The Ultimate Union (L): a Honeymoon Series

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Continued from The Sweetest Union.

Cassandra woke up to sunshine from the uncovered window warming her back. She checked her phone: 8 a.m., and William still slept peacefully beside her. She still couldn’t believe that, after two years of a long-distance relationship, he was here beside her—was hers!

Not wanting to disturb her husband, Cass crept silently from the bed and began to prepare herself. She took a bath, then put on a lovely pink dress and did her make-up. After brushing out her hair, she tried on the sunhat she’d bought for the trip and checked her reflection. Cute! It would look great in honeymoon photos beside the farm resort’s pool. She took it back off and sat it with the beach bag containing their swimwear. Then she went to the bed and gave William the softest of kisses, and he responded with a bearhug.

“Baby, get ready; I want to try the restaurant. Let’s have our breakfast there.” Cass gave Will her best smile.

“Wow, you look beautiful,” he said, then pulled her in tighter and buried his face in her neck. “And you smell so good.” William gave her one last squeeze and reluctantly let her go. He rolled out of the covers, chuckling when Cassandra blushed at the sight of his naked body.

The restaurant lay only a short walk from their hut. With their bag in one hand, William laced the fingers of the other through Cassandra’s, and they took in the beauty of the natural landscape as they strolled. A few peacocks even strutted across their path.

Soon, Will and Cass reached the white-painted restaurant building with its sparkling clean dining area. Choosing a table near the windows, they ordered their breakfast. Neither of them could keep the smiles from their faces as they ate their first meal together. Cassandra thought maybe this was the “love glow” people talked about.

She still felt a bit shy when she thought about the night before. She enjoyed it, but it was so much more than the physical pleasure of sex. The love she felt for Will seemed to swell and overflow into her responses to him, and she felt so connected to him as they made love and after.

After they finished eating, Will and Cassandra headed to the large swimming pool. It looked even more impressive than its pictures on the internet could convey. When Cass emerged from the changing room a few minutes after William, he couldn’t drag his stare from her. She wore a sexy white one-piece with cutouts on the side that gave the impression of a bikini. Will noticed the roundness of her butt purchased atop her shapely legs. Even though he knew she felt insecure about her boobs, he thought them perfectly proportioned for her slim body.

Cass joined her husband in the water at the pool’s shallower end. The chill water gave her gooseflesh, but the look in William’s eyes warmed her inside. He drew close and wrapped his arms around her and gave her kisses that progressed from gentle to passionate. She felt his tongue teasing hers.

“Baby, they might see us,” she said shakily.

“There are no people around, and I wouldn’t care if there were.” Will’s lips returned to hers, and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the way his hand crept down and squeezed her right butt cheek.

After a few more passionate kisses, they splashed around in the water. William was a consummate swimmer, but Cassandra had never learned how. So, like a butterfly attracted to her nectar, William never left her side.

After a couple of hours spent alternately drying themselves in the sun and cooling back down with another dip, the couple went back to their hut for a nap. When she woke up, Will offered her an oblong tablet and a glass of water.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“Hmm? Just a multivitamin, dear. We have to keep your strength up.” He brought his face close to hers and said with a wink, “You’ll need all your energy for me tonight!”

A rush of heat suffused Cassandra at his words. She swallowed the vitamin and excused herself to shower and prepare for the evening. As a special touch, she gave the outer surfaces of her delicate flower a gentle cleansing with a scented body wash.

After toweling off, she dabbed on red lipstick and used liquid liner to wing her lids. There, that looked sexy! This time, she chose a red lacy bra and matching thong. She donned the black satin robe again before she went back up to their room.

She found William sitting on the bed, waiting for her, and when he saw her, he broke into a huge grin.

“Baby, you look hot,” he said, and the big bulge in his boxers bore witness to his words. Cassandra couldn’t help but wonder if she would be able to take all that. She was still a virgin, and Will knew it. She had once alluded to her fear that sex would hurt.

With slight trepidation,  Cassandra crossed the floor to her patient husband and leaned down to kiss him. Will’s arm snaked around her and pulled her down with him to the bed, turning her under him. With hot passion, he devoured her mouth while his hands deftly removed her bra and panty. For a moment, she felt uncomfortably exposed; being naked with a man was so new to her.

Will kissed her neck, her collarbone, and then he licked both nipples before he sucked them into his mouth. Lightly, his teeth grazed them, and Cass moaned in pleasure.

“Oh, is this a nipple orgasm?” she thought. “How come it feels so good when he does that?”

Will’s lips traveled down to her stomach, and he dipped his tongue into her navel. Then he raised his face to hers.

“Baby, I want to see heaven again.” Will pushed firmly against her inner thighs, splaying them wide. Her tiny hole beckoned, wet and pulsing, and he dove in, licking her like a hungry dog.

“Ahhh… ahhh… hmmmm… mmm!” Cassandra couldn’t hold back her moans. She took hold of his head, guiding him for her pleasure. Soon, the unmistakable spasms of orgasm crashed into her.

William rolled to her side and watched her flushed face. The sight of her fighting for her breath and sweating in hot desire seemed to stir him to greater passion. His mouth found the breast nearest him, licking and biting some more. His right hand moved between her legs, and his middle finger slid inside her.

“You’re so wet, baby!” he said and began to finger her gently.

“Aaaghh! Ughhh, mmm, babeee!”  Cass’s eyes rolled back, and her back arched as Wiliam took his time. Eventually, he fit a second finger inside her to pump languorously as she writhed. Just as she thought she must surely shatter into a million pieces, Will pulled his hand away and replaced it with his lower body between her legs.

Cass allowed her eyes to drop and watch him position himself for entry. His hard cock glistened, wet with his precum. “Oh, he’s so big!” she thought. Yet, though scared, horniness and excitement overwhelmed her fear.

“Baby, I’m gonna take you now.” William whispered the words into Cassandra’s ear; then, he pushed into her.

Though he’d made sure to get her wet and aroused, it still hurt. Cass felt something tear inside, and Will’s girth stretched her until she moaned in pain. But though tears pricked her eyes, Will didn’t pause or slow his thrusting, and soon, the tone of Casandra’s moans changed. The pain morphed slowly but surely to pleasure alone.

Will’s movements became frantic, her only warning before he emptied his cum inside her. Then he pulled out and looked down at her cunt, wet with blood and their juices. There was no mistaking the joy on his face at the honor she’d just given him.

William collapsed at her side once more and embraced her. “I’m sorry, baby. I know that hurt at first. But since I first saw you online, I’ve dreamt of that moment, of what it would be like to take you.”

“I’m fine, baby,” Cassandra answered and kissed him passionately. In truth, she was more than fine. Though sore, she felt amazing.

Will and Cass snuggled and relaxed for a while. Cassandra started to wonder if they were done for the night, but she should have known better. Within the hour, William’s hands began to roam her body again, and she felt his penis stiffen against her.

“Baby, come sit on my cock.” Cass was willing but felt a bit hesitant with a new position. Will remained patient. He guided her down slowly, feeding his shaft into her. After the break, the stretch was a little intense though still pleasurable.

Suddenly, Will spanked her ass cheek! Her eyes went wide at the sharp crack of it. “Ughh!! Baby!” Heat spread from her solar plexus throughout her core, and she forgot the discomfort.

“Just move, love… move where it feels good,” Will told her and gave her another loud spank.

At first, Cassandra rocked back and forth, making Will’s cock slide in and out nearly horizontally. Then she tried lifting and lowering herself, eventually settling into a rhythm that combined both movements and seemed to reach every crevice within her. Her eyes closed, and her body gyrated.

Will’s fingers tantalized Cass’s stiff nipples while he enjoyed the tightness of her pussy around his cock. Then, propping his elbows behind him, he rose to take the left one between his lips, and Cass’s eyes popped open as her hands grasped his shoulders. He tilts his head back and kisses her neck, then whispers near her ear, “Get on all fours.”

Cass let him go and swung her leg over him, taking the position Well had designated, presenting him with the lovely view of her little love hole, moist in her desire. He licked her pussy again before he thrust into her.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re so big!” Cassandra cried as he buried his big cock. At the thrilling sound of her cry, Will slammed his cock back and forth. Cass, overwhelmed, dropped her chest and face to the sheet and moaned with abandon.

“I’m gonna fuck you real hard, baby!  You’re never gonna forget this night!” Will’s voice was wild. He slapped her ass hard, once on each cheek, turning them a warm red. Then his hands gripped her tiny waist while he pounded into her, and her eyes closed in ecstasy.

When Will’s energy began to wane, he rolled them to a spooning position. His face on her neck felt so sexy to her. His left hand squeezed her boob, and his right rubbed her clit while he pushed into her from behind. Heavenly!

“Ugghh! ughh! ughh! Baby, I can’t get enough of you.” Will’s eyes rolled in pleasure.

“Baby, you feel so good inside me!” Cassandra didn’t care anymore if anyone heard her. She just wanted to let out all the passion that she had store up through the years of waiting for him. “Ohh, baby, fuck me hard!” Her sweet voice saying such wild words sounded sexy even to her.

“Baby, please tell me when you are cumming. I want to know,” Will urged as he continued to pump into the incomparable slippery tightness of his wife’s virgin pussy.

Soon Cassandra felt her climax building. Her voice turned urgent. “Baby, I’m cumming. Fuck me, hard, baby! Uughhh, ughhh, ughhh!”

With all the force he could muster, William hammered Cass with his pulsating cock. He pinched one of her nipples as his other hand maintained its tight grip on her waist. He felt his baby reach her climax, then followed her into the vortex with his own powerful orgasm.

Oh, such a wonderful experience!  Willian pulled out his cock, oozing with their cum. Cassandra squirmed to turn toward him, their smiling faces red from exertion.

Cassandra kissed his now stubbly cheeks. “I enjoyed that so much, baby!” Her eyes glowed with happiness, and she couldn’t quit grinning.

“You made me so happy tonight, my darling.” Will followed his praise with a passionate kiss.

“I love you so much!” Cassandra said in her sweetest voice.

Will hugged her tighter. “I love you so much more.”

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