Releasing Stress

It had been a long month since my wife, Alia, and I had last had sex. We were each under different deadlines, and that, combined with other stressors, had left things pretty tense. But Alia had an idea as to how to cut this tension.

One fine afternoon, she called my office and asked me to take her to the doctor because she had some pain in her shoulder.

“Where’s the pain?” I asked.

“Come home and I’ll show you.”

It didn’t take me long to get home. I asked Alia to show me where she hurt, and she pointed to a spot between her spine and shoulder blade.

“Here. Be gentle if you touch; I guess I strained it doing housework.”

“Okay,” I answered, “turn around so I can take a look.”

She came up close, facing in the same direction. She pulled her sari down, just off her shoulder, to expose the painful part. The apple scent of her assaulted my senses, and looking over her shoulder, I watched her breasts rise and fall with each of her breaths. I noticed her arse was pretty close to my growing erection.

As I pressed my fingertips to her shoulder, she slowly but surely backed up further, pressing her delectable bum snugly against my swelling. I pressed in too, and at the same time, massaged her shoulder. We moved together. My erection grew exponentially.

“Wait,” she whispered. Her hand rested on my crotch. She pressed it. “Do you want to send this little boy home?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Alia quickly dropped her sari and her underskirt. “Come, send the head right in and keep pressing my shoulder. Maybe your cock can distract me from the pain.” She held my manhood solidly and pressed it against her waiting lips. Then she commanded me, “Pound me as hard as you can!” I started pumping while she moaned my name in ecstasy.

As my pace was increasing, the phone rang. “ Wait. I’ll answer it,” Alia whispered. “Follow me,” she said, still holding my cock in between her buttocks. We waddled to the phone about three meters away, and Alia bent down to pick it up. With her left hand, she guided my cock more fully into her and answered the phone at the same time. It was her best friend, Lavina, who lived nearby.

I put my hands around Alia’s buttocks to hold her in place and thrust slower while she spoke to Lavina as if nothing was happening. But she couldn’t help but gasp softly now and again.

“What’s going on?’ Lavina asked.

“Just massaging my shoulder,” she said and squeezed down on my cock. “I may go see the doctor later today.”

“I’ll be done around the house at 2; I can take you then,” she offered.

“I should be feeling better by then; I’ve found an ointment that works well, but you have to apply it generously and rub it in!” she said, looking over her shoulder at me with a grin. She quickly finished the conversation, put the phone back on the cradle, and pulled me down with her to the floor. We stayed glued together all this time.

Taking my lovely wife while she conversed with her friend was probably the most exciting, erotic situation I’ve ever experienced, and I will never ever forget it!

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  1. Satin King says:

    Very hot story! Loved visualizing it! The part where your wife drops her sari and slip and invites you in did it for me! I had a similar experience once when my wife was talking to her best friend on the phone one morning. (Before cell phone days!) We we’re both getting ready for work. She was in a sexy bra and panties set and I was still in my boxers. She got a call and was talking on and on …and I was just watching her and got very horny. She noticed my hard-on and I jokingly stroked it a couple times. She winked and nodded “yes” and mouthed the words “go ahead!” So I dropped my boxers, grabbed a pair of her satin panties out of the hamper to stroke with and as she just kept on nonchalantly talking with her friend and coyly twisting her hair. I stood in front of her and jacked off for her viewing pleasure, shooting a big load into her silky panties! The added piece of her friend being on the phone at the time made it doubly erotic and fun!

  2. LovingMan says:

    We have had sex sessions interrupted by phone calls. Sometimes the spouse not on the phone will keep licking the nipples, etc. of the spouse who is trying to talk to a friend or family member. After the phone call ends (usually very quickly) my wife and I both get a laugh out of it and somehow it gets us both more aroused! The rest of the lovemaking session is always hotter!

  3. 1blessedman says:

    You guys are naughty…lol. We have enjoyed such phone adventures a few times; teasing each other while on the phone with family, friends and business. Never to the audible levels of orgasm though.

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