My husband and I have had an amazing time during the lockdown with our two little girls. Now that the restrictions have lifted, both of us had to go back to filming. Though being caged in boxes for preventative measures is slightly off-putting, we still enjoy our work. I’ll do whatever it takes to be healthy when the kids and I go back home to the man I love.

My husband had to go back to the States for a show, and I’ve missed him so much for the couple of months he’s been away. But my birthday was coming up, and Valentine’s day; thankfully, he was able to get home before those.

Now, two weeks after returning home, we waited for the results of his final covid test. The whole morning, he continued to keep his distance from me, even though he showed no symptoms. We just shared a glass of wine from across the living room. I’m thankful that it was a weekday and our daughters were at school because he wouldn’t even risk being in the same room with them. After finishing his drink, my husband went to his room to take a call. It took him hours; I knew it was about work, so I sat down at my desk in the study, engrossed in a captivating young adult science fiction novel.

I was supposed to pick my daughters up at three and had asked my man to remind me a few minutes before I had to leave. But the first time I took my eyes off the book was when a pair of icy lips kissed and nibbled my neck and ears. I did a full one-eighty on the couch.

It was very dark. The reading lamp focused on my pages had disguised the passage of time. “Baby!” I gasped.

“I can’t hold back anymore, hon. Two months is a really long time without you!” he said, turning my face up to his.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Around eleven. The kids are asleep. I got a call from the hospital around two—I’m negative!”

“That’s something to celebrate!” I said, kissing him gently on his lips. Gradually, it grew into full-blown, extremely intense, and passionate making out.

He lifted me and walked to our room—it had finally regained its plural pronoun!

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt as he carried me, and as soon as we attained the bedroom’s privacy, he lowered me to my feet and pushed me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his hips, and we made out like crazy teenagers, all lips, hands, and hips. In a blur, both of our tops were off, and I dropped my feet to let him shove my jeans to the floor. I stepped out of them and got down on my knees to take off his trousers, too.

Once we were both butt naked, he didn’t miss a beat. My husband lifted me and dropped me on the bed unceremoniously. I smiled. My glasses came off next. Through my hazy, imperfect vision, only my man was in focus, and I could see all of him. His cock stood upright, and the image made my breath grow heavy.

Usually, he gives me a warning before entering, but this time, he plunged two fingers inside like a wonderful wizard. The sensation was almost unbearable; my moans filled up the air, but he plunged in one more finger.

“Babe! I can’t even handle two fingers!!! Th… UMM! This. Is. AHH!” Words failed me as I buried my face into the pillow beside me.

“Hon, I told you that I missed you a LOT.”

“Yeah,” I said, my voice not more than a slight whimper.

Next, he dragged me a bit more toward the center of the bed, then entered me. But only the tip. I felt so… frustrated! He would enter and exit, but just the head. I couldn’t handle it.

“Fuck me already!” I said. I’m not much of a swearer in the last six years since we had our kids, but the situation called for this level of intensity!!

My husband slammed in and slowly pulled out, every move adding to the crescendo of speed. We both gasped for air, and all we could breathe in was our love for each other.

“Look here!” he said. I had my eyes scrunched shut, but when I looked at him, I couldn’t peel them away. We kissed each other as our cum came flooding out. Then I rolled atop him and fell asleep.

It was Friday, so we didn’t have to worry about many responsibilities the following day. We woke up late, and I got the pancake batter ready in my bathrobe, then showered. When I went to wake the girls, their dad already had them up and in the bath. With my heart full, I settled beside my husband and gave him a peck on the lips. Then I was wet again, only literally now—my daughters got me with streams of water from their duckies!

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Beautiful! So sexy and loving! I like to tease my wife that way too! Also, I have terrible eyesight without my glasses but sometimes (like this morning) when I’m snuggling and loving on my wife’s magnificent breasts I toss my glasses aside!… (they can get in the way).

  2. SamtheMan says:

    Sorry to hear that Covid interrupted your sex life. My wife and I said to Hell with Covid and have been fucking every 2-3 days and see that as a Covid Immunization. So, Thank you Father for being in control! I'm glad you came around to your emotions and allowed the Holy Spirit's leading and side-stepped Satan's distractions. You like the word "plunging", and what a sexy word: "PLUNGE". I plunge my wife and she plunges my cock! Let's all plunge on and enjoy the plunging that God endows us with!

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