrap lumber, made a set of steps up to a good-sized base laid in about twelve feet up. We had a great time doing it and they loved the results.

As we stood there admiring their efforts, I asked if she’d seen the view from up there yet and discovered she hadn’t. I looked at her; she looked at me. We both smiled and knew exactly where this was going!

You can bet I made sure my wife went up the ladder first. I’d never considered it before, but if you’ve never followed a naked woman up a ladder it is an experience well worth having. Walking behind her naked form was exciting enough, but this was quite a view. It only took the twelve-foot climb to have me fully erect again and raring to go.

As I cleared the platform, she took one look, lay down on her back with her legs spread and knees raised, and said, “Climb aboard, honey.”

I was sure glad we’d nailed things together well because we gave that tree house a thorough pounding and I’m sure her eventual cry of pleasure startled a few of the cows grazing in the pasture that we could just make out through the intervening treetops.

We eventually had time to enjoy the view from up there and decided kids weren’t the only ones who could enjoy a treehouse. If you’ve never tried it and have the chance, I highly recommend the experience.

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8 replies
  1. ParkerJen says:

    I absolutely love how ‘risky’ this is! I know that with the height of our fences, it would be riskier than many other tree houses, haha!

    That desperate sexy urge can be a real turn-on for us girls! That you just don’t care and have to have us right then and there… so hot!

  2. Woods says:

    Thanks all and thanks to MH for maintaining a place for others to enjoy our escapades and carry on discussions. The thought and effort they put into choosing pictures shows they pay attention to the stories. They always do a better job than I could and it's a pleasant surprise to see what they've picked for one of mine. Less obvious to the general reader is the editorial work they do. I've always seen the last draft submitted and am thankful for the improvements to readability the editors bring to what is actually posted.

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